LEX – Righteous Path
Thursday November 12th 2015,
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New track from LEX over a track by Big Noyd Productions from France, not to be confused with Rapper Noyd from Queensbridge.

The Smell of Music Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu


I was recently asked to select the four worst Wu-Tang affiliate tracks I could find to discuss on The Smell of Music podcast. You can hear the results below.

Download TSOM Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu

Radio Robheem


It’s been a busy couple of days in Unkut-related rap radio. Peter Oasis hipped me to the fact that the crew over at the Hip-Hop Digest show had a discussion about my Cuepoint article on the story behind ‘The Power’ in their latest episode at the 25:30 mark.

Last night I was invited to call in to the Now, Where Were We show on WNYU hosted by Dharmic X and Peter Oasis. We chopped it up for around half an hour in two parts, which you can catch at thirty minute and one hour fifteen minute points in their archive, thanks to the powers of my magic internets phone.

Update: Here’s the Soundcloud version…

Gettin’ Kinda Hectic: Snap! and Chill Rob G’s Epic ‘Power’ Struggle

wild pitch sticker

Newest latest for the good people at Cuepoint is an in-depth look at the story behind Snap! and ‘The Power,’ covering Chill Rob G‘s response, how Penny Ford was recruited to add new vocals and an unfortunate incident involving Turbo B and some drag queens in Boston.

Gettin’ Kinda Hectic: Snap! and Chill Rob G’s Epic ‘Power’ Struggle

Rob Kelly feat. Da Villins – Jimmy Jump

Ireland’s own Conservative Rap Coalition representative Rob Kelly drops a cut from the Black Irish Rogue, due 15 July. Scooby on the beat.

Video: Mobb Deep feat. Big Noyd – Itinerary

Second release from DJ Jean Maron‘s True School project reunites Hav and P with Rapper Noyd.

CHAZE and Omar White – The Divine Train Ride Mixtape
Wednesday April 23rd 2014,
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GRIM Team representative CHAZE just dropped this ill mix of electro, boogie, soul and breaks with Omar White to enhance your next trip on the iron horse.

Video: Royal Flush feat. Nutso – Flushtown
Thursday April 10th 2014,
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Another single from the Grand Capo LP, with Grand Papa Tre on the beat and DJ Modesty on the cuts.

Royal Flush – Autobiography

.:HHB All Day:.

This is the standout track from the new Royal Flush album, produced by Grand Papa Tra from Switzerland.

Video: Money Boss Inc. – Blam Blam
Thursday January 02nd 2014,
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Even though this P Brothers song dropped in 2006, it’s still great enough to warrant a video eight years later. Also note that Eddie Cheeba and Trey Bag have changed their name back from Boss Money Gangsters to Money Boss Inc. and have removed the outro and all references to Nottingham in this version.

Sean Price and M-Phazes – Dump In The Gut
Wednesday December 04th 2013,
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Melbourne meets Brownsville for this track from the forthcoming Land of the Crooks EP from Sean Price and M-Phazes.

The Marco Polo Newport Challenge, Part 2

Continuing our highly scientific research, Marco Polo rates two more brands against his beloved Newport and the ultimate smoke champion is announced. Also features cameo’s from Jean Grae, richdirection and various gals who were hanging out at ‘The Rub’.

Unkut On Conspiracy Worldwide Radio


“Unkut.com is a unique and more importantly necessary platform. Much like Conspiracy Worldwide Radio its visitors are devoted Rap nerds whom are passionate about preserving Hip Hop’s historical and traditional values, so it was our pleasure to invite its mastermind Robbie Ettelson on the show. We talk his role as contributing editor to Hip Hop Connection Magazine, interviewing legends, the Conservative Rap Coalition and so much more.”

You can hear me mumbling about the site and the mighty CRC at the 1 hour mark. Shout-out to Menace and Mista Montana for giving the site some shine. Other guests included Cage, Mighty Mi, Troy Ave, NORE, Krumbsnatcha and more.

Part One:

Video: The Marco Polo Newport Challenge, Part 1

In an attempt to prove that not all cigarettes are created equal, I challenged Canadian-born BK rap producer Marco Polo to rate five other brands of tailor-made smokes, purchased from gals out the front of various bars in Brooklyn, all in the name of science. PA2: The Director’s Cut drops 12 November, 2013.

Rob Kelly – Jack The Ripper 2 [The Ripper Returns]


Rob Kelly is a paid-up member of the CRC and a drunken Irish hooligan with an ear for good beats. Like all good organizations, being part of the Conservative Rap Coalition automatically grants you access to the finer things in life, one of which is getting your music posted on Unkut on the condition that it doesn’t suck and is deemed suitably non-progressive.

Sean Price, Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino and DJ Babu – Land of the Crooks


It’s been a good week for Australian producer M-Phazes, who not only got a co-production credit on the new Eminem LP but also snagged BK brawlers Sean Price, Billy Danze and Maffew Ragazino on the same track, while DJ Babu seals the deal with a def-defying display of zigga-zigga wizardry.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/116762776″ params=”color=ff0000&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Debonair P – Remixes 2 and Instrumentals LP Release

Instrumentals Centre Label

Melbourne’s own Debonair P, who’s recently dropped some quality music with Omniscence, Is dropping new remix and instrumental vinyl, which you can cop here. All the filtered bassline, crisp snare goodness you could need for your steering pleasure…

Grab a free digital version of both projects here.

Video: Endemic feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Ruste Juxx and Afu Ra – High Society

UK producer Endemic recruits Trag, Ruste and Afu for this solid entry into the Hoody Rap Ain’t Dead genre. Taken from the Terminal Illness 2 LP, due late November.

Boogie Down Productions – Duck Down [Alternative Version]

bdp duck down still

More BDP action with this vinyl rip from Rob Pursey of Southern Hospitality. Apparently the UK pressing of the “Duck Down” 12″ features an alternative version of the Pal Joey produced track, despite being labeled as the “LP Version”. Sporting a looser deliver from KRS, an extra bassline and an extra verse going at X-Clan, which would later end-up as part of “Build and Destroy”, from the same LP. Was there some kind of fuck up and an early demo version of “Duck Down” was pressed up for the British audience, or did the Jive UK office just prefer this version? Regardless, it’s more greatness from the third best BDP album, and therefore essential listening.

Alterbeats feat. Divine & Tragedy Khadafi – 7th Dynasty


World premier of the new project from French producer Alterbeats, who has previously laced dudes such as Neek The Exotic. Taken from the Class Struggle project.

Milano Constantine – What Type Of Shit You Want


While certain sections of the rap internets don’t seem to hold ‘Lano in particularly high regard, I will rep for his abilities any day of the week, particularly when paired with the P Brothers on the beats. Taken from the Alfa Romeo mixtape, which you can stream over at Milano’s Soundcloud. I’m pretty sure I posted this last year but shit happens.

Video: Degrassi Unscripted – The Drake Episode

Aubrey hangs out with his mom’s, sneaks his grand mother chocolate in between giving her daps, shows us his CD and shoe collection, drives his 2004 Acura, reads out some pretty creepy fan mail from a guy called Jason, shares some footage of his starring role in a local production of Les Miserables and pulls out his collection of tear-stained rhyme books. Bless his cotton socks!

Shouts to Grand Daddy IU for digging this up.

Video: P-Money feat. Roc Marciano – The Professional

Here’s the clip for my pick from P-Money‘s Gratitude LP, directed by Luke Choi.

Omniscence – Sharp Objects [Album Snippets]


Quality new vinyl release that should coincide with the interests of CRC members:

The brand new EP from NC’s Omniscence. 10 tracks on limited wax (150 copies on blue swirl vinyl / 150 copies on purple vinyl) produced and mixed by Debonair P. Shipping now.

Mix: DJ Ivory – Summer in Notts
Tuesday July 09th 2013,
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DJ Ivory of the P Brothers just dropped this mix of dope music for you to crack a beer open too and fry up some swine on the grill to. Loud drums as usual.