The Funk League feat. Large Professor – Through Good And Bad (Breaking North Mix)
Friday February 10th 2012,
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This French production duo just dropped their debut LP, Funky As Usual, with some nice guest spots. The highlight for me was this third version of the Large Pro feature which dropped a couple of years back in it’s original form and then with a remix on 7″ last year. A revisiting of ‘Looking At The Front Door’ with a a different perspective….

The Funk League feat. Large Professor - ‘Through Good And Bad (Breaking North Mix)’

Video: The Funk League feat. Sadat X – ‘On & On':

Large Professor – Key To The City (Mad Scientist Remix)

New vinyl drop from the Live Guy, now without glasses. Wax has the original, remix, instros and accapella. Uptempo Rap lives…

Large Professor - ‘Key To The City (Mad Scientist Remix)’

Video: Joe Fatal Sighting!
Tuesday September 06th 2011,
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I really should have timed my New York visit a little better…how could I miss a live performance of ‘Live At The BBQ’?!

Video: Neek The Exotic & Large Pro – Behind The Scenes of Guess Who
Thursday July 07th 2011,
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I got to see Neek’s album release show when I was in NY the other month, and it was basically like a Queens Rap All-Star event. I really should get around to doing a proper write-up on the night…

Video: Neek The Exotic & Large Professor – Still On The Hustle
Wednesday April 20th 2011,
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Still On The Hustle drops May 17th via Fat Beats Records/Distrolord Inc.

Consequence feat. Q-Tip, Large Pro & Havoc – Fake ID
Friday December 03rd 2010,
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This is one Cons is the GOAT Weed Carrier. This line-up is strictly Queens royalty…

Consequence feat. Q-Tip, Large Pro & Havoc – ‘Fake ID’

gENSu dEAn feat. Large Professor – Forever
Monday November 01st 2010,
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Texan producer gENSu dEAn drops this 7″ single with Large Pro from his new album. All beats composed on the SP-1200, if that sort of thing is important to you.

gENSu dEAn feat. Large Professor - ‘Forever’

Killa Sha – Never Gone Stop

The late, great Sha Lumi over an Xtra-P production, taken the forthcoming Killa Sha & Large Professor project. Also be on the look-out for Killa Sha’s The Shepard to drop in January 2011 to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

Killa Sha- ‘Never Gone Stop’

Video: Large Pro Talks Samplers
Friday August 27th 2010,
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Part 3 via The Drop NYC.

Video: Large Pro Discusses ‘Live At The BBQ’
Friday August 20th 2010,
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Second part of the video interview courtesy of The Drop NYC.

Video: Large Pro Talks About Selling His First Beat

Thanks to The Drop NYC for the tip.

Searching For The Perfect Remix: Large Professor

Trying to pick the best Paul Mitchell remix is like trying to pick your favorite type of booze – they all work in the real situation. But since I’m restricting each round to eight selections, stuff like the “Resurrection’ remixes just missed out on making the cut.

Six Songs About Queens Not Called ‘The Bridge’
Thursday February 25th 2010,
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Photo: Alexander Richter

The topic of the seemingly endless stream of remakes of ‘The Bridge’ has already been well covered here and here. But there are also a lot of songs about the borough of Queens. Here are six of the best:

Run-DMC feat. Nas & Prodigy - ‘Queens Day’

The Southpaw Chop feat. Large Professor – Never Stop Sampling EP Snippets
Monday February 15th 2010,
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Japanese DJ/Producer Southpaw Chop is preparing to drop his latest EP Never Stop Sampling on February 28, featuring ‘Here We Go’ featuring Large Pro. Check for a sample of what he serves-up below.

The Southpaw Chop feat. Large Professor - Never Stop Sampling EP Snippets

Southpaw Chop @ MySpace

The Story Behind Large Professor’s The LP

You might recall this from my interview with the artist once known as Paul Juice recently:

Robbie: Is ‘Queens Lounge’ from The LP ever going to see a proper release?

Large Professor: I’ll go back through the archives and try to dig that up and dust that off and get it right, man. I wanna finally put that stuff out there the right way – how it was supposed to originally be put out there. I might have to dust some of them tracks off, man, and get ‘em right. That album, The LP, was so muddy and dirty. The people [at Geffen] they wanted to pull outta the deal and everything, it was like, ‘Yo, I gotta go back to the drawing board and get something fresh and new to work with, so I’m not just sittin’ here with the 12-bit sampler – about to go to the grave with a SP-1200 and some floppy discs!’.

Turns out he was good to his word, with both CD and double vinyl versions of The LP shipping at the end of this month. This is good news for fans of Flushing’s Finest, for although this album isn’t Breaking Atoms 2, it doesn’t need to be. This is the musical document of a troubled man trying to make sense of the music industry, a solo career and growing-up, and as such presents a stripped-down, back-to-the-basics sound while still mining previously unheard samples. His DJ at the time, Dr. Butcher, explains in more detail last year:

Large Professor – Queens Lounge
Monday July 06th 2009,
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At last, a CDQ version of this Paul Sea classic.

Large Professor – ‘Queens Lounge’

Spotted at Steady Bloggin’.

Grand Puba feat. Large Pro – Same Old Drama

Short but nothin’ sweet about this old mouf convention. Sounds like Large Paul did the track too. Grand Puba’s Retroactive drops on the 23rd via Babygrande.

Grand Puba feat. Large Pro - Same Old Drama

Bonus: Puba on “Punks…”

DX: Do you remember your initial reaction when you first heard “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” and “Pass The Gat”?

Grand Puba: That’s the thing that kinda messed me up [after leaving the group to go solo], ‘cause I wish I was on “Punks,” I woulda murdered that shit. I was like, “Damn!” It’s like I know [Sadat] X wish he was on “360,” and Jamar wish he was on “Soul Controller.” I had that [moment after “Punks”] like, “Damn, man.” That shit, and the “Pass The Gat” shit. Those are my regrets, man. I wish I was on them joints right there

Read the rest here.

DJ JS-1 feat. Large Pro – Like This

Newest latest from Ground Original 2: No Sell Out, due June 23.n Features include KRS-One, Monch, Masta Ace, Sean Price, EDO G, Nutrageous, Blaq Poet, Prince Po and more.

DJ JS-1 feat. Large Pro - ‘Like This’

Mixtape: Paul C. Lives, Vol. 1
Sunday June 07th 2009,
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Grab this mix dedicated to Paul C. Mckasty (1964-1989) here.


Five Large Pro Productions You Might Have Missed

Large Paul’s lab.

Good to see that Large has stayed busy the last couple of years, contributing his unmistakable sound to a varied range of rap dudes…1

Reks - ‘Stages’

Earatik Statik - ‘No Problems’ [Xtra P Remix]

Krumb Snatcha – ‘Mind Power’

Styles P – ‘The Struggle’

Boot Camp Click - ‘Worldwide’

  1. 1. (c) Fizzy Womack.[back]

Large Pro – The Unkut Interview

largepropic (1)

The Live Guy With Glasses is one of hip-hop’s top shelf legends, and having worked on some of rap’s greatest ever albums – in addition to his own stand-out work as the front man for Main Source and as a soloist – he refuses to kick back and relax, continuing to bang out beats and rhymes like only he can. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation from late last year. And yes, I know I forgot to ask him about Vagina Diner

Robbie: Were you rhyming first or making beats?

Large Pro: It was all kinda simultaneous, but the first time I went in the studio was to rhyme. It was three dudes – it was my dude Tony Rome, it was me – I think I was called K.G. back then – and it was my dude J-Wrath…he was JY, and we would go in the studio and just rhyme and shit. As a matter of fact, Wrath is the manager for Lost Boys now, Cheeks and ‘em. I guess everybody kinda stuck with it, they just went down their own little paths and shit.

So you were just making demos back then?

Yeah, demos. Tony Arfi from Power Play took an interest in us and he decided to invest some studio time in us. We were just puttin’ some demos together, and Karmel was our DJ. He was real nice and just getting’ busy.

So what happened between then and meeting the McKenzie brothers?

After a while I started getting in trouble for writing on walls, writing on trains and everything. They had put me in a group home and everything, and then when I came back out got really serious about tryin’ to do my tapes and do my demos, ‘cos in the group home dudes would be rhyming, bangin’ on the damn dressers and allathat. So I got outta there, came back and I had a little Division for Youth job, a little summer youth job and shit, and I’d blow my whole check goin’ in the studio and shit, tryin’ to make a demo. Then after a while I met the McKenzie brothers, and their moms started investing in us and we took it from there.

Sha Lumi On Freestyle 101
Tuesday January 27th 2009,
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“Fat girls – we got the donuts!”

Large Pro – Main Source Album Review
Thursday August 14th 2008,
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Thought I’d try the track by track style on this one….

‘The Entrance’

Straight out the gate, LP starts things off with a bang as he hits the track with an energetic flow over a swift, noisy track.

‘Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing’

This sounds like one of the songs that got cut off of First Class – that ‘modern’ style beat with a flow that sounds 99% like ‘Blaze Rhymes’. May also be the most awkwardly titled song since ‘Go Gadget Flow’. Next!

‘Maica Living’ Feat. Killa Sha And Guardian Leep

This is more like it – classic Xtra P material, with Killa Sha delivering as always with his Paypal reference.

‘Pump Ya Fist’ Feat. Mikey D & Lotto

Teaming-up with Mikey is a nice touch considering the whole Fuck What You Think situation. Good shit.

‘Party Time’

The second worst name for a Large Paul song after ‘Have Fun’. Sorta a ‘Just Hangin’ Out 2008′ vibe, only not as good.

Dr.Butcher – The Unkut Interview Pt. 3

dr butcher

For the final part of our interview, Dr. Butcher offers a behind-the-scenes look in the creation of the first Main Source album and Large Pro’s The LP. Now based in Texas, Butcher just released new music with an artist called Understanding on the vocals, and is working on an album of instrumentals for the Vintage Vaults series for Domination Recordings. He also works with Rob Swift on jingles, TV commercials and video games such as NFL Street.

Robbie: So you just did a new 12 inch?

Dr. Butcher: They just did a digital release while I’m putting together my instrumental album. I don’t want to do just a straight-forward, ‘One beat, two beat, three beats’ – just instrumentals, and I think every producer does that and that’s boring. I’mma try to do something a little different and piece it all together. It’s vintage old tracks, and I want to find a way to introduce that to the world where it’s not sounding like I’m some 90’s producer living off the nineties sound. I’mma mix it in with 2008 Dr. Butcher, kinda like telling a story using old tracks and stuff. It should be interesting.

Is that you rapping at the end of [G Rap’s] ‘Jive Talk’?

[bursts out laughing] Yep. That was us clowning around in the studio one day. We were sitting in the vocal room – Large had just put the beat down, G started rhyming and Large was sitting on a chair with a pair of drumsticks, and then he started tapping the drumsticks and we were just acting stupid, acting like old school rappers, making all these grunts in the background. We were just joking around and I was like, ‘Alright, let me just say some old rhymes and stuff’ and then I just started rhyming. And they kept it on the song! I rhymed a lot longer, but they kept the first maybe eight bars or something and faded the song out. It was the funniest thing ‘cos Stretch Armstrong would hold these contests, ‘Can anyone guess who that is? The ghost rapper at the end of the G Rap song?’ G told me that one day Biz Mark said, ‘Who’s that dude on the end of the song? I wanna sign that guy!’ Everybody was asking G who I was…even Eric B! But at the time I was more into the deejaying and then the producing, so it never went anywhere.

Presto feat. Sadat X, OC and Large Pro – Conquer Mentally (Large Pro Remix)
Monday April 21st 2008,
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This arrived in the snail-mail box today. Lot of good stuff but I couldn’t go past this line-up. Both versions win in their own way. From the album State of the Art, which also features spots from Blu and CL Smooth.

Presto feat. Sadat X, OC and Large Pro - “Conquer Mentally (Large Pro Remix)”

Presto feat. Sadat X, OC and Large Pro - “Conquer Mentally (Original Mix)”

“Conquer Mentally” video: