Video: The Food Warriors – 207th Street
Thursday January 30th 2014,
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Dallas and Rafi investigate the best place to catch a feed near the 207th Street (Inwood) A train station New York City.

Video: The Tuff City Records Story, Episode Four
Tuesday December 17th 2013,
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The final part of my interview with Aaron Fuchs at the new Tuff City offices, which covers competing against Def Jam, his work with Funkmaster Wizard Wiz and the infamous “Crack It Up”, Freddy B and The Mighty Mic Masters and The Maximus Three, amongst others. Also features a random Bob Marley anecdote for good measure.

Video: The Tuff City Records Story, Episode Two
Tuesday November 26th 2013,
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Aaron Fuchs continues discussing key moments in Tuff City history, including working with Teddy Riley, Spoonie Gee, Marley Marl, DJ Hot Day and the Cold Crush Brothers.

Video: The Tuff City Records Story, Episode One
Thursday November 21st 2013,
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Tuff City Records founder Aaron Fuchs discusses starting the label in the early 80’s, his history as a music critic and the story behind some of the first records he released in the first part of this in-depth interview.

The Marco Polo Newport Challenge, Part 2

Continuing our highly scientific research, Marco Polo rates two more brands against his beloved Newport and the ultimate smoke champion is announced. Also features cameo’s from Jean Grae, richdirection and various gals who were hanging out at ‘The Rub’.

Grand Daddy I.U. – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 2

I.U. is joined by his brother DJ Kay Cee as he discusses the making of Smooth Assassin, why he changed his style up for Lead Pipe, record label problems and why shit went bad with Treach from Naughty By Nature.

Video: The Marco Polo Newport Challenge, Part 1

In an attempt to prove that not all cigarettes are created equal, I challenged Canadian-born BK rap producer Marco Polo to rate five other brands of tailor-made smokes, purchased from gals out the front of various bars in Brooklyn, all in the name of science. PA2: The Director’s Cut drops 12 November, 2013.

Grand Daddy IU – The Unkut Video Interview, Part One
Monday November 04th 2013,
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Grand Daddy IU breaks down how he started out rapping, meeting Biz Markie, getting kicked out of school and being compared to Rakim.

Unkut TV: Episode 20 – The Laurenovich Opinion
Monday September 30th 2013,
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Meyhem Lauren and Ice Rocks offer their thoughts on a wide variety of topics, ranging from 24-hour wheat grass shots, fixin’ bars, ignorant behavior, classic TV shows, ratchet strippers, weapon collections, refusing to wait on line and the GOAT rap haircut. Background beats courtesy of J-Love.

Unkut TV: Episode 19 – The Doppelgangaz Live At S.O.B.’s

The Doppelgangaz brought some Shark Life to S.O.B.’s on Monday 24 June, 2013 as part of a showcase that included Fred The Godson show. Features a cameo from DJ Kay Slay aka DEZ and his Straight Stuntin‘ girls, as well as the ever-lovely Bambie-Rose. Songs performed include “Sun Shine”, “Like What Like Me” and “Oh Well”.

Unkut TV: Episode 18 – Hannibal Stax Interview
Thursday August 29th 2013,
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On a sweltering summer afternoon in Manhattan, H. Stax talks about growing-up in East NY, the Gang Starr Foundation, memorable touring incidents, his memories of GURU, working with Marco Polo and the fate of his first crew, Fabidden Fruit.

Video: Brand Nubian – Live In 1990
Tuesday August 20th 2013,
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Apparently this Elektra Records showcase was filmed by Video Music Box (which I posted some of back when it dropped in 2012), and is notable for a number of reasons, not least a live performance of Brand Nubian‘s “The Devil”, which eventually appeared on one of those limited-edition vinyl releases from One Leg-Up, and make no bones in ice cream about calling out cracker-ass crackers. Also appreciated is the “I ain’t white” chant and the general disinterest of the knuckleheads at the front of the crowd who are either working as security or just stunting too hard to actually face the performance.

Unkut TV: Episode 15 – An Afternoon With The Doppelgangaz
Tuesday July 30th 2013,
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We caught up with Matter Ov Fact, EP and Tropicana Josh of The Doppelgangaz one fine afternoon while they were shooting the video for “On The Rag”. Important issues discussed include picking up sweaty hipster girls, getting to second base in Europe, the legendary ‘Crackin’ beverage, velvet cloaks and a bunch of stuff that our legal team insisted we cut out.

Unkut TV: Episode 14 – J. Force Rocks The SP-1200
Friday July 26th 2013,
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J. Force has dug up two vaulted tracks featuring him rhyming over his own beats and pressed them up on limited edition pink vinyl, which you can pre-order here:

Recorded at Firehouse studios back in 1998 “Pink Chicken” has been sought after by hip hop enthusiasts and very much in demand after it leaked accidentally on the world wide web. The first 300 copies of this special 12″ single will be printed up on pink wax. It contains full vocal and instrumental versions of the original ’98 recipe and also the revamped Cadillac Respect Revisit as well. The B-side also features a track called “Hit The Untrue” that was recorded and mixed by Marley Marl at The House Of Hitz and was never heard or made available until now.

Unkut TV: Episode 13 – J-Zone Announces His New Album
Tuesday July 23rd 2013,
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J-Zone explains why he decided to return to rap, having no shame in rocking ancient hairstyles if he feels like it and breaks down the concept behind his next album.

Unkut TV: Episode 12 – The Combat Jack TV Show Season 1 Wrap
Thursday July 18th 2013,
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Behind the scenes of the last episode of the first season of The Combat Jack Show on Complex TV. Featuring a super-hyped Combat Jack, a sweaty Dallas Penn, a Rodd & Gunn obsessed Premium Pete, a polite but not overly interested Jadakiss, an over-worked intern and a fed-up with that Twitter fuckery Just Blaze.

Juan Epstein with Robbie from Unkut and Cappadonna

^ I was far better dressed than Chris Brown, natch.

While I was in NY, I snuck into the Hot 97 studios and caught-up with Peter Rosenberg for his Juan Epstein podcast. We talked about classic Unkut interviews, the Conservative Rap Coalition, the importance of Lord Finesse and much more.

Video: Prodigy and Alchemist – IMDKV [Unkut TV Edition]

This is the story of a bat-shit crazy Tai Chi dude and a guy trying to listen to music on his phone while wearing shorts and smoking a cigarette, one sunny summer day in Prospect Park, set to the first track from Prodigy and Alchemist‘s outstanding “IMDKV” from the Albert Einstein album. I sense an MTV Video award in my future…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Random Rap Dude Sightings


Back in the safety of Mom’s Basement, it’s time to reflect on some of my rapper dude sightings during my recent travels.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Random Rap Dude Sightings

Forgot to add these two…

J-Zone: Visited his basement to talk Tim Dog and check out his impressive collection of ignorant rap tapes.

Jean Grae: Discussed the decline of manners in modern society out the front of a popular spot called The Rub.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 3
Tuesday July 02nd 2013,
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Concluding my discussion with AG Da Coroner, we discuss classic TV shows, working with The Alchemist, the impact of Roc Marciano and plans for Coroner’s Sip The Nectar LP.

Video: The Doppelgangaz – On The Rag

Here’s the latest video from Hark, featuring some quality Rap Hands action from yours truly, as well as bastardized attempt at the G-Dep Harlem Shake.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 2
Monday July 01st 2013,
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AG Da Coroner talks about how Kool G Rap influenced him, picks the line-up of his own “Symphony” and reflects on the dangerous streets of East New York where he grew-up.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 1
Thursday June 27th 2013,
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Following the rise of Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren, the third member of the Outdoorsmen crew up to bat is AG Da Coroner, who just signed a deal with Man Bites Dog records via VP Roc Marciano. In the first part of this interview, we talk about how he started out, how the crew formed, the late Killa Sha and J-Love‘s collection of rare weapons.

Video: Rap Life NY – Queensbridge Session

Here’s footage of the Boilerroom TV cipher session filmed at Foul Monday‘s apartment in Queensbridge from my first day in NY. DJ Mathematics was on the decks and let the crew (Mike Delorean, Foul Monday, Ruc, AG Flow, Lil Cash and more) rock over classic beats and newer stuff to showcase all sorts of styles, while ya boy Robbie “Rap Hands” gets drunk in the background. More below…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 3

Photo: richdirection.

It should be illegal to witness this much greatness in a week.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Live From New York, Week 3