Unkut TV: Episode 16 – DJ 7L Shows Us Around Get On Down
Monday August 12th 2013,
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During our road trip to Boston, we dropped past the offices of re-issue specialists Get On Down to check out some of their best collector’s editions with DJ 7L.

Video: Magnum Opus – The Making of Come Clean

The story behind Jeru The Damaja‘s “Come Clean”, aka why we should forgive him for discouraging women to wear tight jeans.

Unkut TV: Episode 15 – An Afternoon With The Doppelgangaz
Tuesday July 30th 2013,
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We caught up with Matter Ov Fact, EP and Tropicana Josh of The Doppelgangaz one fine afternoon while they were shooting the video for “On The Rag”. Important issues discussed include picking up sweaty hipster girls, getting to second base in Europe, the legendary ‘Crackin’ beverage, velvet cloaks and a bunch of stuff that our legal team insisted we cut out.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Random Rap Dude Sightings


Back in the safety of Mom’s Basement, it’s time to reflect on some of my rapper dude sightings during my recent travels.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Random Rap Dude Sightings

Forgot to add these two…

J-Zone: Visited his basement to talk Tim Dog and check out his impressive collection of ignorant rap tapes.

Jean Grae: Discussed the decline of manners in modern society out the front of a popular spot called The Rub.

Unkut TV: Episode 10 – Dallas Penn Returns To Albee Square Mall
Tuesday July 02nd 2013,
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On my “to do” list for this trip was to make a video about the original Albee Square Mall, which was in downtown Brooklyn from 1977-2008. The good people at Blu Cheez were able to lend out their star performer and NY historian for this important project. Check below for six minutes of genius.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 3
Tuesday July 02nd 2013,
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Concluding my discussion with AG Da Coroner, we discuss classic TV shows, working with The Alchemist, the impact of Roc Marciano and plans for Coroner’s Sip The Nectar LP.

Video: Rap Life NY – Queensbridge Session

Here’s footage of the Boilerroom TV cipher session filmed at Foul Monday‘s apartment in Queensbridge from my first day in NY. DJ Mathematics was on the decks and let the crew (Mike Delorean, Foul Monday, Ruc, AG Flow, Lil Cash and more) rock over classic beats and newer stuff to showcase all sorts of styles, while ya boy Robbie “Rap Hands” gets drunk in the background. More below…

Unkut TV: Episode 8 – $amhill At Forest Houses, The Bronx
Sunday June 23rd 2013,
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The Almighty $amhill breaks down Forest projects history with the D.I.T.C crew and his own development as an MC, and discusses the legacy of Big Pun.

Unkut TV: Episode 7 – Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Live In Philly, 2013

Photo: richdirection

When I heard that Kool G Rap was performing in Philadelphia last Saturday night, you know I was getting there no matter what, especially considering how often I’ve argued that he’s the greatest MC of all-time. Just so happens that this performance was also the first time that G had performed with DJ Polo in seventeen years, and I got to capture it all on camera. Here’s footage of KGR performing “The Realest”, “Take ‘Em To War”, “Road To The Riches”, “Ill Street Blues”, “Fast Life” and “The Symphony”.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 3

Photo: richdirection.

It should be illegal to witness this much greatness in a week.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 3

Unkut TV: Episode 4 – Gunplay on Combat Jack and Combat Jack on The Artie Lang Show

Backstage at The Combat Jack TV Show and The Artie Lang Show, featuring Premium Pete, A-King, Gunplay, Combat Jack, Matt Razz and Dallas Penn. Eff your TV!

Unkut TV: Episode 3 – Big Daddy Kane Live At Herbert Von Park, Brooklyn

Highlight’s of the Big Daddy Kane park jam, including performances of “Set It Off”, “The Symphony”, “Wrath of Kane”, “Raw”, “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” and a cameo from Dres. Kane lived up to his reputation as live performer and kept the old heads hyped. Shouts to Dallas Penn for rolling through with me despite near exhaustion status.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 2
Friday June 14th 2013,
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Here’s some of the stuff that I’ve done in the last week or so…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 2

Unkut TV: Episode 2 – Let Spike Down

While waiting for Big Daddy Kane to hit the stage, I spent some “quality” time with Brooklyn’s very own Spike Lee, with fairly predictable results.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap Won In Red Hook


Here’s my written report to accompany the video that Dallas shot about the Rakim show…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap Won In Red Hook

Video: Rakim Live At Red Hook Park, Brooklyn

Me and the homie Dallas Penn caught Rakim Allah doing a free show in Brooklyn as part of the Summer Concert series in New York. I’ll be posting my written review later, but in the meantime you can witness me forgetting how to perform The Wop and doing some serious Rap Hands in between the God MC rapping.

The Combat Jack Show – The Foxy Brown Episode


Glad to see this one didn’t get shut-down by Foxy’s people:

“Foxy did this. Foxy did that.” There’s been mad talk about the Ill Na Na since like forever, and while ya’ll keep staying with your face in her puss, I guarantee you ain’t ever hear Foxy talk in first person like this. From her pops bouncing when she was 4 years old, to dating Haitian Jack at 14, her and Jay Z moving from the bench to the studio to the top, getting sucker punched with the deafness, her relationship with Nicki Minaj, that bid in jail.. I put money on it that this is the realest shit she ever spoke.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: 2011 Flashback


See you in the funny pages…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: 2011 Flashback

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – The Scarface Episodes

Here are all three episodes of the Combat Jack interview with the Greatest Southern Rapper of All Time, Brad “Mr. Scarface” Jordan. Part 2 and 3 below.

The Conservative Rap Coalition Membership Drive, Round 2


As KRS-One once said: “We’re not done…we’re not done”. After Paypal tried to hate on the Conservative Rap Coalition movement by freezing our account on the grounds that we’re not a “registered charity”, I had to flip the script on the whole operation. Never fear valued members, everything is back on track and we are well on the way to hitting our target in terms of new recruits. If you’ve been a long time reader of the site, it’s time to pony up before I start posting pictures of Kanye and Kim shopping for baby leather kilts.

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – Killer Mike and El-P, Episode 1
Monday May 06th 2013,
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Combat Jack and Dallas Penn talk to Killer Mike about the making of his R.A.P. Music album with El-P

The 2013 Conservative Rap Coalition Fundraiser

Ever since I returned to Mom’s Basement seven months ago, I’ve been concentrating on delivering a new interview every week and going all out to provide a voice to the rappers, DJ’s and producers that the rest of the world has forgotten about, plus talk a little shit along the way. The time has come, however, for me to leave the basement for a minute and return to the streets of New York IRL (In Real Life) to hunt down some leads and shoot some video.

That means that it’s time for all of you Conservative Rap Coalition members reach deep into your Carhartt pockets and contribute to the cause. I’m been able to get my plane ticket money together after picking-up an extra paper route, but that’s not going to cover my Metro Card’s money, hot dogs, Swedish Fish or 40 Oz’s of Ballentine beer. Your hard-earned dollars will be put towards funding one or more of the following projects:

Video: The Doppelgangaz – Live in Leipzig

This is a quick compilation of footage from The Doppelgangaz recent European tour. Look out for a video to “Barbiturates” next week.

The Combat Jack Show – The RA The Rugged Man Episode


Combat Jack got stung by RA back in his law days, but just as NORE forgave him effing up the CNN deal, Combat takes it in his stride and has the original Crazy White Guy of Rap on the show.

Cold Crush 4 Shut Down A Heckler [Harlem World, 1992]

Some poor sap makes the mistake of heckling Grandmaster Caz and yelling out “I’ll give you a dime if you get off the stage!” The result? A verbal ass-whuppin.