A$AP Mob feat. A$AP Nast and Method Man – Trillmatic

This shameless attempt to pander to the CRC crowd actually works on the strength of Meth’s superb contribution. That being said, an A$AP Mob song being posted on Unkut may just signal the coming of the apocolypse.

The Guy Who Called Critical Beatdown ‘Mediocre’ Finally Fires Back


Back in August I called out a guy named Aaron over his series over at The Rap Up which saw him revisit a number of rap classics from the perspective of a young fan. He’s now penned a response of sorts.

Unkut Named In Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 30 Hip-Hop Websites List
Tuesday January 29th 2013,
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Obviously, Unkut made the top 20, otherwise I wouldn’t even be posting this. Shouts to Alvin Aqua Blanco for recognizing that we don’t eff around over here.

Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 30 Hip-Hop Blogs & Websites

Omniscence – Raw Factor 2.0 [Snippets]

Another 90’s rapper has decided to throw his hat back into the ring. Omniscence had a couple of well received records out but his LP got shelved by East West, resulting in a sixteen year hiatus. This new release is produced by Debonair P, and captures that classic 90’s Brag Rap feel effortlessly. Vinyl available here.