No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Too Smooth, Too Soon


Big Daddy Kane is one of the best to ever do it, and can still tear a stage up to this day. So why did his solo recording career end in the ninwties?

No Country For (Old) Rap Men: Too Smooth, Too Soon

Cormega feat. Craig G, Masta Ace and Kool G Rap – Industry [Juice Crew Remix]

industry remix

Large Professor‘s majestic track gets an injection of much-needed J.U. Ice as Craig G, Masta Ace and Kool G Rap give Cormega an assist for his musical update of Rule #4080.

Video: The Sesame Street Gang Perform The Symphony
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I would have cast Kane as The Count personally, but otherwise this is good times.

The Juice Crew – 1990 Tim Westwood Freestyle


Here’s a Tim Westwood sure shot from 1990, courtesy of CRC member Palmer Stallings. Biz Markie, Tragedy, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane and MC Shan all drop verses, alhough sadly there’s no sign of TJ Swan despite him apparently being in the house. Shout-out to the other radio station that crosses the signal a few times.

Big Daddy Kane and Antoinette – Raw Attitude


Remember when Marley Marl pressed-up some limited-edition Hot Chillin’ singles a few years back? Here’s the Kane / Antoinette radio joint from the b-side of the “Set It Off” 12″.

Video: Classic Recipes – Marley Marl Recreates Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz

Engineer All-Star Marley Marl shows us how he made this classic Biz Markie record using modern equipment. Essential viewing.

Tragedy and Craig G – Live At The In Control Show [1989]


Here’s some Rap Radio gold courtesy of my man’s Will C:

“Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum back to back with Craig G live on arguably the greatest rap radio show of all time. This is the Marley Marl In Control Rap Show on 107.5 WBLS from what appears to be April or May 1989. Seeing as Trag Invasion is one of my favorite songs off of Tragedy’s debut LP, it’s cool to hear him kicking those rhymes over Craig’s Take The Bait beat. Another lost slice of the good stuff!”

Video: Tragedy – The Story of Queensbridge [Full Movie]

For anybody that didn’t cop this when it dropped, this is mandatory viewing for any QB Rap fiends. Featuring Killa Sha, MC Tee, Blaq Poet, Capone, Havoc, Marley Marl and more.

Craig G – The Unkut Interview


MC Craig G started his recording career back in 1985 with “Shout” on Lawrence Goodman‘s Philadelphia-based Pop Art label in 1985, before “Droppin’ Science” for Marley Marl and releasing two solo albums on Atlantic before he took the independent route. Despite being initially known for his freestyle skills, Craig has since refined his song-writing abilities and dropped his latest project at the end of last year. We talk about Queensbridge, the Juice Crew, working with Marley Marl and his involvement with 8 Mile.

Robbie: What sparked you to start rhyming?

Craig G: My older brother was in a neighborhood rap group, they were called the High-Fidelity Crew. They did a party for my sister – this was in Queensbridge – and they had left the equipment there overnight, and decided to bring it back later the next day. So I just started messing with the turntables and acting like I was an MC. I just liked how it felt and from there I just started practicing and practicing, but I didn’t even write my first rhyme until my first record. I used to freestyle everywhere. I was 8 or 9 nine years old when this happened.

What was the first park jam you went to?

I had to be home by the time it was dark, so I was there but I didn’t get to see the real live action. The ill MC’s in the neighborhood wouldn’t even crack the mic until nine o’clock. I used to get a little charity rhyme during the day, but nobody really cared, they were still getting it ready. The party jumped-off about an hour before the shooting started. That was all you needed to know! [laughs] If they started shooting, you was like, “They was rocking right before then! Damn, man!” Just hood shit.