Video: Run-DMC and Rush Interviewed in Japan
Wednesday October 31st 2012,
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Run explains that ‘You Be Illin’ could also have been titled ‘You Be Dusted’, while Rush takes shots at Diana Ross.

RIP JMJ, who was murdered ten years ago. Here’s a good piece from The Guardian about the great man.

Video: Run-DMC Meet The King of Chinese Rap
Monday October 29th 2012,
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Oh, those wacky Japanese! Run, DMC and Jam-Master Jay are joined by the ‘King of Chinese Rap’ during a performance of ‘Walk This Way’, before a beatbox freestyle and an extra awkward interview.

Video: How To Be Hip-Hop Tutorial
Saturday October 27th 2012,
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Part 3 of DJ Sheep’s VHS Vault schools us on how to be ‘hip-hop’, according to these two helpful fellows. This is the kind of thing that I’m sure the Rap Genius dudes would appreciate.

Video: Fat Guy Attempts to Break on Japanese Talk Show
Friday October 26th 2012,
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The second installment of DJ Sheep’s VHS Vault brings us the wonder of almost falling off the stage while trying to do backspin’s in a puddle of water while cruel hosts taunt you without mercy.

Video: The Illest Beastie Boys Performance Of All Time

Introducing a new Unkut video series – DJ Sheep‘s VHS Vault, Episode 1:

MCA, King Ad-Rock, Mike D and DJ Hurricane make an unruly appearance on Japanese TV during their glory years at Def Jam. Thanks to the wonders of live broadcasting, we get to witness a cameo appearance from Ricky Powell (aka The Rickster) involving a bed, a chick in a tight dress and an ice cream. So many classic scenes and bonus lines including ‘Fondle my balls with your fingers’ and ‘With your oriental pussy you can suck my dick’

Easily the finest moment in their long career…