Why Rap Doesn’t Age Well

“These kids don’t appreciate music from last week, let alone ten years ago!”

This is something that a lot of people – artists in particular – like to complain about. It’s a valid point though. Any mention of ‘older rappers’ in the media draws the inevitable comparisons with the Rolling Stones, who continue to tour despite that the fact that they’re all over 100 years old (not to mention the fact that Keith Richards has been dead for the last 25 years). Classic rock albums from Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles continue to be discovered and enjoyed by each new generation of music fans – or at least those who take the time to study their shit – while many staples of great hip-hop long-players are relegated to the occasional blog post on knowyaraphistory.blogspot.com (note: may not be a real URL).

The Rap Names That Jay Electronica Rejected
Sunday January 17th 2010,
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It’s amazing what you can find when you hack someone’s Gmail account. This just arrived in my inbox thanks to an anonymous tipster – the rap handles that didn’t make the final cut for the worst-named n00b-School rapper ever (who, ironically, is one of the better trendy new rappers out there):

1. Joe Garage
2. Jimmy Techno
3. Jeff Reggaeton
4. Jerry Crunk
5. Jack House
6. James Trip-Hop
7. Jason Folktronica
8. Jeremy Jungle
9. Graham Grime
10. Alex Acid-Jazz
11. Derek Dubstep
12. Ian Industrial
13. Harry Hip-House
14. Henry Hi-NRG
15. Harold Happy-Hardcore
16. Eric Eurobeat
17. Terrance 2-Step
18. Gary Ghettotech
19. Steven Speedcore
20. Eddie Electroclash

Is ‘Exhibit C’ the ‘Time’s Up’ of 2009?
Monday December 28th 2009,
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If you fux wit Blog Rap, then there’s a good chance you’re typing out shit like “Jay Elec. ‘Exhibit C’ >>>>>> ” in every comment section and Twitter feed you can access. Admittedly, he seems to be the best of the current crop of Leaders Of The N00b School rappers, but the fact that he may have the worst handle in rap and seems to be display some emo tendencies is preventing me from wholeheartedly co-signing his movement at this stage.