Why Country Road Crew Wear is Australia’s Polo
Monday September 28th 2015,
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The Australian chapter of Complex just launched last week, so I penned a little something something about the once fly gear known as Country Road for all you outfit architects.

Why Country Road Crew Wear is Australia’s Polo

Stream: The Combat Jack Show – The Consequence Episode
Tuesday September 08th 2015,
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Combat Jack kindly informed Cons that I had crowned him the Greatest Weed Carrier of All Time, and his response was fairly predictable. I can now tick off offending Consequence from my rap bucket list.

The Smell of Music Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu


I was recently asked to select the four worst Wu-Tang affiliate tracks I could find to discuss on The Smell of Music podcast. You can hear the results below.

Download TSOM Episode 6: Steamy Pile of Wu

Video: Food Warriors – Broadway Junction
Tuesday August 25th 2015,
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Raf and Dallas discover that Broadway Junction is a food wasteland as they continue their quest to find the best spots to eat on the A line.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Drawn-Out Demise of the Diss Record
Thursday July 23rd 2015,
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As the WWF (World of [W]rap Fuckery) continues to flourish, I can’t help but pine for the days when rappers would make actual diss songs in between the theatrics.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Drawn-Out Demise of the Diss Record

The Guardian Comment Section Types The Darnedest Things: 50 Cent Edition
Thursday July 16th 2015,
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Andrew Emery (aka Drew Huge of Fatlace) penned a piece on 50 Cent’s recent fiscal hiccups/tactics for The Guardian this week, and as one might imagine the comment section was chock-full of outraged rap haters. The real keepers, of course, are the contributions from annoyed backpackers and Defenders Of The True School. These type of incidents can be broken into the following basic categories:

1. The ‘ignorant journalist’ clause.

Andrew, if you think 50 Cent is hip hop you don’t really understand hip hop.

2. The ‘Rap Vs. Hip-Hop’ debate, which may be the most tiresome concept ever put forth in the history of music debate.

paul salt:
Jurassic 5. De la soul. Hip hop
50 pence, jay zed, Kanye west. Rap
That’s the difference in my book.


Radio Robheem


It’s been a busy couple of days in Unkut-related rap radio. Peter Oasis hipped me to the fact that the crew over at the Hip-Hop Digest show had a discussion about my Cuepoint article on the story behind ‘The Power’ in their latest episode at the 25:30 mark.

Last night I was invited to call in to the Now, Where Were We show on WNYU hosted by Dharmic X and Peter Oasis. We chopped it up for around half an hour in two parts, which you can catch at thirty minute and one hour fifteen minute points in their archive, thanks to the powers of my magic internets phone.

Update: Here’s the Soundcloud version…

Video: Food Warriors – Nostrand Avenue
Tuesday January 13th 2015,
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Season finale of Raf and Dallas’ quest for the best food near the train station.

Video: Food Warriors – 59th Street, Columbus Circle
Thursday November 20th 2014,
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Has Midtown got any got spots to chow down? Will the IC’s dine on swine or take the ‘healthy option’?

Video: Food Warriors – 125th Street
Tuesday November 18th 2014,
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Shout out to your boy with the parrot on his shoulder as the IC’s continue to explore Harlem spots to grab grub from.

Video: Food Warriors – 145th Street
Wednesday November 05th 2014,
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Dallas drops bars while Rafi keeps it CRC all day with his tucked shirt steez as the IC’s investigate grub up in Harlem.

Cassette Culture with Stretch Armstrong: DJ Red Alert, 98.7 Kiss FM, 6.13.87
Wednesday September 17th 2014,
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DJ Stretch Armstrong breaks down his favorite old rap radio tapes in this new column he’s writing at Cuepoint, a new collection of long-form music articles curated by Jon “Shecyk Green” Shecter of The Source/Game Records fame. Since many of my fondest memories of first hearing rap revolving around Red Alert and Chuck Chillout tapes, hearing tape rips like this are always guaranteed to slightly defrost my cold, frosty heart.

Cassette Culture with Stretch Armstrong: DJ Red Alert, 98.7 Kiss FM, 6.13.87

Cole James Cash Feat. Kacey Parker, Kese Soprano and M-Credible – Kacey Parker
Wednesday August 27th 2014,
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Third single from the BBW – A Pornographic Opera album. Homeboy made songs about his favorite big gals on film, now he’s rolling with one in real life. Bless you, internets.

Cole sez:

“This is my prized track, I actually got the woman to do the introduction for the song and be on my album cover. This picture for her single was taken right in front of me. Kacey catapulted herself to Greatest BBW Of all time when she agreed to collaborate for my album. I am forever in her debt, hopefully she takes travelers checks”

Byron Crawford – Kanye West: Superstar Book Review
Friday August 08th 2014,
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Returning with his forth book (fifth if count the Writin’ Dirty anthology, which was just a collection of Bol’s XXL posts so I don’t), Byron Crawford blesses us with another highly entertaining and surprisingly informative summary of Kanye West, the artist and fairly fucked-up human. What’s great about Kanye West: Superstar is the attention to detail in regards to Bol’s theories on why Kanye has acted increasingly bat-shit crazy over the course of his career. I won’t give away the game at this stage, but it’s pretty water tight from where I stand. The book also documents the way in which Bol and Kanye have had a major impact on each others careers up to this point, from the legendary “Ban Kanye From The Grammys” movement (which I’m proud to say I was involved in as a contributor to the site), jokingly suggesting that his readers “hunt and kill” Kanye’s late mother (before her untimely demise) and a litany of jokes relating to Ray J‘s “package” (nullus) and how many black guys that the Kardashian sisters have “gotten off.”

Stream: Alchemix 2 – 10 More Years Of Alchemist (2004-2014)

Photo: Benjamin Button

After I posted this response to Up North Trips’ Alchemix, United Crates laced a proper mixed version of my selections of Alchemist’s best beats from the past decade.

Download: Alchemix 2 – 10 More Years Of Alchemist (2004-2014)

Mixed by United Crates.

Track listing:

Alchemix – The Unkut Remix [Minus Actual Mixing]


After checking out the Up North Trips mix with their picks for the best Alan The Chemist beats from the past ten years, I couldn’t resist responding with my own personal selections from the past decade of work from the house of ALC.

Update: Mixed version can be found here, thanks to United Crates.

Stream: Alchemix – 10 Years of Alchemist (2004-2014)
Monday June 30th 2014,
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Can’t say I agree with all of these choices but this is a great mix regardless. Might have to compile my own list in response…

Ev Boogie sez:

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Alchemist’s debut solo, 1st Infantry. To celebrate A-L-C’s decade of dope, we put together ten years worth of Alc bangers, from 2004- 20134. For each year, we picked one of our favorite Alc joints (not easy to do) and put together our own, Alchemix. Mixed by United Crates.

Track listing:

The Combat Jack Show – The Freddie Foxxx Episode


Freddie Foxxx chops it up with Combat Jack, recalling the story about his battle against Kane that he shared with Unkut back in 2009 and some stories about his days rolling with Eric B.

Download: Fat Lace Show 009


Missed this when it dropped last month, but nevertheless this is an essential mix of obscure 80’s and 90’s rap courtesy of Drew Huge and Dan Large.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did We Expect Too Much From Hip-Hop?


There’s a lot of talk about what rap should and shouldn’t have done, but why does it having to do anything beyond being great?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did We Expect Too Much From Hip-Hop?

The Combat Jack Show: The D-Nice Episode


“D-Nice, the beatbox/I only wear Nikes not Adidas or Reeboks!” Grab a bottle, this oughta be good…

Who is more Renaissance Man than Mr. Derrick Jones? The Human TR-808 gives his most descriptive interview ever. He walks us step by step to the moment of Scott La Rock’s death, and how it affected his relationship with KRS-One. He shares how, after he blew up as a solo artist, everything dried up and he became homeless, broke and depressed. Then rebirth. Web designer, photography, one of the world’s preeminent DJ’s. From peddling drugs to DJing for the President. We’ve heard many stories about one’s journey from the bottom to the top, but if this one doesn’t inspire you, you’re already dead. I know ya’ll keep telling us weekly how the latest episode be your top 5. You need to readjust that list again.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review


I really went above and beyond the call of duty on this one.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Iggy Azalea – The New Classic Album Review

Download: #Illmatic20 (Tribute Mixtape)


Rap Bloggah Gahds connect like Voltron to give you a new spin on all this Illmatic nostalgia. I recommend the Timeless Truth and Mr. Motherfuckin eXquire tracks in particular.

Video: 45 King – Making The Beat Show feat. Lakim Shabazz and Chill Rob G
Monday March 24th 2014,
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45 King and Double J host two of their fellow original Flavor Unit legends for a landmark new episode, which features some dope new rhymes from both the guests.

Is This The Lowest Point In Dipset History?
Monday March 24th 2014,
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Miss Info (aka Queen of the Rap Internets) reported on this basketball game between members of The Diplomats and some of the roster of Fool’s Gold Records. This isn’t exactly surprising considering that Cam’Ron and A-Trak are recording a project together (not to mention that A-Trak’s song with JR Writer, Hell Rell, & 40 Cal in 2007 wasn’t too shabby at all), but the idea of the former Kufi Slapper Jim Jones sharing the court with the likes of Nick Catchdubs is the rap equivalent of finding out that there’s no Easter Bunny or that Kanye didn’t write “Jesus Walks.”