Video: Durag Dynasty feat. Prodigy – Fish Meat

Still can’t remember who the other two dudes in the crew are, but what can you do?

MC Eiht – Smoke Sumthin


Some weed head music from MC Eiht and Marco Polo, from The Green EP: Sour Stacks & Hustling Jacks, available here.

Download: LA Rap – The Good Old Days
Tuesday March 26th 2013,
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There was a time when I was rocking as much, if not more, LA Rap than I was stuff from New York. This was a time when rapping about shotguns over old Zapp loops was all that was required to impress. So in the spirit of rap blogging from 2006, here’s an hour of great Californian rap music to drive by.

Download: LA Rap – The Good Old Days

Track listing:

Video: Durag Dynasty – 360 Waves

The Drum-Free Rap Attack continues! Album of the same name is out now on Nature Sounds, produced by the Alchemist.

Keyboard Money Mike Recalls Touring LA With Tim Dog
Wednesday February 20th 2013,
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tim dog cypress hill

Just dug-up this section from my 2011 interview with Keyboard Money Mike about the late, great Tim Dog:

Keyboard Money Mike: You know Tim Dog? I used to DJ on tour with Tim Dog for a good two years.

Robbie: From the “Fuck Compton” period?

Oh my god…we went to LA to perform that song! We went to Compton to perform the song “Fuck Compton” and the police had to escort us out, ‘cos the Crips and the Bloods were not gonna let us leave alive!

Who’s idea was that? Seems kinda dangerous…

I would say the record company. It was Tim Dog and Cypress Hill on a tour bus, we toured all over the United States. Of course Cypress Hill lived in LA so they were gonna do a song in LA. We couldn’t get on stage at all! But then we had a college show to do the next day, and Ice-T came to the rescue. They were telling us at the university, ‘You guys won’t be able to perform here or leave the campus because all y’all niggas are gonna be dead’. Ice-T came to the rescue, because Tim Dog and us was all part of the Zulu Nation, so Ice-T was Zulu Nation so he came through and made peace between Tim Dog and the Crips and the Bloods. So we still got to perform at the university, but we didn’t perform the song “Fuck Compton” – which everyone wanted to hear! I don’t know what part of LA we was in, but they hated Compton!

Video: The Truth With Elliott Wilson – Kendrick Lamar
Wednesday October 24th 2012,
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It’s fair to say that LA rappers aren’t really on my Rap Radar (*zing!*). Elliott sheds some light on the most hyped rapper out right now.

Video: Arch Druids feat. Roc Marciano – Poltergeist
Thursday October 11th 2012,
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Roc Marciano self-directs the visuals for this cut from the Arch Druids forthcoming Scorched Earth Policy project. I can’t see the forest for the trees…

Video: Rare Ice Cube Interview (1991)
Thursday August 23rd 2012,
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Big Fun In The Big Town director Bram Van Splunteren shared his VHS collection with the Acclaim crew recently, one of which featured this Q&A he conducted with O’Shea in his Jherri curled prime while on tour in Rotterdam.

Planet Asia & Doo Wop – Leather Goose Musik

From the new tape that the God’s connected on.

Planet Asia & Doo Wop – ‘Leather Goose Musik’

Random Axe – Understand This
Tuesday June 07th 2011,
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Jokes on you, Jack! You thought I’d automatically post the Roc Marc feature, huh? Cop the album June 14 if you’re so inclined.

Random Axe – ‘Understand This’

Arch Druids feat. Roc Marciano & Planet Asia – Scorched Earth Policy

New Arch Druids with Marc. Nothing odd about this future…

Arch Druids feat. Roc Marciano & Planet Asia – ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ [Removed By Request]

Fish ‘N Grits – The Greatest Rap Magazine Ever?
Monday January 24th 2011,
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The mystery man himself…

The idea of seeing you’re favorite rapper posing next to a naked pr0n model seemed like a good idea at the time, but it seems that the mighty Fish ‘N Grits magazine founded by DJ/producer/rapper Joe Fatal ran out of steam after around six issues. Thanks to the archives of Dallas Penn, I’m able to bring you some of the less explicit photos from an issue of this pioneering smut book. Check below for some not exactly safe for work pictorial goodness….

DJ Muggs & Ill Bill – The Unkut Mini Interview
Friday September 17th 2010,
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Press days are one of the worst things about the interview game. Speaking to some dudes about their new album after they’ve spent the whole day answering the same corny questions is rarely a recipe for quality Q&A material. That being said, here are the better parts of my session with DJ Muggs and Ill Bill to promote the Kill Devil Hills LP, which is available now through Fat Beats Distribution.

Robbie: What can you tell me about your days in 7A3?

DJ Muggs: Everything was brand new, man. I was a wide-eyed kid, just looking at it. That was kinda my education into the music business, like 101. I learned what touring was – we went on our first tour with MC Hammer, E.U., Salt ‘N Pepa, Kid ‘N Play, Tony! Toni! Toné!, Kwame – I learned how to make an album, I learned how videos were made, I learned what publishing was. My publishing got took, all my ideas for the record – somebody else produced them – but it was my education, so everything I learned from that? I took to Cypress [Hill], and I had all the blanks filled-in. So when I sat down and played it for somebody, I had all the answers! There wasn’t one thing un-thought out, to leave to some 55 year-old A&R guy to fill-in the blanks for me. They did that with 7A3 – it was basically some A&R guy just doing everything, ‘cos we was just kids and didn’t know what the fuck to do.

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill feat. Sean Price, O.C. & Sick Jaken – Trouble Shooters

A little something from Kill Devil Hills, the latest in DJ Muggs series of projects which find him putting the classic one MC, one producer theory to the test. You can cop it on the 30th of August through Fat Beats.

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill feat. Sean Price, O.C. & Sick Jaken – ‘Trouble Shooters’

Video: Ras Kass featuring Mel Gibson – Pussy From Behind

Who said that celebrity phone call recordings, auto-tune and shitty beats don’t ever make for a good combination?

Why Do Rappers From LA Never Retire?
Tuesday January 05th 2010,
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The current whereabouts of LA rappers who made some noise in the late 80’s and early 90’s most likely isn’t something that you spend a lot of time thinking about during your daily operations, right? If it is, chances are you’re a blogger. The thing is, during a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences the other week, I discovered that pretty much every 90’s rapper from the West Coast has released new music in the last year or so. I’d assumed that most of these guys had given-up on the music game by the turn-of-the-century and opened up barbershops or gotten their real estate license, but it turns out that I couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s take a quick look at some of these old warhorses still churning out CD’s not named Snoop, Ice-T or Ice Cube

MC Ren

The often-forgotten secret weapon in NWA‘s arsenal, the Villain In Black managed to release some quality solo work after the group crumbled, pretty much up the the point where he joined the Nation. His latest CD was released in 2009.

REVOK Gets Nabbed In Australia Thanks To Twitter
Friday November 06th 2009,
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Next time he might want to wait until he’s actually on the plane until he starts to Twitter about it…

Thanks to Big Hock for the putting me up on this.

Dr. Dre feat. Snopp Dogg Dogg – Poor Young Dave (‘Chronic’ Outtake)
Monday August 31st 2009,
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Vintage Snoop and Dre from The Chronic sessions, as featured on The Chronic [Re-Lit & From The Vault]. Old Dre beats >>>>>

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg – Poor Young Dave

Video: Blaq Poet feat. MC Eiht and Young Marlay – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Remix)

I fucks with a lotta old LA shit, so it’s good to see that dudes like Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock bringing back that pre-G Funk era. And MC Eiht over a Premier beat again? Approved!

Also, here’s the latest from Nut-Rageous aka Nutso, produced by Reef.

Nut-Rageous feat. Jay Rock – ‘NYC To LA: Respect The Flow’

Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn – Let Go (My Life)

Combine a thumbs-up from Lil’ Fame with a co-sign from TheKidLEGEND and I was actually considering giving this character some air time…next thing you know, he steals the show on the new Soul Assassins album – Interlude.

Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn – ‘Let Go (My Life)’ [clean]