Why is Australian Film and TV Fascinated with Prison?
Wednesday October 21st 2015,
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Prisoner Box Set

Australia’s loves making films about jail, so I took a look at country’s storied history of life in the bing/boob for Complex AU.

Why is Australian Film and TV Fascinated with Prison?

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No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Too white for Kendrick, not white enough for Bronson?
Wednesday April 08th 2015,
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My annual attempt at writing something vaguely serious about rap writing. Normal service will resume shortly.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Too white for Kendrick, not white enough for Bronson?

Stream: CRC Radio – Episodes 5, 6 and 7


The last week I’ve spent a lot of time filling in at the local community radio station while the regular hosts have gotten drunk in the name of our lord, Yeezus Price. Episode 5 was let down by technical issues, despite a quality playlist, while I felt I hit my stride on Episode 7. Regardless, radio was the real winner as some great rap was broadcast to the masses.

CRC Radio, Episode 5 – Philly Special

CRC Radio, Episode 6 – Top 30 of 2014

CRC Radio, Episode 7 – LA Rap Special

Stream: DJ Sheep – Spring Breakz, Episode II
Saturday September 27th 2014,
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Sheep sez:

“Dramatic soul, Soundtracks, Library Records, Blaxploitation Radio spots, Cartoons, a GANG of samples, Drum Breaks, Super Mario Reggae, Video Game Music, Bongos, Latin, Cassette and VHS rips, Jazz, James Last, Dirty Disco, Glam Rock, Pinky Violence, Duck Funk, a RAER cassette recording of Australian rock group Spectrum and, if all that wasn’t enough, there’s a demo version of EPMD’s Rampage, a RAER 80’s TV skit by Biz Markie, a bunch of scratching and your usual dose of doubles and skills flexed!”

Stream: DJ Sheep – Spring Breakz #1
Tuesday September 16th 2014,
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Brisbane’s resident collector or Raer Drop Bears, DJ Sheep, is at it again with another eclectic mix or breaks and raps.

Stream: DJ Sheep – Winter Bluntz Three
Wednesday August 06th 2014,
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The final chapter in Sheep’s trilogy of mixes, this edition features:

“Drum breaks off live 1970’s concert cassettes, kids TV show stuff, libraries, a lot of Australian, Japanese, African, Czech, Polish, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Greek, French, WORLD stuff, a touch of latin, some stems, edits, a few raer acapellas, a live crooklyn dodgers j-pop blend, jazz, hip-hop jawns, soundtracks, b-boy breaks, a beat from the Bulletproof homie Matty Fresh, some 45s, private press stuff, some 90’s wall of fame classics, soul, disco, reggae, console music, blaxploitation radio advertisements, drum breaks of all-sorts, and it goes on and on…”

You can buy digital versions of all three over here.

Stream: DJ Sheep – Winter Bluntz Two
Saturday August 02nd 2014,
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More breaks for you to space-out to as the Southern Hemisphere enters it’s final month of cold weather – although considering the lack of snow in most areas it really isn’t anything to complian about.

Stream: DJ Sheep – Winter Bluntz Mix
Wednesday July 16th 2014,
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Resident Brisbane serial pest DJ Sheep unleashed his extensive crates of RAER’s for some cold weather music.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review


I really went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review

Hear A Legendary Brooklyn MC Attempt To Rap With An Australian Accent

Remember how you used to hang out with your pals, wondering outloud when somebody would make a rap record where the MC would promise, “I’m going to come Australian, then I’m going to come Reggae, and then I’m going to come Hip Hop”? Turns out that Sir Ibu did that in 1987 on the b-side to Divine Force‘s “Holy War (Live)”. Admittedly, it sounds more like Dick Van Dyke‘s portrayal of a cockney chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, but as he says, it’s definitely “very unusual”. Come to think of it, his “reggae” style isn’t that hot either.

Event: Acclaim Issue #31 Launch Party feat. The Underachievers
Wednesday December 04th 2013,
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If you’re in Melbourne on 14 December, swing past the laucnh party for the new issue of Acclaim mag where I’ll be stunting in a CRC polo, creeping out interns and aiming for my usual “World’s Drunkest Man” award, while checking out if these Underachievers characters qualify for New Rap That Doesn’t Suck status. RSVP here.

Video: Action Bronson Enjoys A Slurpee In Australia

Footage of Action Bronson‘s recent visit to Australia, where he enjoyed local trees, frosted beverages and the simple pleasures of riding a jet ski in between almost getting bagged-up for bombing the suburbs.

Raekwon, Inspectah Deck and Young Dirty On Australian Radio
Thursday August 04th 2011,
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Turns out The Chef is quite the economics wiz… special shout to the fruity-ass JJJ hosts who call Rebel INS ‘Inspectah Decks’.

Download: The Combat Jack Show – Episode 3

Photo: Alexander Richter

This week’s episode of The Combat Jack Show included a guest host by the name of NY Delight and some folks calling in, including some douche hammer called Robbie from Unkut dropping science on the Greatest Weed Carrier of All-Time.

The Combat Jack Show feat. Dallas Penn – ‘Episode 3’

Thanks to Ivan Rott for the quick turnaround on the rip.

More Backstage Thievery Down-Under

Just because Australia was once filled with the crooks that England didn’t want doesn’t mean that it’s a nation of ‘tea-leafs’, right? Here’s the latest installment of people stealing shit from Americans On Rap Tours. While Talib Kweli was able to get his laptop back (but not his fitted), it seems that this story has a happier ending for a certain teetotalling Canadian beat-smith:

Are EPMD Going Senile?

So I checked out this EPMD show the other night, and it was pretty entertaining for the most part. Getting drunk and shouting along to ‘It’s My Thing’, ‘Headbanger’ and ‘So Whatcha Sayin’ is never a bad way to pass a Friday night, but there was one major fly in the ointment…the massive ENCORE FAIL that left me and the crew on some ‘Fuckouttahere!’ train of thought. Erick and Parrish made seven albums together, plus three solos each and whatever else you care to include, and they step back out on stage to perform the same two songs they did at the start of the night! And not classic EPMD tracks either, we’re talking about ‘Da Joint’ and ‘Richter Scale’ from that forgettable fifth LP! In a set that skipped over gems such as ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Total Kaos’, the whole incident verged on some ‘never forgive’ action, like writing ‘WAR’ through Fat Albert.

The obvious question this raises is are PMD and the EE Double losing their minds as a result of some kind of degenerative mental disease? How else could anyone explain two veteran performers making such a bizarre decision? Until I get to the bottom of this, the question I’ve got for everyone out there in the internets is:

What is the most effed-up thing you’ve ever seen happen at a rap show?

Aussies Shook By cRappers Again
Friday July 06th 2007,
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Front page of the local rag today was a story about the upcoming concert from the Axis of Evil or whatever The Gayme, Akorn and Juelz “Carlos” Santana are calling this tour. Following up the Australian Immigration Dept. preventing Snoop Dogg from entering the country a few months back (even though he toured a year earlier) and the unfortunate incident where the producers of TV’s Rove tried to get Xzibit to fondle Michael Buble‘s junk on stage or something, which he refused, only to be informed that “you know we came a long way just having you on the program”, which the X-Man took offense to and got the fuck outta Dodge.