Killa Sha – My Environment
Thursday May 01st 2014,
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This is the second release from The Shepard LP, produced by Ju Ju of The Beatnuts. Grab it over at iTunes if you want that official tissue.

Ruc Da Jackel aka Mr. QB – The Unkut Interview
Thursday April 10th 2014,
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Following the Foul Monday interview, fellow Killa Kidz member Ruc Da Jackel reached out to tell his story. Having been in the game since the age of twelve, Mr. QB has worked with Killa Sha, Nas and Ron Artest, and is currently preparing his debut solo album, I Am Queensbridge and just launched his I Am QB clothing line.

Robbie: What got you started in the rap game?

Ruc Da Jackel: It was just the element of Queensbridge. It’s always been around us, rap music has always been a part of our community. Having all them influences of hip-hop around me had me making raps up, banging on the lunchroom table. From there, just kept going.

Killa Sha – Cash [Audible Doctor Remix]
Tuesday April 01st 2014,
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Here’s the first drop from The Shepard LP, the Audible Doctor remix of “Cash.” From what I’ve heard of the other songs this album is could be even better than GOD Walk On Water.

In Memory of Killa Sha, Four Years On
Monday March 31st 2014,
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Today would have been Sha Lumi The Great‘s birthday, if he hadn’t been taken from the physical in January 2010. I’ll be premiering the first release from his second album, The Shepard, later today, but in the meantime let’s take a minute to reminisce about his time on this small planet…

Killa Sha – The Unkut Interview

Remembering Killa Sha, Part 1

Remembering Killa Sha, Part 2

DJ Phantom Discusses Killa Sha’s Career

Ten Classic Killa Sha Solo Shots

Video: Tragedy – The Story of Queensbridge [Full Movie]

For anybody that didn’t cop this when it dropped, this is mandatory viewing for any QB Rap fiends. Featuring Killa Sha, MC Tee, Blaq Poet, Capone, Havoc, Marley Marl and more.

Release Date Announced For The Shepard
Wednesday September 08th 2010,
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According to DJ Phantom, The Shepard (the second solo LP from the late, great Killa Sha) will be released January 18, 2011 to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

Killa Sha – Never Gone Stop

The late, great Sha Lumi over an Xtra-P production, taken the forthcoming Killa Sha & Large Professor project. Also be on the look-out for Killa Sha’s The Shepard to drop in January 2011 to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

Killa Sha- ‘Never Gone Stop’

Killa Sha – Acknowdge The Vet Mixtape
Friday May 07th 2010,
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J-Love‘s tribute to Sha Lumi is now available on iTunes. Track listing after the jump.

Download: DJ Modesty – Killa Sha ‘Rest In Peace’ Mixtape
Wednesday February 17th 2010,
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DJ Modesty from France just put together this comprehensive tribute mix for Sha Lumi.

DJ Modesty presents :

Killa Sha “Rest In Peace”

A Tribute to the One & Only Killa Sha (Shalumi, Prince Ad, Killa Kids…) A Special Real Hip Hop Show with 2 Hours of his music. This Mixtape is Dedicated to his memory, for his family, Friends & fans. REST IN PEACE my Kings From Queens homie.

The tracklist is available (Front, inside & Back Cover)
+ an Exclusive Interview of Killa Sha by Modesty (2007-2008) & All the 38 Joints separated + the Full Mix:

DJ Modesty – Killa Sha ‘Rest In Peace’ Mixtape

Ty Nitty – R.I.P. Killa Sha
Friday February 12th 2010,
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Another dedication to Sha Lumi, courtesy of IM3‘s Ty Nitty. Produced by Shroom.

Ty Nitty – ‘R.I.P. Killa Sha’

Remembering Killa Sha, Part 2

Photo: Alexander Richter

Finishing up the tributes to Sha Lumi, here are some memories of the man and his music from his good friends J-Love, DJ Phantom, Thorotracks and DJ Peter Parker.

UPDATE: Added a quote from Ayatollah.

J-Love: It was maybe 2000 or so when I was doin’ the old Stretch & Bobitto Show – me and Lord Sear took over when Bob and Stretch left. Sear and Killa Sha were always real close, so he started coming to the show and we just clicked and we built from there. It was funny too, ‘cos you know I’m the kind of cat I snap on a lotta niggas – I don’t really give a fuck. So he went at me first – we was on the air, he called me, ‘Jason Giambi’ or some funny shit. I was like, ‘Yeah? Nigga, you look like a rapping Webster!’ We just always had that chemistry, that bond. We could just joke around, have fun – lock you in and make some banging music. He was a worker like me – he was the type like, ‘Yo, son, let’s bang this out’. Sha was like money. Writin’ a verse on the spot, goin’ in, knock it out in one or two takes. He definitely had his craft mastered. I feel like Sha was one of the nicest cats outta Queensbridge that just got overlooked, because he wasn’t ‘industry popular’ or whatever. That nigga was motherfuckin’ perfectionist, too. He would be in the booth ‘till he gets it right. I might have a hundred songs with Killa Sha that people never even heard yet.

Smiley The Ghetto Child – Close Ya Eyes (R.I.P. Killa Sha)
Wednesday January 27th 2010,
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Smiley just recorded this heart-felt tribute to Sha Lumi. Props to Ammo GIT.

Smiley The Ghetto Child – ‘Close Ya Eyes’ (R.I.P. Killa Sha)

DJ Phantom Discusses Killa Sha’s Career

Late last week I was contacted by DJ Phantom – who it turns out was Sha Lumi’s right-hand man in the music game – and I was fortunate enough to have him share some stories about Sha. For those of you not familiar with Phantom’s resume, he’s been involved in the mixtape game heavily for years, and was responsible for bringing the world the debut mixtapes from artists such as Consequence (Take ‘Em To The Cleansers), Saigon (Warning Shots), Trife Da God and Streetlife to name a few. Here’s here’s the Killa Sha story according to Phantom:

DJ Phantom: Killa Sha was more than my friend – that was like my brother. I met Sha in ’99 through Trag, ‘cos that’s when I started working with Trag. Trag told me to come to Power Play Studios and I said, ‘Yo, I wanna meet Killa Sha’. He’s said, ‘Why you wanna meet Sha for?’ I said, ‘Cos the nigga’s the nastiest outta your whole group!’ I’m imaging Killa Sha to be some 6’2”, tall-ass dude from Queensbridge…I get to the studio, he calls me and goes, ‘Yo, Sha’s here, yo, so let’s get up’. So I go to the control room, open the door and I say, ‘Yo, where’s Sha at?’ He says, ‘Sha’s in the lounge.’ So I’m in the lounge room, chilling out, and I see mad people in there. So I go back into the control room like, ‘Yo, I don’t know who Sha is, man’. So Trag brings me back in the lounge room and says, ‘Yo, Sha! Come over here!’ So I see this 5’5” dude come next to me, and I look at Trag and I say, ‘You aren’t Killa Sha, son!’ He’s like, ‘Son! I’m Killa Sha, son! I’m Killa Sha!’ I’m like, ‘Word? Son, you my nigga!’ He started laughing, then Trag is like, ‘I’ll be in the control room, see you guys later’. From there, me and him became friends.

Remembering Killa Sha, Part 1

Photo: Alexander Richter

In case you’re not familiar with Killa Sha‘s legacy for some reason, here’s a quick run-down of his history in the rap game:

Prince A.D. was a true student of the rap game. When he was eleven, he was down with The Super Kids – a group of young upstarts put together by Marley Marl which featured Tragedy and Craig G. He wasn’t rapping at this stage, just hanging out with his boys. Years later he applied his quickly developing skills as a DJ to help out his friend from school Havoc and his rhyme partner Prodigy, who had just started a group called the Poetical Prophets. After winning ‘Unsigned Hype’ in The Source magazine and landing a deal with 4th & Broadway, they changed their name to Mobb Deep and recorded Juvenile Hell. DJ Prince A.D. performed the scratches on the album and spun for them at live shows.

Download: The Killa Sha Hour Podcast
Wednesday January 20th 2010,
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Sha Lumi did a lot of radio work over the years, as he was both a talented DJ and a real character. He worked with DJ Stretch Armstrong on The Xtra Large Radio Show from 1998-2001, and also co-hosted Rhyme Time with DJ Peter Parker, who had this say in memory of his friend:

I was fortunate to work closely with Sha for many years. He was the epitome of hip hop. On the mic he was a beast and he more than held his weight on the turntables. On a personal note, Sha was one of the funniest cats I ever had the pleasure to be around. His wit and magnetic personality are clearly demonstrated in the 46 episodes of Rhyme Tyme we co-hosted together.

He’s also pulled a dope old episode of the show from his vaults called ‘The Killa Sha Hour‘:


Ten Classic Killa Sha Solo Shots
Tuesday January 19th 2010,
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Photo: Alexander Richter

I’ve decided to dedicate the rest of this week to the god Sha Lumi, since he was criminally under-appreciated while was here. To set things off as we celebrate how he put it down, here are ten of my favorite Killa Sha solo moments…


Hyper back-ups + knowledge dropped + god-body status + ill beat + fat girl reference = The perfect Sha song.