Video: Roc Marciano – Shower Posse [Dallas Penn Edition]
Tuesday November 05th 2013,
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Another Blu Cheez sure shot.

Pre-Order: The Mom’s Basement Activity Pack – CRC Polo, Zine and Pause Tape


A mere three years since I first discussed doing some t-shirts, and the first Mom’s Basement Activity Pack is finally complete. This is a limited-edition pack of only 100 editions, being offered for pre-order for the next two weeks only, with your pack being shipped the week beginning 7 October, 2013.

This glorious package contains the following essential items:

1. The official Conservative Rap Coalition embroided polo, made from TrueDry mesh [160gsm, 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester], available in the classic set of “stormy” colors.

2. Mom’s Basement Pause Tape, Volume One – a 60-minute cassette tape featuring promos, skits and exclusives from my personal collection of recordings from Kool DJ Red Alert and DJ Chuck Chillout Kiss-FM shows, plus some extra stuff stolen from the internets.

3. A 32-page b&w zine called Executive Class, Volume One, featuring classic comment section wars, removed content and exclusives from the Unkut archives.

4. A personal letter of thanks from myself for supporting the CRC cause and possibly helping me escape from the basement for another month before the end of the year.

Now is your chance to stand-up and be counted as a CRC trooper, and reject the folly of “streetwear” with this official tissue, pioneering advance in Rap Blog fashion. All of this can be yours for only $65, and will not be sold separately or reprinted.

Coming Soon: The Mom’s Basement Activity Pack


The future is now. In a last ditch attempt to escape Mom’s Basement again, I’ve been working on an “activity pack” that will be available for pre-order in the next couple of weeks. Put together with the limited resources at my disposal (safety scissors, glue stick, a photocopier, a double tape deck and a pile of 70’s Penthouse magazines) I’ve managed to piece together the following:

1. The world’s first official Conservative Rap Coalition t-shirt, sporting our all-new corporate logo.

2. A 60-minute tape featuring promos and exclusives from my collection of 80’s Red Alert and Chuck Chillout radio shows on one side, and my favorite mid-90’s Tim Westwood Capitol One Rap Show moments on the flip.

3. A 32-page zine called Executive Class, featuring classic comment section wars, removed content and exclusives from the Unkut archives.

This will be a super-limited edition package, only available via pre-order and limited to a maximum of 100 editions. Consider yourselves warned!

Clearing Out Mom’s Basement Sale
Monday May 20th 2013,
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basement cleaning

A week to go until I hit New York again, so Mom axed me to clear out some of my crap out of the Basement. Records, CD’s and even a tape are on Discogs if you want to buy stuff and junk.

Clearing Out Mom’s Basement Sale

Back In Mom’s Basement – The Year In Review


This was meant to run last week the Acclaim crew may have only had a 14 year-old intern holding down the fort over the festive season so what can you do?

Back In Mom’s Basement – The Year In Review

What Were The Highs and Lows of 2012?
Monday December 31st 2012,
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You’ve seen my picks for the year already, but since I moved back into my Mom’s Basement so that I could reclaim my title as “the O.G Boom-Bap dinosaur blog don” and finally interview Kool G Rap in the process, I have no idea what happened in the outside world.

What was the best and worst of the year in rap? Be it songs, events or disturbing trends? Speak ya clout or forever hold ya dome in shame…