Timeless Truth – The 7 Line Army (2015 New York Mets Anthem)
Thursday October 29th 2015,
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Timeless Truth do their bit to support the New York Met’s World Series campaign. Sounds like they could use all the help they can get as they trail the Royals by two games.

Video: Large Pro – New Train Ole Route
Monday October 05th 2015,
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Latest video from the Re:Living LP.

Satchel Page feat. Neek The Exotic, Mikey D, Sadat X and Large Pro – Sweet 16s


All-star posse cut from Satchel Page’s Disco Sucks tape, which feature him rapping over classic tunes and is available for free here.

Toney Rome – The Unkut Interview
Thursday April 23rd 2015,
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Toney Rome and Large Professor go way back, and share a lot more history than simply a production credit on the b-side of ‘Mad Scientist.’ Toney talks about growing up in Flushing, Queens, facing music industry hurdles and memories of having the hottest tape in school.

Robbie: How did you first get involved in hip-hop?

I grew-up in New York in the 70s and the 80s, when hip-hop was just getting started. I can remember before there were records, used to be chasing tapes, trying to find the hottest tapes and also trying to get to the Bronx to hear the music.

You were in Flushing at the time?

From Flushing, Queens. It was a really organic thing. I was hearing the music out here on the streets, then they started doing jams out here and eventually I started deejaying.

Where were you getting your records? From the city or locally?

It was the era where DJ’s was really secretive about the breaks that they had. Some of the stuff you would know, but you would have to be a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to figure out what breaks. First you raided your father’s record collection, and you found the old funk and soul records from there. Of course I didn’t have a lotta money back then, so I used to go to stores in Jamaica, Queens and places that I knew out there that had record shops.

Large Pro – Opulance
Friday April 17th 2015,
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New track from the latest Large Pro solo album, Re: Living, which is out 9 June. Fat Beats are doing a bundle including the CD, tape, vinyl and sticker, which is limited to 100 packs and available here.

Track listing:

Stream: Action Bronson – Back To The Future Mixtape
Monday March 16th 2015,
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bronson tape

United Crates has assembled some of the Outdoorsman’s older work to mark four years since Dr. Lecter dropped. Who knew that this Flushing, Queens rapper dude would turn out to be the Hipster Music Mafia’s pin-up boy? Regardless, dude can rap and ‘Shiraz’ is still my shit.

Track listing:

DJ JS-1 – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday March 03rd 2015,
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Rocksteady member DJ JS-1 has been putting it down in the DJ, mixtape and production game for years, as well as getting busy with the paint as JERMS since his school days. We caught up last November to discuss the sorry state of modern rap, the trials of making compilation albums and tips copping vinyl on the sly.

Robbie: How did it start for you?

DJ JS-1: Growing up in Queens, New York – I was born in the mid 70’s – so by the time I was old enough to look around and know what’s going on, you’re six, seven, eight years old. It’s early 80’s and hip-hop culture was everywhere. My grandmother lived near Lefrak and I first remember them doing a mural on the side of pizzaria there when I was really young. I always loved to draw, and I got into graff from watching these guys do that. By third or fourth grade I was trying to draw my name and do stuff, and in sixth grade we stole some spray paint and went to the schoolyard to try and write our names. That was 1986. I was always listening to hip-hop and started buying vinyl as soon as I was old enough to get on the bus or the train by myself to get to the record stores. Then I saved up to get turntables.

Video: Royal Flush – Autobiography
Sunday October 19th 2014,
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Flush and Grand Papa Tra provide a clip for this stand-out from the Grand Capo LP.

Video: Tragedy, Cormega and Royal Flush Live At Webster Hall

Lat night’s Saigon and Illa Ghee show was apparently this is the first time that ‘They Forced My Hand’ has been performed live.

Large Professor Feat. G-Wiz – In The Scrolls

Paul Sea returns with this tribute to the legacy of Nas‘ first album, with a track from the next Large Professor project, RE: Living Legend.

Video: Timeless Truth – Out of the Loop

Catch the crew at Webster Hall on 3 September. Taken from the Dominican Diner EP.

Timeless Truth – Strange Fruit Freestyle


Timeless Truth go in over Pete Rock‘s “Strange Fruit” instrumental. Catch them at Webster Hall on 3 September with Your Old Droog and Rast RFC.

Video: Tragedy Khadafi feat. Starvin B and Royal Flush – Lazarus Pit

This ticks all the boxes for CRC approval:

– Trag and Royal Flush raps
– Non-progressive lyrical content
– Low budget video
– Classic loop

Stream: Timeless Truth – Dominican Diner EP


Newest latest Timeless Truth project, produced by Fafu. Great to hear Solace and Oprime going from strength to strength with each new release. Grab it from iTunes here.

Timeless Truth – Trife
Tuesday June 03rd 2014,
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Latest Timeless Truth, produced by FAFU, taken from the forthcoming Dominican Diner EP.

Video: Royal Flush feat. Nutso – Flushtown
Thursday April 10th 2014,
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Another single from the Grand Capo LP, with Grand Papa Tre on the beat and DJ Modesty on the cuts.

Royal Flush – Autobiography

.:HHB All Day:.

This is the standout track from the new Royal Flush album, produced by Grand Papa Tra from Switzerland.

Timeless Truth – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday February 25th 2014,
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Timeless (1)

Superbad Solace and Oprime39 first made some noise with their Brugal & Presidentes EP in 2012, and followed-up with their debut album Rock-It Science the following year. With a new EP and album due soon, it seemed like the perfect time to build with these two brothers from Flushing, Queens to talk about music, their iconic neighborhood and the importance of dressing fresh.

Robbie: Did you both grow-up in Flushing, Queens?

Solace: We moved out here in in 1988 because my father was a building superintendent and he landed a gig right here. We were living in Corona before that and that was a dream job back in the day, so he took the whole family out here.

Oprime: He was a super out in Lefrak at the time and an opportunity popped up in Flushing. We’ve been out here ever since.

Solace: The ill shit with a superintendent job is you also get the rent-free apartment.

LEX feat. Timeless Truth – Straight Queens Action


Unkut regular LEX connects with Timeless Truth for this new cut from his H.A.S.H?!: How About Some Hardcore?! album due next month.

Video: Royal Flush – Grand Capo Album Preview
Thursday January 09th 2014,
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Royal Flush – who hasn’t missed a step in terms of that buttery Flushing, Queens delivery since he dropped the amazing Ghetto Millionaire in 1997 – is finally dropping a new album next month called Grand Capo. Shit sounds correct based off of this video, especially the first track…

Video: Timeless Truth – Wavelength

Large Pro catches a Bowne HS flashback with his backpack on one hunned as he laces this new track for Solace and Oprime39 from their next LP, Cold Wave. Mixed by Dave Dar.

Download: Action Bronson and Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2


New Action Bronson tape with Party Supplies is available here for free ninety nine. Unclear at this stage why Action is listed as a guest on his on project on track 16. Also, sad face that the Cam’ron feature didn’t happen.

Track listing:

Video: Timeless Truth – Alliance

Late pass on this latest Timeless Truth clip that dropped a month ago. Better late than never…

Video: Neek The Exotic feat. Satchel Page – One Speed All Out
Tuesday July 23rd 2013,
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New Neek The Exotic, over an Audible Doctor track, from the Comin’ In Piles EP. Video directed by Jimmy Giambrone.

Video: Timeless Truth – What A Life
Wednesday June 26th 2013,
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My favorite track from Rock-It Science gets the video treatment.