Download: Clever 1 – The Dirty Dozen Album

Clever 1 - The Dirty Dozen

Halloween is here, and so is another Conservative Rap Coalition Records sure-shot! This time the other half of Da Buze Brovaz, Clever 1, delivers twelve slabs of Philly heat produced by DJ Rocksteady. Throw your L’s up and don’t turn nothing down but the collar.

Download: Clever 1 – The Dirty Dozen

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Buddy Leezle feat. Da Buze Bruvaz – Saddle Soap
Tuesday October 14th 2014,
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Saddle Soap

I’m not familiar with Buddy Leezle but Da Buze Bruvaz are possibly repping the CRC harder than anyone out there right now. Produced by The Custodian of Records.

Clever One – 1-2, 1-2

Clever One smashes the ‘Mountain’ break to pieces for this track from his next project, The Dirty Dozen. Produced by DJ Rocksteady.

Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album


The Conservative Rap Coalition is proud to present the new Him Lo Da Inappropriate album, Complimentary Snacks, hitting you in the face with a broken beer bottle on some non-progressive, anti-social beats and raps type shit. You’re either with us or against us.

Download: Him Lo Da Inappropriate – Complimentary Snacks Album

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Him Lo feat. Clever One – Gran Torino


New Him Lo burner from his new ten track solo project, Complimentary Snacks, which is being premiered right here on Unkut Dot Com on 1 September. Produced by DJ Rocksteady, co-produced by Him Lo.

Video: Him Lo – Lo Sama Him Laden [800lb Gorilla]

This is the second video from the free Counterstrike 2: A Decade of Unkut project, featuring Him-Lo Da Inapproriate stomping through Philly, as shot and directed by CRC VP richdirection for aunqueting media. Look out for Him-Lo’s Complimentary Snacks tape, dropping here in the near future.

Him-Lo – The Unkut Interview
Wednesday May 28th 2014,
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Him-Lo has been dropping music on these here internets for the past couple of years, but it wasn’t until his Horsepower mixtape that I really paid attention. Turns out this Philly Lo-Lifer has been deep in this here shit since the golden era of Philadelphia hip-hop, and his brand of non-progressive, anti-social rap is just what the city needs right now.

Robbie: How did you get started?

Him-Lo: We’ve been rhyming for a long time, ever since we were teenagers. We were part of a few different crews before we cut it down to just me and Clever OneThe Buze Bruvaz. We were also in a group called Bermuda Triangle at one point with a few other members, we grew up with them also. Clever One, that’s my brother, and those other dudes we were at grammar school with, so we’ve been rhyming for a long time. Matter of fact, when we started rhyming the game was completely different. Now everybody’s rhyming. We would go somewhere and when people found out we were doing this they were excited, “Oh, you rap? Kick a rap for us!” It was so different at the time. So we were doing it at a young age, and I’m 40 now. We were so heavy into hip-hop at such an early age – not just the rapping, all aspects of it – we grew up as graffiti writers, battling people and breakdancing, deejaying, doing everything. That’s why even at this age now we still do it, just for fun. It’s what we do, we can’t really shake it!

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Pologate – Let Us Never Forget


A look at the greatest Sunday night in the history of #Str8Flourishment. Don’t forget to tip DP’s Pra’Li account a little something something if you became part of the 65% Nation.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Pologate – Let Us Never Forget

The Combat Jack Show: The Jessica Rosenblum Episode


Dallas talks Pologate, and the crew chop it up with legendary rap party promoter Jessica Rosenblum.

Download: Him-Lo Da Inappropriate – Horsepower Mixtape


Turns out Philly can still churn-out some quality, CRC-approved rap, as this mixtape from Him-Lo demonstrates. The homie Dallas Penn holds it down on hosting duties, and there’s a song which uses “Nautilus,” which is always a good sign. Also, “On A String” just might be the best previously unused 80’s R&B flip in a long time.

Download: Him-Lo Da Inapproprite – Horsepower Mixtape

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The Combat Jack Show – The Raekwon Episode


This episode is official as The Chef really goes into the nitty gritty about his career and the legacy of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Video: Sean Price – Genesis of the Omega
Monday January 14th 2013,
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Here’s the “affishal” video to this Alchemist-produced heater from Mic Tyson. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

Dallas Penn Dot Com Presents: The ‘Lo End Theory


If you’re in NY on Jan 20 you need to go to this show, which is basically the same line-up that a Conservative Rap Coalition concert would be. Tickets are under $20 if you cop them from here.

Celebrate and respeckanize the legacy of where Polo Ralph Lauren has taken their style from. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this brand hasn’t used the urban market’s influence to remain relevant (and rich).

Video: First Leaders of the New School Performance (1990)

DJ Iran unearthed some classic Strong Island history from his archives. Thanks to crate digga for the tip.

The Doppelgangaz – Whole Wide World

I was checking out Beats For Brothels Vol.2 on the iron horse, enjoying the Hydrabeats style head-nod material, when seemingly out of nowhere they stepped into a Hell On Earth/War Report chamber with this killer cut. Verse two in particular captures that Iman THUG/Trag feel in just the right way. Good to see Matter-Ov-Fact and EP seem to have gathered a strong fanbase, you know Unkut Dot Com has been down with the Sharking movement since day dot…

Let them cow grow,cuz!

Video: J-Love feat. Action Bronson, Jay Steele, & Take It-Marijuanathon
Tuesday January 11th 2011,
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New serving from The Outdoorsmen, as they pledge allegiance to that smoke over a Beatnuts track.

Meyhem Lauren feat. Maffew Ragazino – Even More Butter

Meyhem builds with Maffew over a Shakim Allah beat. Cop that Self-Induced Illnesss, Feb 2011.

Meyhem Lauren feat. Maffew Ragazino – Even More Butter

Videos: Outdoorsmen Triple Threat
Tuesday November 23rd 2010,
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Dallas Penn gets the scoop at the Meyhem video shoot for ‘Just Can’t Win’, while J-Love‘s ‘Contraband’ and Meyhem & AG Da Coroner‘s ‘Sound Boy Massacre’ get official clips.

Video: Action Bronson – Shiraz

Another winner from the Outdoorsmen crew, continuing the theme of fine dining that Meyhem mentioned when I interviewed him. This is taken from the Dr. Lecter Jr album, which is due in the near future. Produced by Bronson and Team Facelift, directed by Tommy Mas and Matt Raz.

Video: Meyhem Lauren – Got The Fever
Thursday September 30th 2010,
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Meyhem drops the visuals for his love letter to the graff game. Check for a few cameo bombers you might recognise…

Check for his Clarified Butter mixtape out now via iTunes.

The ‘Lo-End Theory In Real Life

Last year Timeless Truth created a watershed moment for Hip-Hop, for ‘Lo heads and for NYC in general. Their ‘Priceless’ video shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge brought together a few dozen hardbody collectors of the lifestyle and more importantly it was the first time I had ever politicked with Thirstin’ Howl the 3rd on some brotherhood shit. Of course I knew of Thirst since he was in the streets. Everyone knew of each other, Decepticons, Lo-Lifes, A-Team, and there was an uneasy peace that existed to this day.

The ‘Lo-End Theory In The Streets…
Wednesday August 25th 2010,
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I learned some crazy shit doing my thing in New York City over the past forty years. Basically, the world is a huge place, but the people that vibe along the same frequency is the smaller subset and y’all will always find each other. That is what used to happen at record stores when you would go there on a Tuesday and meet up with other hip-Hop heads who were trying to copp that same release dropping that day.

I was on the Jamaica Ave strip with a bunch of my homies doing some shit called ‘Sneaker Fiends Unite!’ We travel around the city looking for kicks comeups and peeping how gentrification changes the urban landscape. At a store on the strip this husky dude told me that my ‘Lo scarf was official. I gave him some dap for recognizing that shit. Real recognize real always. Dude said he had some pieces to deal. This is the language that collectors use when they are selling and swapping I.T.’s (items). We exchanged maths and kept it moving.

Later that night when I got back to the lab and started uploading the video footage I had made that afternoon I stopped by UnKut for a minute to just check in on the old head rap scene. If you don’t cut your NahRight or 2DopeBoyz with some UnKut shit you will get rap diabetes from all the saccharine in the game right now. Funny story, true story is that very day Robbie had a drop on his page featuring the dude that I politicked with in that sneaker store – Meyhem Lauren

The ‘Lo-End Theory @ Fat Beats
Monday August 23rd 2010,
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My peoples, Timeless Truth, were invited to Fat Beats last week to record some video for U.K. superstar DJ Sarah Love. Timeless Truth always represents the Polo Ralph Lauren lifestyle to the fullest. It is deeper than just getting dipped and making sure you are color coordinated. Its about your presentation to attain the lavish lifestyle through rhyme or crime.

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