Why Do Rappers From LA Never Retire?
Tuesday January 05th 2010,
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The current whereabouts of LA rappers who made some noise in the late 80′s and early 90′s most likely isn’t something that you spend a lot of time thinking about during your daily operations, right? If it is, chances are you’re a blogger. The thing is, during a series of seemingly unrelated coincidences the other week, I discovered that pretty much every 90′s rapper from the West Coast has released new music in the last year or so. I’d assumed that most of these guys had given-up on the music game by the turn-of-the-century and opened up barbershops or gotten their real estate license, but it turns out that I couldn’t be more wrong. Let’s take a quick look at some of these old warhorses still churning out CD’s not named Snoop, Ice-T or Ice Cube

MC Ren

The often-forgotten secret weapon in NWA‘s arsenal, the Villain In Black managed to release some quality solo work after the group crumbled, pretty much up the the point where he joined the Nation. His latest CD was released in 2009.

REVOK Gets Nabbed In Australia Thanks To Twitter
Friday November 06th 2009,
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Next time he might want to wait until he’s actually on the plane until he starts to Twitter about it…

Thanks to Big Hock for the putting me up on this.

Dr. Dre feat. Snopp Dogg Dogg – Poor Young Dave (‘Chronic’ Outtake)
Monday August 31st 2009,
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Vintage Snoop and Dre from The Chronic sessions, as featured on The Chronic [Re-Lit & From The Vault]. Old Dre beats >>>>>

Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg - Poor Young Dave

Video: Blaq Poet feat. MC Eiht and Young Marlay – Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed (Remix)

I fucks with a lotta old LA shit, so it’s good to see that dudes like Nipsey Hussle and Jay Rock bringing back that pre-G Funk era. And MC Eiht over a Premier beat again? Approved!

Also, here’s the latest from Nut-Rageous aka Nutso, produced by Reef.

Nut-Rageous feat. Jay Rock – ‘NYC To LA: Respect The Flow’

Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn – Let Go (My Life)

Combine a thumbs-up from Lil’ Fame with a co-sign from TheKidLEGEND and I was actually considering giving this character some air time…next thing you know, he steals the show on the new Soul Assassins album – Interlude.

Soul Assassins feat. Fashawn - ‘Let Go (My Life)’ [clean]