The 45 King feat. Supreme – Go Head Up [1990]


Some hidden New Jersey rap gold, taken from The 45 King‘s The Lost Breakbeats – Test Press LP. Don’t call it Fast Rap though, that’s not a valid genre.

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat with Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz, Pt. 3
Wednesday April 09th 2014,
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I can’t enough of this stuff, as Lakim and The Chill One kick more quality rhymes for Flavor Unit aficionados.

Video: The 45 King – Making The Beat with Chill Rob G and Lakim Shabazz, Pt. 2
Sunday March 30th 2014,
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The second half of this mini Flavor Unit reunion sees Double J drop some rhymes with Rob and Lak. Dope by demand.

Video: DUS feat. Roc Marciano – Casino [Dallas Penn Edition]
Thursday February 27th 2014,
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Here’s a 2013 Roc feature that crept under my Rap Radar. Dallas says:

NJ based producer DUS put out this track Casino last year with vocals by Roc Marciano. Did y’all hear it? I hadn’t, but when I came across the song I did what I love to do and created a fanboy video clip using some of the most hardbosy scenes from the movie also named Casino.

Latee and The 45 King – Tim Westwood Session [1990]


Latee dropping his verses from “Wake Up”, “Puttin’ On The Hits” and “This Cut’s Got Flavor” while 45 King flips a break beat on Tim Westwood‘s show? Count me in. Thanks to Palmer Stallings for finding digging this out of the tape stash.

Download: Retch – Polo Sporting Goods


Some grimey New Jersey material from a kid named Retch, who is also a member of the H’z duo with Da$h. Produced by Thelonious Martin.

Download Mixtape

Video: Skitzo – Turncoat Syndicate
Monday September 30th 2013,
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I had a few beers at a local dive bar with this New Jersey MC last time I was out there, where I witnessed the most morbidly obese white girls I’ve ever seen collected in one room in my entire life. Skitzo has been working the battle rap circuit for years so it’s good to see he’s focusing on making songs now. This new cut is produced by Tom Delay Beats.

Gee Rock – Strait Outta Jerzee LP [1993]
Wednesday September 11th 2013,
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Some limited-edition vinyl that won’t break the bank:

20 years ago, in 1993, Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition released they’re lone LP on a wildly limited number of cassettes which have rarely, if ever, been seen. Now Heavy Jewelz brings it back to Brick City with this 12 track fast moving funky LP on vinyl for the first time, never to be repressed. 100 copies were pressed on caramel colored vinyl which sold out right away but you can still get one in a double pack with a black copy of which only 200 were pressed.

Order the vinyl or grab a digital copy.

Unkut TV: Episode 15 – An Afternoon With The Doppelgangaz
Tuesday July 30th 2013,
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We caught up with Matter Ov Fact, EP and Tropicana Josh of The Doppelgangaz one fine afternoon while they were shooting the video for “On The Rag”. Important issues discussed include picking up sweaty hipster girls, getting to second base in Europe, the legendary ‘Crackin’ beverage, velvet cloaks and a bunch of stuff that our legal team insisted we cut out.

Nothing Sweet About Sugar Hill Tax Evasion
Sunday June 23rd 2013,
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Those pesky Robinson’s are up to their own tricks, this time on some tax fraud business from all those royalties they stole from Flash and ‘em.

Sugar Hill Records’ tax issues latest chapter in Englewood hip-hop family’s rocky history

Video: Papoose At Summer Jam 20 Is The New BDP Vs. PM Dawn
Monday June 03rd 2013,
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The master of the over-sized fitted played like KRS-One and Kenny Parker when Kendrick Lamar let his crew sneak on stage and perform this track to a confused audience. Watch in amazement as Papoose encourages a stunned crowd to shout “Free Remy” before walking off to the sound of a million crickets chirping. Pap run this town!

Ten Great Flavor Unit Songs

Got a major Flavor Unit interview ready to drop soon, so I’m going in extra deep (pause) on their extensive catalog. Here are ten of sure shots from the greatest collection of MC’s that New Jersey ever produced.


Stream: The 45 King – The Best of The 45 King Mix


No explanation needed.

Stream: The 45 King – 45 King Mix
Thursday February 21st 2013,
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45 king

The great man himself tests out his Soundcloud account with an hour of breaks.

Listen: K-Def – The Breaks, Session 1
Thursday January 10th 2013,
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Planned to put this up a couple of weeks ago, but still worth kicking back to over the weekend if you haven’t caught it elsewhere. K-Def playing some dope breaks? You can’t go wrong.