No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Chosen Few – Rappers That Get Better With Age
Thursday August 13th 2015,
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It’s great when rappers can maintain a high standard through out a long career with no noticeable decline in quality. It’s even better when they markedly improve as they get older, as demonstrated so brilliantly by the late, great Sean P.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Chosen Few – Rappers That Get Better With Age

Meyhem Lauren – Fly Counterparts
Thursday February 12th 2015,
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Meyhem Lauren and Icerocks have teamed up for a new EP, More Cashmere, which you can grab on vinyl over at Chopped Herring. You can preview the rest of this extended play here.

Stream: Diamond D – The Diam Piece Album

Empire Music have posted the new Diamond album on their YouTube channel for your enjoyment. Here’s a re-up of D-Squizzy’s track-by-track breakdown of the album here while you listen. Available now on CD and digital.

Diamond D: It’s more or less a production LP, about two and a half years it took. A lot of tracks I didn’t even use. I had about 27 tracks but I only used 18. Some of the artists I was in the studio with, and others – because of their touring schedule and my touring schedule – I just sent them music and they sent me the session back. If the track that I give them has a sample in it that’s giving it direction then they’ll follow that. If there is no sample or concept at the beginning I just let the MC’s paint their own pictures and try to figure out how can make it connect. I use a lot more live instrumentation now. I still chop and manipulate samples, but my sound just sounds bigger now. Just using better equipment so the sample frequencies are better.


Large Professor Feat. G-Wiz – In The Scrolls

Paul Sea returns with this tribute to the legacy of Nas‘ first album, with a track from the next Large Professor project, RE: Living Legend.

Sean Price – I Shot Tha

eric clapton i shot the sheriff 2

A little somethin’ somethin’ from Domingo‘s extensive vaults – Sean P‘s take on the Bob Marley/Eric Clapton/EPMD standard “I Shot The Sheriff”. The first verse was eventually used for “Mark My Words” but the rest of it sounds unfamiliar.

Video: J-Zone – Crib Issues
Monday January 13th 2014,
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Here’s the second MS Paint style video from the excellent Peter Pan Theory LP, as Zone explains why it’s always better to smash at your own spot for the home-field advantage and lack of cats.

Unkut TV: Episode 22 – Special Ed Live In Philly
Wednesday December 11th 2013,
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Following the Kool G Rap & DJ Polo set at Treasures in Philly, Special Ed took to the stage and performed “Think About It”, “Crooklyn”, “Come On Let’s Move It” and “I Got It Made”. Basically half of the crowd had gone outside for a smoke by the time he hit the stage, but Ed’s female fans were in full effect regardless.

Video: Breeze Brewin’ – Road Rage
Friday November 01st 2013,
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Another Brewin’ winner, produced by Smoke Signals.

J-Zone – Peter Pan Syndrome Album Review
Wednesday August 28th 2013,
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There’s nothing like trying to “grow-up”, figuring out that being “mature” sucks and figuring out that maybe you weren’t such a screw-up after all. Such is the tale of J-Zone’s Peter Pan Syndrome, his timely return to rap following an extended period in the wilderness that is the “real world”. If you were a fan of the Old Maid Entertainment crew during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, you’ll be familiar with Zone’s dry sense of humor and love for ignorant rap, as well as ear for unorthodox samples and a razor-sharp chopping technique for this beats. It’s been nine years since he dropped his last solo project, and in the interim he’s learnt how to play drums, worked some shitty jobs and realized that the concept of “too old to rap” is some ol’ bullshucks.

Video: J-Zone In the Studio – Limitations and Mistakes
Tuesday August 27th 2013,
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Zone explains his policy where if his MPC doesn’t boot-up he just uses older equipment, before introducing us to his two new “girlfriends” and getting dumb on the drums.

Video: Ka – Peace Akhi
Sunday August 25th 2013,
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Video number three from the nicest fireman to ever touch the mic, from the The Night’s Gambit LP.
“From the basement your statement’s have no validity (none!)”. Sadface.

Unkut TV: Episode 13 – J-Zone Announces His New Album
Tuesday July 23rd 2013,
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J-Zone explains why he decided to return to rap, having no shame in rocking ancient hairstyles if he feels like it and breaks down the concept behind his next album.

Milano Constantine – Suthebys


Here’a a cut from Milano‘s next mixtape, Alfa Romeo, which is dropping in a minute.

Video: Sadat X – I Know This Game
Monday June 24th 2013,
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The Great Dot X drops science on the music game, taken from his next LP, New York, New York. Subtitles let me down. Spotted at okayplayer.

Video: Sean Price – Haraam
Thursday November 22nd 2012,
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New clip from Mic Tyson. In other news, I saw Sean P rap last night and it was good.

Video: Sean Price – STFU Pt. 2
Thursday October 04th 2012,
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Megasean P over an Alchemist beat? Approved!

Track listing for Mic Tyson, which can be pre-ordered on iTunes today:

Video: Sean Price – I See
Monday September 17th 2012,
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First video from Mic Tyson, out 30 October.

Microphone Mathematics: Kevin Beacham Breaks Down T La Rock’s Bust These Lyrics
Tuesday August 21st 2012,
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Esteemed Rap Brainiac Kevin Beacham delivered this suburb breakdown of T La Rock‘s ‘Bust These Lyrics’ today, in the third part of his ‘Microphone Mathematics’ special on the Lyrical King:

In terms of lyrical masterpieces, that is masterfully and undisputedly achieved with “Bust These Lyrics”. A very strong argument could be made for this being the most lyrical song of T La Rock’s career. Before I defend that theory I have to recognize the rugged production. The drums are like a jackhammer at half-speed. The sampled pieces from the intro of “It’s Yours” and the repeated vocal sample infused into the beat can be symbolic of the screams and yelps of the competition as T La Rock verbal assaults relentlessly. All of these theories are adequately explained in the hook, “Hard Rapping, Funky Beats, Def Scratching, No Gimmicks/Put your ears to the speakers and bust these lyrics!”

Trem – For The Term Of His Natural Life Album Review
Friday October 14th 2011,
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You know how sometimes you wait for something for such a long time that you begin to doubt that it will ever happen? This record was almost like that, except for the fact it actually came out last Friday! Rather than unleash 14 tracks of Bitter Old Man Rap, which would be somewhat understandable coming from a 20-year veteran not named Nasty Nas, Trem has delivered a remarkably well-rounded testament to perfectionism and the humble art of mastering your craft. Equal parts fiercely traditional yet unmistakably modern, For The Term Of His Natural Life sticks to the classic rap album blueprint while never neglecting to refine and improves the timeless recipe. Nothing on here sounds eager to please or compromised – Trem simply climbs out of the dungeons of rap, plants the flag and dares the competition to try and step up to the challenge accomplishment. Witty wordplay scales the often treacherous peaks of the Brag Rap mountain, but don’t get it twisted and confuse this anything retro or throwback.

Roc Marciano – Jaws

Roc Marciano – ‘Jaws’

Best song of 2011. iTunes bonus from the Greenberg EP. Oh No on production.

Sean Price feat. Mayhem Lauren and Roc Marciano – How The Gods Chill [Remix]

Grown Man Rap continues to thrive. Taken from the b-side of the new Sean P/Cold World Rock Rap vinyl single.

Sean Price feat. Mayhem Lauren and Roc Marciano – ‘How The Gods Chill’ [Remix]