Video: Large Pro – New Train Ole Route
Monday October 05th 2015,
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Latest video from the Re:Living LP.

Stream: Abstract Radio #10 feat. Pete Rock and Large Professor

Shouts to ego trip for this classic cover which I’ve destroyed with my Extra Abstract Photoshop skills.

Here’s last Friday’s episode of Abstract Radio, where Large and Pete join Tip in the studio to rap, play classic funk records and call up D’Angelo and Andre 3000. Grab it before it gets C&D’d.

Capone-N-Noreaga – Pizza
Tuesday July 14th 2015,
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Stand-out from the new Capone-N-Noreaga album, Lessons, courtesy of a Large Professor track.

Large Pro – Re: Living Album Review


The fifth solo album from The Live Guy With Glasses finds L.P. in a reflective mood, as he revisits cherished musical memories from his childhood (‘Dreams Don’t Die’), salutes the achievements of Nas (‘In The Scrolls’) and demands respect for his generation of rapper dudes (‘New Train Ole Route’). It’s a short album that doesn’t outstay its welcome, managing to feel like his most focused and cohesive project since The LP. Where as Main Source and Professor @ Large both offered some stand-out tracks, they felt more like collections of songs rather than the fully-realized long-player that Breaking Atoms was in terms of pacing and covering a wide range of topics.

Large Professor feat. Celowe, Neek the Exotic and B-1 – Wild Styles [demo]
Monday May 11th 2015,
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Here’s a demo track from around 2001, possibly intended for a B-1 single on Rawkus, courtesy of Funkologist’s YT page. You might remember Celowe as the [uncredited] fourth MC on Mic Geronimo‘s ‘Men Vs. Many’ and for his verse on Large Professor‘s ‘Spacey.’

Satchel Page feat. Neek The Exotic, Mikey D, Sadat X and Large Pro – Sweet 16s


All-star posse cut from Satchel Page’s Disco Sucks tape, which feature him rapping over classic tunes and is available for free here.

Toney Rome – The Unkut Interview
Thursday April 23rd 2015,
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Toney Rome and Large Professor go way back, and share a lot more history than simply a production credit on the b-side of ‘Mad Scientist.’ Toney talks about growing up in Flushing, Queens, facing music industry hurdles and memories of having the hottest tape in school.

Robbie: How did you first get involved in hip-hop?

I grew-up in New York in the 70s and the 80s, when hip-hop was just getting started. I can remember before there were records, used to be chasing tapes, trying to find the hottest tapes and also trying to get to the Bronx to hear the music.

You were in Flushing at the time?

From Flushing, Queens. It was a really organic thing. I was hearing the music out here on the streets, then they started doing jams out here and eventually I started deejaying.

Where were you getting your records? From the city or locally?

It was the era where DJ’s was really secretive about the breaks that they had. Some of the stuff you would know, but you would have to be a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to figure out what breaks. First you raided your father’s record collection, and you found the old funk and soul records from there. Of course I didn’t have a lotta money back then, so I used to go to stores in Jamaica, Queens and places that I knew out there that had record shops.

Large Pro – Opulance
Friday April 17th 2015,
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New track from the latest Large Pro solo album, Re: Living, which is out 9 June. Fat Beats are doing a bundle including the CD, tape, vinyl and sticker, which is limited to 100 packs and available here.

Track listing:

Large Professor Feat. G-Wiz – In The Scrolls

Paul Sea returns with this tribute to the legacy of Nas‘ first album, with a track from the next Large Professor project, RE: Living Legend.

Cormega feat. Craig G, Masta Ace and Kool G Rap – Industry [Juice Crew Remix]

industry remix

Large Professor‘s majestic track gets an injection of much-needed J.U. Ice as Craig G, Masta Ace and Kool G Rap give Cormega an assist for his musical update of Rule #4080.

Download: Main Source – The Science [Unkut Bootleg]
Thursday July 10th 2014,
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Following the well received Breaking Atoms album, which introduced the world to the talents of Large Professor, Sir Scratch and K-Kut, as well as early cameos from Akinyele and Nasty Nas, Main Source contributed the addictive “Fakin’ The Funk” to the White Men Can’t Jump soundtrack and declared “Main Source forever, yo!” on their feature with the Brand New Heavies.

The second album, The Science, had several completed tracks and demos in the can when it was previewed by The Source magazine, until Large Pro decided that working with a group that was managed by the other two member’s mom made as much sense as Shaquille O’Neil rapping and broke north. The McKenzie brothers would eventually recruit Queens street battle legend Mikey D to take over vocal duties, and even re-recorded “Hellavision” for the doomed Fuck What U Think album, leaving fans to forever speculate on what might have been if Paul Juice had stuck around.

Thanks to a handful of limited-edition 7″ pressings, Japanese re-issues, record label compilations and bootlegs, I’ve been able to assemble eight cuts that represent the sound of Main Source’s lost sophomore project.

Download: Main Source – The Science [Unkut Bootleg]

Scan of the original preview from The Source, July 1992.

Video: 45 King – Making The Beat with Large Professor Pt. 1
Tuesday July 08th 2014,
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Still waiting for the final edit of the 45 King Boiler Room session since I missed the live broadcast.

“You known for the horns, man!”
“We don’t wanna hear strings from the 45 King!”

Mikey D and Devastating Tito – Got’m Say’n Hey [Produced by Large Professor]

0 (1)

Mikey D and Devastating Tito [Fearless Four] have just teamed-up over a catchy Large Pro production for some of that good old back-and-forth rhyme routine action.

Mikey D and Tito also kicked some rhymes for 45 King‘s Making The Beat show the other week:

Illa Ghee – 90


World premier of the stand-out cut from BK trooper Illa Ghee‘s third LP, Social Graffiti, which is due 8 July. Driven by a breezy Large Professor head nodder, Ghee drops slang technology buttery enough to cover a jumbo bucket of popcorn, slyly informing us that, “Life’s a bitch – better yet a Kardashian.”

Timeless Truth – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday February 25th 2014,
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Timeless (1)

Superbad Solace and Oprime39 first made some noise with their Brugal & Presidentes EP in 2012, and followed-up with their debut album Rock-It Science the following year. With a new EP and album due soon, it seemed like the perfect time to build with these two brothers from Flushing, Queens to talk about music, their iconic neighborhood and the importance of dressing fresh.

Robbie: Did you both grow-up in Flushing, Queens?

Solace: We moved out here in in 1988 because my father was a building superintendent and he landed a gig right here. We were living in Corona before that and that was a dream job back in the day, so he took the whole family out here.

Oprime: He was a super out in Lefrak at the time and an opportunity popped up in Flushing. We’ve been out here ever since.

Solace: The ill shit with a superintendent job is you also get the rent-free apartment.

Video: Timeless Truth – Wavelength

Large Pro catches a Bowne HS flashback with his backpack on one hunned as he laces this new track for Solace and Oprime39 from their next LP, Cold Wave. Mixed by Dave Dar.

Marco Polo feat. Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C, Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Revolution – Astonishing


One of the highlights of the forthcoming Marco Polo album PA2: The Director’s Cut, as Large, Rebel INS, O.C. and Trag all go in. DJ Revolution steals the show, however, with what can only be described as scratching so great it should be illegal.

Video: Reap The Naturaw – The Wild Wild

Large Professor kills this beat for Queens native Reap The Naturaw. Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa.

Video: B-1 – Hands of Time
Tuesday July 30th 2013,
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Here’s that lost B-1/Large Professor track from 1997 that was intended for his Rawkus single debut, as promised in the Unkut Interview with B-1. Available on 45 and cassingle at Ill Adrenaline.

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – The Large Professor Episodes
Friday May 31st 2013,
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Now we come to the pay-off…the ultimate edition of the Combat Jack TV Show with the Live Guy With Glasses on deck! Parts 2 and 3 below..

Video: Large Professor and Yu Mamiya – Back and 4th Scrambler

Flushing and Japan connect for this new Live Guy With Glasses joint.

Why I Was Wrong About Illmatic


Like many of you, the first time I heard Nasty Nas was through his stirring performance on Main Source’s seminal “Live At The BBQ”, but it was initial exposure to “Halftime” on a local radio show that really got me amped. I was so impressed with the track that I eventually went on to describe it as “The Best Brag Rap Song of The 90’s”: “The lyrics are a ‘Good Combination’ of declarations of poetic superiority, explanations of his daily operations, product name checks, witty punchlines, casual blasphemy and a healthy dose of Eff The Police sentiment. What more could a rap fan ask for?”

Video: DJ Doom and Nutso feat. Large Professor, El Da Sensai and Tony Touch – It’s Just Begun
Friday April 05th 2013,
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Grab your cardboard for this dedication to the late, great Jimmy Castor.

Video: DJ Clark Kent, Large Professor and Pete Marriott Debate Sampling at the NMS, 1993
Wednesday March 20th 2013,
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Pete Marriott gets a spirited defense of sampling in hip-hop courtesy of DJ Clark Kent, while Large Professor chimes in as well in this vintage New Music Seminar footage from 1993.

Video: P.A.P.I. feat. Large Professor – Built Pyramids

Greater than great. This new Noreaga album is going to be official, based on this and that Funkmaster Flex session.