Video: What! What! The Ghetto Documentary Trailer

We need to Kickstarter this joint so that P.A.P.I. will release this documentary. Here’s how he described it to Life Sucks Die magazine years ago:

NORE: It’s nothing to say I’m doing my own movie. What! What! The Movie. You know why? When I came in and got involved with hip-hop, a lot of people was fake. But now, as we keep doing this music, there’s a lot of real individuals that’s ex-crackheads, ex-cokeheads, ex-robbers and ex-murderers and ex-hustlers that’s doing rap right now. This game has gotten a lot realer. That’s why you see people having cases and having shootouts. So I felt like I should be the one to express it because I’m the one that’s seen it. So again, that’s What!What! The Ghetto Documentary. I got Chris Lighty spazzing on Foxy Brown, talking about he bought her a Benz. I got Nas Escobar talking about The Roots is faggots. I got Snoop Dogg talking about Kurupt was wrong for making that record calling out names. I got Puff Daddy talking about the Ruff Ryders. I got The Lox dissing Puff Daddy. It’s all beef, that’s all I’m about, baby. I got a whole bunch of good shit. I got Jay-Z in Jamaica…

Update: NORE talks about the trailer in this interview with Peter Rosenberg and the crew:

‘Before I Self Destruct’ Movie Review
Wednesday November 25th 2009,
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^ This dame is the only thing you’ll remember from this film.

What do you do when you’re a bored millionaire who isn’t selling records like you used to and has to resort to cheap stunts to keep his name in the news? You make another shitty movie, that’s what. Unlike 8 Mile Part 2 Get Rich Or Die Trying, where 50 Cent was able to convince Oscar winning director Jim Sheridan to try and deliver something beyond the typical ‘hood’ movie, this time around he’s gone back to basics. That’s right, your boy Curtis Jackson wrote, directed and starred in this future classic of modern cinema…

5 Primo Beats Wasted On Wack Wenches…And 5 Dope Dames Who Delivered

Over the course of his extensive career being the boards, DJ Premier has served-up some knockin’ tracks to a handful of chick rappers. Here are a selection of the best and worst of these (Heather Hunter gets a pass, obviously).


Kayla Marie Gets Busy In The Bean
Thursday July 09th 2009,
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Remember that pic from the Top Choice Clique interview and everyone was like, ‘Who’s that chick in the photo?’. Turns out it’s a gal named Kayla Marie, who demo’s a little floor work for us. Blaow!

Jawn P and Force from TCC also performed ‘Peace of Mind’, with Will-C on the decks…