Hus Kingpin feat. Big Twins – C.R.E.A.M. Regime
Thursday September 17th 2015,
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Not to be ‘that guy,’ but shouldn’t this song be called ‘C.R.E.I.M Regime’?
Produced by Grubby Pawz, taken from House Of Kingpin, due the start of October.

Video: Intelligent Hoodlum – 25th Anniversary Track by Track Interview, Part 1
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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DJ Phantom aka Distrolord talks with Tragedy about his debut album.

Video: Hostyle – Who Am I
Tuesday July 21st 2015,
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Just got put onto this by the homie Konny Kon. Produced by QB Rap P, it’s sounds as if the One-Eyed Maniac may have suffered a minor stroke since I don’t recall him having a speech impediment last time he rapped. Or maybe he just drank a lot before he recorded this. Either way, it’s great to hear from the former Screwball soldier again.

Capone-N-Noreaga – Pizza
Tuesday July 14th 2015,
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Stand-out from the new Capone-N-Noreaga album, Lessons, courtesy of a Large Professor track.

Tragedy Khadafi feat. KRS-One and A.G. – Modern Day Gangsta
Monday July 13th 2015,
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First cut from Tragedy Khadafi‘s project Tabla Rasa with producer Striknine (who produced MF Grimm’s The Hunt For The Gingerbread Man) which due later this year through Class A Records/Fat Beats.

Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Even If


The War Report crew bring back Grandmaster Vic for some of that Queens blend tape magic.

The Audible Doctor feat. Hus Kingpin and Tragedy Khadafi – Danger


The Doc serves up an Ironman style groove for these two upstarts to vent over. Taken from The Spring Tape, which you can cop for a dollar a song.

Download: Mobb Deep – Soundtrack and Compilation Cuts


Twelve non-LP Mobb Deep tracks that were officially released on someone else’s album, as opposed to the seemingly endless supply of stuff that never got a proper retail release.

UPDATE: By popular demand, now available as a Zippyshare Records and Tapes download…


Psycho Les [The Beatnuts] – The Unkut Interview

Psycho Les

Following on from last year’s interview with former Beatnut Al’ Tariq, I finally got a chance to speak with Psycho Les about the ups and downs of one of rap’s greatest groups. Turns out that Les’ history foes back even further than I thought, as he revealed he worked at Music Factory during high school and produced his first record in 1988…

Robbie: Do you feel like Al’ Tariq’s comments about his time with the Beatnuts were accurate?

Psycho Les: It was pretty much right. Me and Al’ Tariq never had a problem. The problem was between Juju and him, they didn’t really get along. When people don’t get along shit ain’t gonna happen.

He mentioned some subliminal stuff between him and Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul?

There was subliminal shit going on but it was more on Juju and Fashion’s part. That had nothing to do with me, I always stay away from any negative shit. I ain’t out to diss nobody.

What made you want to get involved in hip-hop?

Just being a kid from the streets. When I was coming up in mid ’80s the streets was the only place you could find hip-hop. You would go to the parks and we would have the cardboards, people breakdancing and the guy with his boom box playing tapes of Cold Crush and Spoonie Gee and Kool Moe Dee and all that shit. I was into everything of the culture, man – from breaking to graffiti, I did it all. I just fell in love with the music, just watching the DJ and all the power he had. I started messing with all the DJ’s that lived in my building. I would go to their apartments and watch them DJ. From there I developed the whole dream to have turntables and mixers and collecting records.

Toney Rome – The Unkut Interview
Thursday April 23rd 2015,
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Toney Rome and Large Professor go way back, and share a lot more history than simply a production credit on the b-side of ‘Mad Scientist.’ Toney talks about growing up in Flushing, Queens, facing music industry hurdles and memories of having the hottest tape in school.

Robbie: How did you first get involved in hip-hop?

I grew-up in New York in the 70s and the 80s, when hip-hop was just getting started. I can remember before there were records, used to be chasing tapes, trying to find the hottest tapes and also trying to get to the Bronx to hear the music.

You were in Flushing at the time?

From Flushing, Queens. It was a really organic thing. I was hearing the music out here on the streets, then they started doing jams out here and eventually I started deejaying.

Where were you getting your records? From the city or locally?

It was the era where DJ’s was really secretive about the breaks that they had. Some of the stuff you would know, but you would have to be a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to figure out what breaks. First you raided your father’s record collection, and you found the old funk and soul records from there. Of course I didn’t have a lotta money back then, so I used to go to stores in Jamaica, Queens and places that I knew out there that had record shops.

Big Twins – Live Life


Big Twins is re-united with Alan The Chemist. Praise the lawd.

Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild feat. Action Bronson – 100 MPH
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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Straight Queens flourishments.

Video: Kool G Rap – All Elements Radio Interview
Monday March 09th 2015,
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DJ J-Ronin talks to G Rap about his legacy, his old school influences, meeting Big Pun, his friendship with Grand Daddy I.U. and more. Plus KGR mentions that his next LP is titled Hustler’s Bible.

Killa Sha’s The Shepard LP Gets A New Release Date
Friday February 13th 2015,
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Killa Sha - The Shepard

After a number of delays, the latest release date for Sha Lumi‘s posthumous second album is 1 April 2015. Considering that I’ve heard the entire thing at this point I can attest that it does actually exist and that it’s dope. Fingers crossed we can get an official copy in April.

01. Intro
02. ‘Full Command’ feat. G.O.D 3, Foul Monday, Ruc and Tragedy Khadafi [Produced By Shroom]
03. ‘Black N Understanding’ [Produced By DJ Rated R]
05. ‘Give It Up’ [Produced By Carnage]
06. ‘Pressure Up’ Feat. Tragedy Khadafi [Produced By Nick Speed]
07. Interlude
08. ‘Stop Hating’ [Produced By Shroom]
09. ‘Tell Me’ [Produced By Carnage]
10. ‘1712’ [Produced By Jewelz Polar]
11. ‘Work It Out’ [Produced By ThoroTracks]
12. ‘Keep The Faith’ [Produced By DJ Steady]
13. ‘Cash’ Remix [Produced By Audible Doctor]
14. ‘Pressure Up’ Remix [Produced By: DJ Phantom]

Meyhem Lauren – Fly Counterparts
Thursday February 12th 2015,
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Meyhem Lauren and Icerocks have teamed up for a new EP, More Cashmere, which you can grab on vinyl over at Chopped Herring. You can preview the rest of this extended play here.

Agallah Don Bishop feat. Hus Kingpin and Rozewood – Pyrex Thrones
Wednesday January 28th 2015,
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From Agallah‘s forthcoming Don Status mixtape.

Bonus: Hus Kingpin Ft. Rozewood – ‘I Gave You One’

Video: Chairman Mao Interviews Marley Marl [RBMA Tokyo 2014 Lecture]
Monday January 05th 2015,
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This slipped past me last year. No explanation required as to why this is required watching/listening.

Video: Psycho Les – Show Me Thoze!
Monday December 29th 2014,
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Psycho Les carries on Beatnuts tradition with this dedication to racks.

CJ Moore [Black By Demand] – The Unkut Interview, Part Three
Wednesday December 24th 2014,
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Black By Demand -– Can't Get Enough-All Rappers Give Up

Concluding the three part interview with Black By Demand front man CJ Moore, he covers working with Paul C, Ultramagnetic MC’s and Super Lover Cee, the importance of engineering and chopping, getting ripped off on the ‘Rump Shaker’ single and his deep crates of unreleased material.

Robbie: What was your involvement with Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rudd?

Super Lover Cee lived in the building behind mine. He has a group called Future Four MC’s, which was Super Lover Cee, myself, DJ Rudd and there was another DJ named Tiny Tim. We did shows around the neighbourhoods and then we disbanded. I was the guy doing the beats and the choruses and putting the track together. When I did ‘All Rapper’s Give Up,’ I had not gotten a deal just yet. He was hanging out of his window, cos he lived on the first floor, he was playing some stuff and he said, ‘Yo C, listen to this!’ I’m standing by his window and I said, ‘Let’s put it together.’ He wound up putting it together and I wound up tightening it up. When I brought him to the studio to do the session and introduced him to Paul and Mick, Paul C. didn’t want to do the session. He couldn’t hear it, he didn’t see anything pleasurable about it. He wound up doing it. As far as the entirety of the project, when he did their album Girls I Got ‘Em Locked, I did not do any of those records. But a lotta those routines we had in the Future Four? He wound up using them.

Stream: Tragedy Khadafi – Pre Magnum Opus LP
Wednesday December 17th 2014,
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Spotify has the new Tragedy album available for your streaming pleasure, serving as a prelude to the Magnum Opus LP next year. You can get it through iTunes here if that’s more your bag.

Tragedy Khadafi – Running
Tuesday November 25th 2014,
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New Tragedy Khadafi, from the Pre-Magnum Opus LP, due December 16th.

Download: A Salute To The Mighty V.I.C
Thursday November 13th 2014,
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The Mighty V.I.C.
Photo: Alexander Richter

The Mighty V.I.C. has been a part of some great production teams over the years, as part of The Beatnuts, Groove Merchantz with Godfather Don and Ghetto Pros with Mike Heron, in addition to his own solo work as a producer and engineer. I recently uncovered an extensive interview I did with him which was left over from the short profile that ran in Hip-Hop Connection in December 2008. I’ll be dropping that in the next week or so, but in the meantime it inspired me to revisit some of his best moments behind the boards so far.

Download: A Salute To The Mighty V.I.C

Track list:

DJ JS-1 feat. AG, Sadat X & Neek the Exotic – Sample Abusers


Here’s the premiere of the new DJ JS-1 track which makes clever use of a Larry David quote to form the hook. Why has it taken this long to incorporate the genius of Curb into rap songs? Talk about a sure-fire way to gain instant Conservative Rap Coalition approval! Taken from JS-1’s latest LP, It Is What It Isn’t, which is now available from UGHH.

Tragedy Khadafi – Free Thinkers 2
Thursday October 23rd 2014,
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New Trag track, taken from off Pre-Magnum Opus dropping Nov 24th. Produced by Audible Doctor.

Download: The Dr. Butcher Production Collection

dr butcher ll cool j

Dr. Butcher, who you may remember as the guy who did all the scratching on Kool G Rap‘s second album (as well as rapping at the end of ‘Jive Talk’), has also contributed a number of wonderfully brooding soundtracks for MF Grimm, Akinyele and G Rap to unleash speech over. Here are fifteen of my favorites.

Download: The Dr. Butcher Production Collection

Track list: