Introducing The Conservative Rap Coalition Tumblr
Monday March 04th 2013,
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Head on over to The Conservative Rap Coalition Tumblr for our rap magazine archives, Great Rap Promo Items, a bunch of classic photos of Syndicate Queen Darlene and other pictorial greatness. It’s been around for a minute but it’s being updated more regularly now that I saved-up enough money from my paper route to get a working scanner.

Sevens Clash Presents: Record Shopping At Rockers International
Tuesday October 16th 2012,
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Seven Clash is a new series of features based around seven days in a particular city, from the three-man team of Anthony Harrison (aka Tony Bones), Alexander Richter and Sean Stewart:

We’ve gone to see the elephant. Sevens Clash is a compendium of serialized reports from our travels.

Volume One is dedicated to Kingston, Jamaica, where we recently spent one week documenting music, art, sports and street life.

Check out their feature about Record Shopping At Rockers International as a good starting point.

Kidz In The Hall May Attempt To Sucker Punch Me In April
Wednesday February 02nd 2011,
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I seem to be having a bad run of pissing-off Double-O and Naledge from Kidz In The Hall in recent years. First I accused them of the crime of Hipster Rap, to which they responded on an video, and now it seems that I’ve thrown them under the bus again in my latest guest post for XXL:

No Sell Out

I’m assuming ‘lol’ is some kind of code for ‘we’re going to get our bodyguard to put you in a yoke when we find you’, although that may be considered bad karma since the same thing happened to Double-O at that nightclub in Tempe, AZ back in 2008. Since I’ll be living in a cardboard box somewhere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, I’m sure the money I might make from any resulting lawsuit will come in handy for when I need to buy myself a couple of Ghetto Big Macs.

Salute To Weed Carriers Version 3.0
Monday September 06th 2010,
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The people demanded it. And I answered…

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Weed Carrying But Were Afraid To Ask

Related: Download The Combat Jack Show, 3 Sept, 2010 [Feat. The Weed Carrier Report]

Two Classic Large Professor Interviews
Tuesday August 31st 2010,
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Noah Callahan-Bever, the current E-I-C over at Complex just opened the vaults from his past life as a freelance writer, sharing a couple of outstanding pieces he did on Paul Juice back in 2002. I copped the XXL issue when it dropped, but seem to have misplaced my copy somewhere in my magazine graveyard so it was great to read this one again. The Large and Nas cover feature for Mass Appeal I missed altogether. Salute!

Large Professor Interview [XXL, March 2002]

Nas & Large Professor Cover Story [Mass Appeal, September 2002]

The Combat Jack Radio Show Will Slap Fire Out Your Ass

Not sure how I missed the debut last week, but I just caught the second episode of The Combat Jack Radio Show with Dallas Penn on PNC Radio, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve got a keeper on our hands.

The Combat Jack Radio Show feat. Dallas Penn – ‘Episode 2′

Media Watch: The Prodigal Son of Bazerk Return
Friday July 30th 2010,
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Great feature on Son Of Bazerk in the Village Voice by esteemed Unkut associate Phillip “Beer Baron” Mlynar:

The Prodigal Son of Bazerk Return

Remembering Rammellzee
Friday July 23rd 2010,
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Dave Tompkins wrote a great piece remembering his friend Rammellzee recently:

Canticle for Rip Cord Rex

Phone conversation with myself and Rammellzee (first voice), from October, 19th, 2007:

“You like oysters, boss?”
“I’ve got a spot over here for you. We can watch the boats sink.”
“I’ll let you hold the bomb.”
“Do you know anyone at the Smithsonian Institute?”
“Working on that one.”
“You need to talk to someone in the Department of Space.”
“The Andromeda Galaxy is going to be here in 5 million years. It will consume this galaxy.”
“This means something to me.”
“Of course.”
“It’s sending a master blaster radio cloud ahead of itself.”
“That one will be here in 10,000 years.”
“I know it’s a little far off, but you might want to take a look at it.”
“And finish my book before it happens?”

Time enough.

While you’re there, order his book How To Wreck A Nice Beach. I finally did.

Welcome To The New, Improved Record Biz
Tuesday June 22nd 2010,
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Spotted at The Home Office blog.

Hooray For Kanye?
Monday May 31st 2010,
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Everybody hearts Kanye….except for some jerk from Unkut.

Internets Reporting That Loses
Wednesday April 28th 2010,
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Even though it’s well-known that The RZA doesn’t actually run his Twitter account, that hasn’t stopped some razor-sharp news hound reporting the ‘scoop’ that work has begun on Genius’ Liquid Swords 2.

Here’s RZA’s confirmation from when he was interviewed in July 2009:

I’ve noticed that you’re a big Twitterer…

Me? I Twitter a lot? No, it’s not me. [Laughing] Hey, don’t believe everything you Twit! It’s not my page. But I’m an artist – so it’s probably someone running that shit. Don’t believe everything you Twit, yo!

That’s not to say there’s no truth to the announcement, I’m just sayin’ though…

Deja Vu
Friday January 08th 2010,
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A post I just read on a forum called Hip-Hop Utopia seems kinda familiar for some reason….

6 Reasons Why Hip Hop Is Gonna Be Booty In 2010…

Top 25 Dead Or Alive
Friday January 01st 2010,
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Take that, tinyURL!

Complex’s Top 25 Website’s of 2009

XXL Magazine Describes Unkut
Friday November 20th 2009,
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I didn’t pay much attention to XXL’s Top 100 Best Hip-Hop Websites when I initially saw it in list form, but now that they’ve posted a version with descriptions of each site I thought I’d cast a quick glance over it. In the two minutes it took an intern to skim through Unkut Dot Com, here’s what they reported:

Aging East Coast elitists take heart—some of the finest hip-hop blogs still cater to your demographic (even if the radio doesn’t). Unkut serves up comprehensive interviews from veterans like Freddie Foxx, Masta Ace and T La Rock and appeals to rap nerds everywhere, with hyperanalytical discussion of hip-hop’s past (“Which rappers wasted dope beats?”)

East Coast elitists? Guilty as charged. Comprehensive interviews? Check. What exactly is a ‘rap nerd’ though? Anybody who remembers a song that’s over two years old? Or does just knowing who Lakim Shabazz is make you a hip-hop geek these days?

Real Recognize…I Wrote The Book
Monday May 11th 2009,
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^ This looks effin’ epic…..

Dallas Penn and eskay let the people know that Unkut Dot Com is in their personal Top 5, which holds a lot more weight with me than where I got placed on the ‘official’ VYBE [sic] list. Maybe it had something to do with my comments that I’d “rather be in Hustler” after they “threw me a bone” and ranked Unkut #19 in the “30 Best Music Web Spots” list from 2007….

Drew Huge wrote a great piece about fallen soldier Tony D for The Guardian.

Hilarious review of the new Slim Shady record by Combat Jack.

Spine Magazine THIMK dug-up a Leaders of the New School demo from the ill-fated T.I.M.E. sessions called Emotional.

Superb recollections of the legendary Dondi, written by the most recent subject of an Unkut interview – Dante Ross.

Another Hipster Rap article. No mention of the Biggest Douchebag In Hipster Rap Poll? Research fail.