The Yeezus Pub Quiz


Written and hosted by Phillip “The Jogging Blogger” Mlynar.

June 18th was a monumental date in hip-hop history — it was the day when all the Yeezus reviews came out. They involved lots of great commentary on the parameters of genius and musings about just how much of a genius Kanye West is. Unfortunately, they were also all really wrong. So the Unkut braintrust decided to review Yeezus in the only scientifically accurate way possible – in the form of a pub quiz.

Video: Schoolly-D Accurately Predicts The Future of Rap (1986)
Tuesday August 21st 2012,
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I caught a proper screening of the Big Fun In The Big Town documentary the other week (which you might remember I posted back in 2009), and got to chop it up with the director, Bram Van Splunteren, who shot the film in a week in 1986 and was able to capture an impressive selection of big names of the era. He’s currently planning a follow-up now that this joint now that it’s finally available on DVD. Schoolly School is right on the money, as always.

Snowgoons feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Hood Ikon

‘For hip-hop I’m an addict/gave birth to Havoc

The Foul Mahdi blesses the latest Snowgoons project, Dynasty.