Video: Food Warriors – Broadway Junction
Tuesday August 25th 2015,
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Raf and Dallas discover that Broadway Junction is a food wasteland as they continue their quest to find the best spots to eat on the A line.

Video: Food Warriors – Nostrand Avenue
Tuesday January 13th 2015,
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Season finale of Raf and Dallas’ quest for the best food near the train station.

Five Minutes With Pete Rock In An Airport
Wednesday April 30th 2014,
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Pete Rock loves his food. So much so that he’s never let a pesky phone interview get in the way of his looking after the needs of his stomach. Back in 2008, while I attempted to extract some slivers of information from him for a cover feature for Hip Hop Connection magazine, the Soul Brother # 1 proceeded to chow down on an entire order of Chinese take-out while he fielded questions, noisily chewing into the mouthpiece like a bored boom-bap bovine. Six years later, I catch him between flights en route to Australia to play a series of club dates with DJ Premier, and the lure of the airport food lounge proved too much before he’d even made it halfway through my allotted ten minutes. Nevertheless, he did share a couple of interesting tidbits about his early days, which is what we’re here for anyway.

Video: The Food Warriors – 207th Street
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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Dallas and Rafi investigate the best place to catch a feed near the 207th Street (Inwood) A train station New York City.

Video: Food Warriors: Jay Street – MetroTech
Wednesday December 11th 2013,
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Dallas and Rafi scope out the best grub near the Jay Street – Metrotech A train station in New York City. Great to see that the fellas are sticking to CRC-approved attire with the polo and rugby steez on deck.

Video: The Food Warriors – West 4th Street
Tuesday November 26th 2013,
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The InternetS most trusted husky diners give us the scoop on West 4th Street subway station grub spots.

Video: Internets Celebrities – The Food Warriors: 168th St
Wednesday November 13th 2013,
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Rafi and Dallas find out the best spots to grub when riding the A train.

Video: Action Bronson Enjoys A Slurpee In Australia

Footage of Action Bronson‘s recent visit to Australia, where he enjoyed local trees, frosted beverages and the simple pleasures of riding a jet ski in between almost getting bagged-up for bombing the suburbs.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: A Guide To Food Raps
Friday December 14th 2012,
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Chow down on this history of Food Rap. The Unkut Wine Matching Course will be taking enrollments at the start of 2013.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Food Raps

Download: Meyhem Lauren – Mandatory Brunch Meetings Album

Not sure why I bothered reviewing this since it’s actually a free album…

[insert food pun here]
a) Chow down!
b) Stick a fork in it!
c) Bon appetit!
d) Keep feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding you…
e) Brunch is served!

Album Review: Meyhem Lauren – Mandatory Brunch Meetings
Thursday December 06th 2012,
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While Self Induced Illness and Clarified Butter had some great songs on them, it wasn’t until this years Respect The Fly Shit that Meyhem Lauren really hit his stride as far as establishing a comprehensive sound, courtesy of Harry Fraud and Tommy Mas. With a wider range of tempos, Meyhem was able to break out of that ‘stuck in one gear’ flow that sometimes induced fatigue in the listener in his earlier work.

The Unkut Guide To Reloaded Food References
Tuesday November 27th 2012,
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More Food Rap action from Phillip “Millitainment” Mlynar:

Roc Marciano’s Reloaded is here! It’s a brilliant record, a shoe-in for top-spot on any sane end-of-year album poll, and, just like its predecessor Marcberg, it brims with references to food and fine dining. (It has also inexplicably made Roc Marcy somewhat trendy for a brief moment, but we’re sure the normal order of the Internet will be restored the next time Kendrick Lamar sharts on a song or something.) So just like 2010’s worldwide viral phenomenon post, The Unkut Guide To Marcberg Food References, here’s a rummage through Roc Marcy’s Reloaded pantry. Now go ‘head and blacken that tipalia!