Download: DJ JS-1 – Demolition Mix mixtape
Tuesday July 24th 2012,
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This could be the greatest thing produced by the internets…ever. Three hours of demos in one mix? Approved!

DJ JS-1 – Demolition Mix


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Gravediggaz – The House That Hatred Built (Unreleased Demo)
Monday October 31st 2011,
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Prince Paul just pulled this out of the vault for Halloween. Who said Twitter was useless?

“This is the First song we recorded as the Gravediggaz in 92″ . It was the intro to our demo and it was actually recorded the day I introduced these guys to each other at my house . This track never made the album but It was one of my favorite productions. This was the track that started it all .. RIP Poetic . Enjoy.”

The house that hatred built ( Unreleased Gravediggaz demo 92 ) by DJ Prince Paul

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Pre-Order: Tragedy – Black Rage Demos EP

DWG009 – INTELLIGENT HOODLUM / TRAGEDY – ‘BLACK RAGE DEMOS’ (sticker sleeve / limited to 250 hand numbered copies)

Containing 3 previously unreleased Intelligent Hoodlum / Tragedy tracks (together with the 3 final album versions on the flipside) re-mastered for optimum audio quality. This release is endorsed by 25 To Life and will directly benefit Trag who is now working on new projects to revitalise his career.

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Grand Daddy I.U. – Hooker’s Got A Boyfriend [Biz Markie Reference Track]

Here’s another track from the Steady Flow vaults. This time it’s a little something that the I Dot U Dot gave Biz Markie for the All Samples Cleared album.

“I wrote and produced a song for him called ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’ – he fucked it up”.

Grand Daddy I.U. - ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’

Biz Markie - ‘Hooker Got A Boyfriend’

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Download: Cypress Hill – Demo Tape
Tuesday June 29th 2010,
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I found this floating around the INTERconnected NETworkS, kinda interesting for demo tape fanatics (if there is such a thing).

Cypress Hill - ‘Real Estate’ [demo]


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The Stetson Brothers aka Stetsasonic Demo Tape
Tuesday April 27th 2010,
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Ever wonder what MC Delite, Daddy-O and The Human Mix Machine Wise sounded like before ‘Go Stetsa’? Here’s a tape of the Stetson Brothers (with DJ Prince Paul on the wheels) going for broke around 1984.

The Stetson Brothers Demo Tape

Courtesy of Old School Hip-Hop Tapes, via g

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Five For Friday
Friday March 20th 2009,
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Before I go and get effed-up on free booze, here are five sure shots to keep shit moving this weekend.

Beatnuts - ‘Fashion Goes Off’

DOOM - ‘Absolutely’

Large Pro - ‘Hardcore Hip Hop’ (Small Pro Remix)

Godfather Don - ‘Yeah’

Joell Ortiz - ‘Shootin’

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Showbiz & AG – I’m Convinced (1992)

Thanks to Freestyle Records, I’ve just gotten the Showbiz & AG Broken Chains demo LP. Amongst the alternative original versions (including a sick mix of ‘Diggin’ In The Crates’ with a different Show verse and an extra horn break) is this piece of vintage D.I.T.C. material – an unheard Show & AG song produced by Diamond D.

If you’re quick, there might be a couple of copies still available.

Showbiz & AG - ‘I’m Convinced’

Show – The Unkut Interview

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BK Stay Winning

So I get back from a short holiday in the great outdoors and amongst the hundreds of shitty mass emails from MySpace rappers which begin, “Love the blog, please post my song” I actually find two items worth posting!

For starters, Brooklyn resident Combat Jack – who previously dropped classic anecdotes about Puffy beating up Pos K and Pete Rock getting snuffed by the YG’z, has got his own spot and has already knocked out four posts. This discussion of Easy Moe Bee’s woe’s in the industry is a good place to start.

This is already everywhere but how can I resist a compilation with a demo version of Kane‘s ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin’”?

DJ Mike Nice – Brooklyn Bullshit

Track listing:

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Big L – Principle of the New School

Lord Finesse continues to dig into his vast archives for his exclusive Japanese vinyl EP series. From Volume 2 we get a never-heard Big L song, which may be the first solo track he ever recorded, since it was done before ‘Devils Son’. Showbiz on the beats.

Big L - ‘Principle of the New School’

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‘Scenario’ (Unreleased Version)

As he promised in the comments of the last post, Peter Divito from 2020Proof has come through in the clutch and laced me with one of the original takes of ‘Scenario’ featuring the whole Native Tongues crew.

* Since Divshare keeps failing, here’s a few other ways to check this track:

A Tribe Called Quest feat. De La Soul, Black Sheep & L.O.N.S. – ‘Scenario’ (Unreleased Version)

Turns out there’s another version according to DJ Johnny Juice:

“This is NOT the version I had. Pos’ verse was waaaay better. Brown’s verse was different too. Mase was on it as well as Baby Chris Lighty. And no one did “What’s the Scenario” for a hook. This version must have been done after I bounced.”

Here’s Juice’s back-story about the very first take if you missed it previously:

A Tribe Called Quest was doing ‘Scenario’. It was me, Dinco, Busta, Jarobi was there – everybody was in that motherfucker – Dres from Black Sheep was there, both of ‘em, Chris Lighty, Mase and Pos from De La, all them motherfuckers rhymed on ‘Scenario’. Everybody rhymed on it but Q-Tip, and the best motherfucker on that shit was Posdnuos. He fuckin’ destroyed it, and he ain’t even like the beat! And after he finished rhyming, everybody went back and rewrote their rhymes!

We was at Unique Studio, that motherfucker finished rhyming, he came out and goes, ‘That shit was wack.’ That’s what Pos said. In the middle of his shit, everybody was like, ‘Damn, yo!’ That’s how nice that shit was. He made ‘em turn off all the samples, ‘cos they had like 15 samples in there. They had an ‘Engine Number 9′ sample, that shit by Wilson Pickett, they had four or five samples on there that came on for different people, and Pos didn’t like none of ‘em so he just rhymed to the drums, and that motherfucker destroyed it. That shit wasn’t even close.

I guess the search continues…..

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Herb McGruff And Godfather Don For The Win
Saturday May 31st 2008,
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You might recognize this beat (minus the ‘Nautilus’ loop) from the first Godfather Don Hydra Beats album. Jerry from Hydra told me about these joints years ago, and they recently saw a very limited vinyl release on One Leg Up, who also just posted a quality God Don interview.

Herb McGruff - ‘I Keep My Palm On My Handle’

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It’s A Demo Pt. 4
Friday May 09th 2008,
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Finishing up ‘Demo Week’ with the tail-end of the alphabet. In retrospect, half of these shits aren’t really ‘demos’ but however you want to describe them – ‘roughs’, ‘rehearsals’ or just ‘unreleased’ – it’s fair to say that a lot of great music never makes it to retail. Thank fuck for mix-tapes and underground radio.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - ‘We Specialize’

Not exactly a demo, but shit wins regardless.

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It’s A Demo Pt. 3
Thursday May 08th 2008,
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Can’t stop won’t stop…

LL Cool J - ‘Jack The Ripper’ (demo)

Uncle L was that dude, in case you forgot.

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It’s A Demo Pt. 2
Wednesday May 07th 2008,
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Continuing on, more vaulted material for your steering pleasure. Hiss added free of charge.

Ed OG - ‘I’m Different’ (demo)

Taken from the recently released Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto – Demos & Rarities 2CD, this version used Eddie Bo‘s ‘Hook ‘N Sling’. I always liked that ‘S’ themed style second verse.

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