No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Boardroom Beatdowns
Friday June 26th 2015,
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Baseball bats > record contracts.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Boardroom Beatdowns

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Sorry M.O.P, I’m Finally Tapping Out
Friday November 21st 2014,
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I wrote this shedding a river of ice-cold thug tears.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Sorry M.O.P, I’m Finally Tapping Out

Video: M.O.P – 187
Wednesday September 03rd 2014,
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This could be the line of the year in reference to popping pills:
“The whole place emotional/wake up, find out somebody Frank Ocean’d you”

Video: Domingo Feat. M.O.P and GP100 – We Put It Down
Monday August 18th 2014,
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Domingo‘s new album, Same Game, Different Rules is out on Tuesday. Be on the look-out for my extensive interview with the man to drop then.

M.O.P – 187
Thursday July 31st 2014,
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Fame loops up Cash Money and Marvelous‘ “Ugly People Be Quiet” for a new cut from the next EP.

Domingo feat. M.O.P and GP100 – We Put It Down


No idea who GP100 is but there’s never a bad time for a new Mash Out Posse appearance. Taken from Domingo‘s forthcoming Same Game, Different Rules LP.

Video: Lil Fame – Get Busy Freestyle
Friday November 01st 2013,
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Here’s the clip for the Fame joint from earlier in the week, courtesy of J-Ronin.

Tony Touch feat. M.O.P – You Know You Love This


My pick from the new Tony Touch album, The Piecemaker 3: Return of the 50 MC’s. Sadly there’s no Diaz Brothers track on here though.

Lil’ Fame – Too Tough For TV [CDQ]
Tuesday October 09th 2012,
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I posted this back when it was on DJ Toshi‘s mixtape, but here’s the CDQ version. It’s automatically the best track from the Fizzyology album due to the simple fact that Termanology does not appear in any capacity.

Video: Lil Fame & Termanology – Fizzyology
Sunday September 02nd 2012,
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Good to hear Term back on that ‘Watch How It Go Down’ style instead of that Whisper Rap he’s been partial to of late, and Fizzy Wo delivers as always. Produced by The Alchemist.

Lil’ Fame – Too Tough For TV
Monday February 27th 2012,
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New Fizzy Wo…..taken from the new DJ Toshi mixtape hosted by Lord Finesse with a bunch of unheard tracks from a bunch of non-progressive rappers like “Keith Murray, Lil Fame of M.O.P., Sean Price & Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Sadat X, Afu-Ra, Shyheim, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Krumsnatcha, Phil The Agony, Grand Daddy I.U., Smiley The Ghetto Child, Illa Ghee, 9th Prince of Killarmy, Timbo King, Sav Killz, C-Rayz Walz, Freestyle Professors” to name a few.

Lil’ Fame – ‘Too Tough For TV’

Hit up Toshi to get the CD, or stream it here:


M.O.P. – The Unkut Interview

When I heard that there was a press day being held for the Marxmen to promote the new Sparta LP, I thought it might be a good oppertunity to have a slightly more rational conversation with Rap’s Greatest Duo than the last time we crossed paths. Good thing I didn’t bring up this story, huh? Turns out a bad phone line didn’t get things off to a great start….

Robbie: I feel like a lot of the aggression has been lost in rap in the last 10 years. There’s not enough music that make you want to break car windows. How do you keep that energy in the music?

Bill: Slap, can you hear him?

Fame: I can’t really hear him, mayne. What did he say?

Bill: He’s trying to say how do we keep the aggression in our music.

Fame: Uh…go ahead, you answer that one.

MOP x Snowgoons – Get Yours
Monday October 24th 2011,
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Stream only, and with tags, but any new Mash-Out is good Mash-Out in my book. From the Sparta album, due on Babygrande.

MOP & The Snowgoons – ‘Get Yours’

Ghostface, AZ and M.O.P. – Legendary Weapons
Wednesday July 13th 2011,
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Can’t go wrong with this line-up… taken from the sorta Wu-Tang project of the same name.

Ghostface, AZ and M.O.P. – ‘Legendary Weapons’

Video: Lukey feat. Lil’ Fame – Off The Corner / Who The Fuck

Hoody rap isn’t going anywhere. Coney Island’s Lukey grabs a monster Fizzy Wo beat for ‘Off The Corner’ and slows it down for ‘Who The Fuck’…both vids directed by Blue Collar Television.

AZ – Rather Unique 2010 (Prod. By Lil’ Fame)
Wednesday December 01st 2010,
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AZ – Not Losing Since 1994. From Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary, out now.

AZ – ‘Rather Unique 2010’

B.A.M. – 1000 Problemz (Produced By Fizzy Womack)
Tuesday November 09th 2010,
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Had another listen to the DJ Toshi tape and couldn’t help but notice this cut from B.A.M., who I assume is part of the First Family/Mash Out Posse in some capacity. Lil’ Fame does it again…

B.A.M. – ‘1000 Problemz’

Why Did M.O.P Tank?
Thursday September 24th 2009,
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This get me kinda vexed when I read it last night over at XXL:

Foundation, the new disc by M.O.P did not make it into The Billboard 200. According to the Nielsen SoundScan report the disc sold close to 2,100 copies in its debut week.

The fuck? Sure, there’s not a huge market for non-progressive, hardcore rap in these ever trend conscious times, but even KRS-One and Buckshot’s album (which I haven’t even bothered to listen to yet) sold 8,400. While I can’t personally confirm it, I’d bet my kidney that Survival Skills doesn’t have any songs that knock as hard as ‘Blow The Horns’, ‘Bang Time’ or ‘Crazy’. Predictably, Jay-Z sold a bunch of CD’s to Oprah viewers, while Kid Cudi‘s fruit-filled debut sold over 100,000 in it’s first week. Meanwhile, Raekwon has slung an impressive 89,000 units in two weeks, which is both a testament to the power of Wu-Tang Stans worldwide and proof positive that an EMI deal still holds weight. So why didn’t Bill and Fame get any love at the register?

Philly Producer Says M.O.P Stole His Beat, Lil’ Fame Responds
Friday September 11th 2009,
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Yesterday a producer from Philly named Kil emailed a bunch of blogs to tell them about how a beat of his had ended-up on the new M.O.P. album on the track ‘Rude Bastard’, but was credited to Fizzy Womack. Things really got interesting when Lil’ Fame left a response over at the DJ Premier Blog (not Premier’s actual blog, but a fan-site):

FizzyWo said…

Shit happens bro. Tag your beat next time, i just happened to have that record, and did the shit up myself! Your version was way too LQ for us to even use it and trust me nigga, your drums are not rare. i got drums out the woodwork, but thank you for finding the right tuned snare for this sample. It’s not your beat anymore nigga, i re-created (as you did as well) with the same record, so LiL FaMe is the one claim!!! Don’t take it there either, we known to mash out. You know you love that song nigga. Stop crying and figure out your next move. PREEM is NOT riding with blog. Get off his balls.




The “official” response, via kevin nottingham

From Lil Fame:

Its true I didn’t do the beat “Rude Bastards” as Kil said….I heard it, it was hot and I rhymed on it…I’d never steal a beat, that’s not me…and the quote on the net is not from me I’m looking into who made that statement as me

Laze (M.O.P’s manager) was handling the credits, I gave him the info for who did the beat.

I just saw the finished artwork and my 1st comment was, “I didn’t do that beat why does it say I did”? (Ref. To “rude bastard”)

-Lil Fame aka Fizzy Womack of M.O.P.

^ I still prefer the fake Fame response better…

M.O.P – I’m A Brownvillian
Saturday September 05th 2009,
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All bets are off. Run ya garments!

M.O.P –I’m A Brownvillian

M.O.P. – Foundation Snippets

After checking out the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II snippets at Amazon1 (via nation), I ran across something that actually got me even more amped…

M.O.P. Foundation snippets


  1. 1. Is it just me or is it weird that the Rae snippets use the beats/loops from Pete Rock & Royal Flush‘s ‘Questions’, Tragedy‘s ‘The Message’, OC‘s ‘Jewelz’ and an M.O.P. song that I can’t place right now?[back]

Unkut Vs. Combat Jack: EPMD = Great, But Not The Greatest

If you have even the slightest clue about this here rap shit, then you have to acknowledge the fact that Erick and Parrish pretty much had the game in motherfuckin’ headlock with their first four albums. They brought a brand new funk to the scene with Strictly Business, delivered cutting-edge beat science on Unfinished Business and executed a near-flawless B-Boy document with Business As Usual, while Business Never Personal showcased the mighty Hit Squad at the height of their powers while slapping the shit outta listeners with ultra-hard cuts like ‘Boon Dox’. Combat Jack is going to tell you that based on the strength of this discography they automatically qualify as rap’s ‘Dopest Duo’ (word to Craig G), but that’s not the whole equation. My main motivation behind the ‘M.O.P are the greatest’ declaration is the fact that they’ve outlasted everyone and are still bringing that heat. It soon became clear that the most effective way to illustrate the Mash Out Posse‘s superiority is through the classic Take An ‘L’ Comparison Test. Let’s get it in!

Unkut Vs. Combat Jack: M.O.P = Rap’s Greatest Duo

“M.O.P. are rap’s greatest duo….yeah I said it.” So I threw this out there the other day.

“Huh? This douchebag can’t be serious, can he?” Damn skippy, sonny. Yeah, Run and them are bigger than rap now and let’s be honest, they’re Hip-Hop’s Greatest Trio. Outkast? Meh, they don’t even appear on my radar. Bill and Fame have been delivering that uncut dope without fail ever since they strong-armed themselves into the rap game, regardless of how many times they’ve been cock-blocked by induckstry fuckery. They asked “How About Some Hardcore?” and rap fanatics answered ‘Fuck yeah!’ in no uncertain terms. EPMD might’ve dropped four certified classic albums in a row, but they’ve since tarnished their legacy with the gawd-awful dolo joints and the Days Of Our Lives type ‘make-up to breaks-ups’ shenanigans. When was the last time you rocked the last three Erick and Parrish albums? Exactly.

M.O.P – Blow The Horns
Thursday February 12th 2009,
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M.O.P – ‘Blow The Horns’

Bob James stay winning.

Courtesy Spine Mag.

Mash-Out Mondays: Teflon – The Rawness
Monday December 22nd 2008,
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Nothing like some M.O.P crew to get you through a Monday.

Teflon feat. M.O.P – ‘The Rawness’