Three Bizarre Incidents Involving Rap on British TV
Monday October 26th 2015,
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All of these clips are equal parts bizarre and amazing. The first features interviews with Schoolly-D and Mantronix while they were on tour in the UK, while overlaying ‘witty’ comments and alleged statistics about violence at rap shows in a manner which suggests that the producers of the segment were either taking the piss or genuinely concerned that hip-hop was going to corrupt the youf. Next up we have the always lovely Real Roxanne performing ‘Bang Zoom (Let’s Go)’ in front of a crowd of slightly confused children, before some of the braver kids are shoved onstage to ‘bust’ some moves of their own. Finally, we get to see the spikey-haired host declare that Full Fiorce is her favourite group during an episode of Music Box in 1986. Some fine work from the Beat of the Street You-Toob channel for bringing us these ‘special’ moments.

The Guardian Comment Section Types The Darnedest Things: 50 Cent Edition
Thursday July 16th 2015,
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Andrew Emery (aka Drew Huge of Fatlace) penned a piece on 50 Cent’s recent fiscal hiccups/tactics for The Guardian this week, and as one might imagine the comment section was chock-full of outraged rap haters. The real keepers, of course, are the contributions from annoyed backpackers and Defenders Of The True School. These type of incidents can be broken into the following basic categories:

1. The ‘ignorant journalist’ clause.

Andrew, if you think 50 Cent is hip hop you don’t really understand hip hop.

2. The ‘Rap Vs. Hip-Hop’ debate, which may be the most tiresome concept ever put forth in the history of music debate.

paul salt:
Jurassic 5. De la soul. Hip hop
50 pence, jay zed, Kanye west. Rap
That’s the difference in my book.


Video: Mantronix, T La Rock and Word of Mouth Live In The UK [1986]
Wednesday February 25th 2015,
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Thanks to Drew Huge for spotting this classic clip of Rock Around The Clock, a hip-hop event broadcast on UK TV in 1986 featuring performances from Word of Mouth and DJ Cheese, Mantronix, T La Rock and local lads Phaze One, with commentary from Morgan Khan, Dave Pierce and John Peel (who was able to squeeze in a quick appearance in-between bedding underage school girls). There’s also some break dancing and graffiti action going on, but I pity the fool who would rather watch someone doing a headspin on a chair than witness the microphone techniques of the great Terry La Rock backed-up by Kurtis on the decks!

The Return of HHC’s Connections Page
Tuesday January 27th 2015,
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Click for full-size

Are you an ill homeboy looking to find a funky fresh fly girl to chill with after school? Then step on up the Hip Hop Connection‘s cleverly titled ‘Connections’ page and find a pen pal today! Sure, these ads were placed on the late 80’s but there’s a decent chance that some of these fellas are still living with mum if you care to try sending them some snail mail, ladies!


Stream: Boogie Down Productions – Live In London [1990]

BDP Live 1990

DJ Kenny Parker has shared this recording of a Boogie Down Productions show at Brixton Academy, 1990. Highlights include the freestyle session where KRS kicks some rhymes that would appear on later albums. Also, it’s my birthday today so I’m off to drink some RAER whiskey and whatnot.

Download: Sparkle Motion – Mega Blends Mixtape
Thursday August 14th 2014,
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DJ Yoda and TOBES thought it would be a good idea to blend 80’s pop with the beats from “Cold Gettin’ Dumb,” “Marley Scratch” and more. Grandmaster Vic and Ron G so proud right now.

Track list:

Download: Fat Lace Show 009


Missed this when it dropped last month, but nevertheless this is an essential mix of obscure 80’s and 90’s rap courtesy of Drew Huge and Dan Large.

Video: Crate Diggers – Tim Westwood’s Vinyl Collection
Wednesday June 04th 2014,
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Clearly need to send Mr. Westwood a properly fitted Conservative Rap Coalition polo in the near future.

The Juice Crew – 1990 Tim Westwood Freestyle


Here’s a Tim Westwood sure shot from 1990, courtesy of CRC member Palmer Stallings. Biz Markie, Tragedy, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane and MC Shan all drop verses, alhough sadly there’s no sign of TJ Swan despite him apparently being in the house. Shout-out to the other radio station that crosses the signal a few times.

Video: Mantronix On Kids TV Show In 1986 UK
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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All praise due to grandgood for unearthing this piece of YouTube gold. As you see, I learned everything I know about interviewing rapper dudes from the host of Lift Off.

Boogie Down Productions – Duck Down [Alternative Version]

bdp duck down still

More BDP action with this vinyl rip from Rob Pursey of Southern Hospitality. Apparently the UK pressing of the “Duck Down” 12″ features an alternative version of the Pal Joey produced track, despite being labeled as the “LP Version”. Sporting a looser deliver from KRS, an extra bassline and an extra verse going at X-Clan, which would later end-up as part of “Build and Destroy”, from the same LP. Was there some kind of fuck up and an early demo version of “Duck Down” was pressed up for the British audience, or did the Jive UK office just prefer this version? Regardless, it’s more greatness from the third best BDP album, and therefore essential listening.

Limited-Edition Looking For The Perfect Beat Poster And Trailer
Friday August 09th 2013,
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UK-based filmmaker Pritt Kalsi has been working on his Looking For The Perfect Beat documentary for as long as I can remember. We’ve been teased with snippets of footage in the past, but he’s going to reveal the official trailer between 6-10 pm UK time today (1 pm to 5 pm NYC time..and 4 am to 8 am Australian!) at his site. He’s also released a limited edition print of the poster, which will go towards completing the film, and can be purchased here.

Update: Trailer below…

Download: Sparkle Motion – Miracle Blends Mix


If my mother would let me have ladies in her basement, this is the kinda stuff I would play to ’em to set the mood something lovely.

Time to lace up those Timbs, throw on a Champion hoodie and get ya Eastcoast Stomp on… Sparkle Motion are back with “MIRACLE BLENDS”. TOBES and DJ Yoda cut, mix and scratch their way through an hour of “Yo! MTV Raps” staples, blending Hip-Hop and R&B acapellas with instrumentals, originals and remixes – with a few surprises thrown in along the way. “Miracle Blends” was inspired by the legendary New York City tape-masters of the early 90s like Ron G, Kid Capri and Doo Wop.

Sparkle Motion – Miracle Blends


Tragedy Khadafi – I Cried [Chemo Remix]
Monday September 05th 2011,
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Here’s a remix from Chemo out of the UK, taken from his forthcoming The Stomach of The Mountain LP.
Additional vocals by Ayah Marar, cuts by Mr Thing.

Video: Telemachus feat. Roc Marciano – Scarecrows
Tuesday March 15th 2011,
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Visuals for a new Marcy feature with UK-based producer Telemachus. Available on limited edition 7″ and digital download here.