Your Old Droog – Free Turkey


Seen in the Soundcloud comments:

“Don’t you guys think this droog is somewhat using the same sample type of Nas’ One Love?”

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Peace Treaties


Nas has escaped the kufi category at last, but does this mean he should make a track with Cam’Ron to celebrate?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Wacky World of Rap Peace Treaties

Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homey Book Hits Stores
Tuesday August 20th 2013,
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Byron Crawford‘s highly scientific new book, a thorough examination of the ups and downs of Nas’ career, is now available in paperback and ebook format at Amazon. As one of the Internet’s Elite Mom’s Basement Rap Bloggahs, I had my review copy a month ago, but now the rest of you can feel special, and/or get mad. Worth it for the cover artwork from Theotis Jones alone, really.

Update: Quality interview with Bol over at Animal.

Byron Crawford – Nas Lost: A Tribute To The Little Homey Book Review
Friday July 26th 2013,
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2010 Outside Lands Music Festival - Day 2

America’s leading black intellectual returns with his third book, which also makes him the leading rap book author in the U.S.A by default. This time around, Bol unleashes the fury of the Mindset Army on one target in particular, while still making time to discuss The Gin Blossoms, Jay-Z, Nas’ daughter and her enormous box of jimmy hats, Instagram hoo-ers, the continued decline of print media and why dream hampton is insane. If you’ve read Infinite Crab Meats, it’s more of the same, basically! Here are a couple of choice morsels:

Video: Nas – Bye Baby
Thursday August 30th 2012,
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This goes out to all the Unkut readers with multiple ex-wives…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?
Thursday August 16th 2012,
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My five cents on the latest Nas fuckery…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?

Nas featuring Large Professor – Loco-Motive

It’s tough to complain about a track that mentions burning the roof of your mouth on a pizza, but why should I let that stop me? I really hate it when songs claim to ‘feature’ another MC and then they don’t actually rap.

No I.D. on production. Obviously this and ‘Nasty’ are the two token great cuts from Life Is Good for everyone ‘stuck in the 90’s’ who still don’t enjoy people singing hooks.

Halftime Was The Best Brag Rap Song Of The 90s…
Wednesday March 14th 2012,
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Disagree? Let’s break it down…

1. The lyrics are a ‘Good Combination’ of declarations of poetic superiority, explanations of his daily operations, product name checks, witty punchlines, casual blasphemy and a healthy dose of Eff The Police sentiment. What more could a rap fan ask for?

2. The beat is a masterpiece in understated SP-12 simplicity…and it has sleigh bells!

3. It isn’t overly eager to impress nor does it outstay it’s welcome.

4. He shouts out the TV show ‘C.H.I.P.S.’. Word to Erik Estrada.

5. Nas mentions that he’s a ‘Nike head’ in the era of 40 Below Timbos and at least a decade before the Beast got Hype.

6. It’s mostly the voice. (c) GURU.

Somebody’s Brother – The Unkut Guide To Rap Nepotism
Tuesday January 18th 2011,
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There have been some talented gene pools in hip-hop, where two brothers from the same mother have both shown and proved on skill and talent alone. And then there’s these guys…who needed a weed carrier when you’re own flesh and blood could carry your stash?

Download: Nas – Kutmatic

This is the album Nasty Nas would have made after Illmatic if I was his A&R in some kind of alternative universe where sample clearance didn’t exist. Alternative title: The Second Time Nas Didn’t Lose.

Nas – Kutmatic

Track listing:

How Can Nas Be Garbage?
Thursday March 18th 2010,
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“With the exception of G Rap, Nas has more dope songs then anyone from Queens and just as many as any other rapper in the world” – Johnny Hardcore

Following this challenge of sorts by a guy who seems to have taken his screen name from a male pr0n star, let’s take a look at Nas’ discography to see how many great tracks he’s released (not including his seemingly endless unreleased catalog):

Great Rap Combos…That Failed

The anticipation of hearing that your favorite beat mechanic is in the studio with your current #1 MC can lead to impossibly high expectations. More often than not, you end being bitterly disappointed with the results, thinking of what ‘could have been’ or ‘why bother?’ Sure, there have been some great team-ups as well…but that’s for another post.

Six Guest Shots That Won
Monday February 23rd 2009,
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‘Yo! You forgot Canibus on ‘Beast From The East’ = You Lose.

6. Cappadonna on ‘Winter Warz’

Despite being a local legend on Staten Island, Cappa had let his lyrical fitness slump on previous cameos, but with this show-stealing performance it was clear that he was back to burn.

Worst Follow-Up Ever?
Thursday October 23rd 2008,
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The dreaded sophomore jinx? It’s real. As ceedub suggested, who effed-up the worst when they followed up a top notch debut with hot garbage?

Which Second Album Sucked The Most?

View Results

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Write-ups after the jump….

NY Anthem Results
Monday October 20th 2008,
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Looks like Nas took this one out by a landslide, with over half the votes going to his timeless Illmatic opener. I have to admit I’m disappointed with Rakim‘s poor showing in this poll, but it was clearly a two-horse race and nothing is really fucking with the ‘NY State of Mind’ beat.

Good to see the little guy win something for once, since he’s not about to get any Best Album votes this year anyways.

Which Track Is The Ultimate NY Anthem?

  • Nas - NY State of Mind (56%, 170 Votes)
  • Kool G Rap - Streets Of New York (24%, 73 Votes)
  • Nas - NY State of Mind 2 (10%, 29 Votes)
  • Rakim - New York (Ya Out There) (6%, 19 Votes)
  • Nas - Talk Of New York (3%, 10 Votes)
  • Muggs feat. Call O Da Wild - New Yorks Undercover (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 305

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Any suggestions for what you’d like the next poll to be about?

The Search For The Ultimate NY Anthem

Illustration by Tony Bones

It ain’t no mystery that New York has been the subject of a wide variety of rap dedications, being the birthplace of hip-hop and whatnot. But which Rotten Apple dedication deserves to be top of the heap? After selecting thirteen tracks that reference NY in the title, the next step was to run my selections by three esteemed residents of Gotham to get their opinions on which cuts win and those that don’t make the grade. Finally, the final six finalists will then be put to vote.

Three Times Dope:

Tony Bones – Graphic Designer and MC, currently located in Harlem.

Dallas Penn – Evil Genius and Internets Celebrity, Planet Brooklyn.

eskay – The Greatest Blogger Alive, Yonkers.


Vintage Hotday Demo with Nas and Cormega
Wednesday July 23rd 2008,
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Here’s a dusty demo that sounds like it was recorded in Hotday‘s bedroom, featuring Kelis‘ husband, Cormega and some guy called Syl Drama kicking it in a one-take wonder fashion over the break that you might recall from Ras Kass’ ‘Won’t Catch Me Runnin”.

Re-Up! Divshare blows….let’s get back to basics….

Nas, Cormega and Syl Drama – 40th Side of Thangs

Spotted at HipHopGiant.

Ill Bill – Unauthorized Biography of Slayer

In the tradition of his classic Redman remake ‘How To Kill A Cop’, Ill Bill flips Nas‘ concept.

Ill Bill – ‘Unauthorized Biography of Slayer’

Slayer – ‘Reign In Blood’ live video:

Nas Demo and 96 Radio Interview

Thought I might balance out all the shittin’ on Nas last week. Both versions of “Ain’t Hard To Tell” are incredible, and the demo version ain’t too shabby either. Plus I brought back the Nas / De La Soul interview from 1996 with Tim Westwood that I posted a couple of years back…a lot of comedy on here. Little Homey big up’s an early Jay-Z song, comments on the Biggie cover artwork bite and demonstrates why interviews and blunts aren’t always a “good combination”.

Nas – “Nas Will Prevail” (“Ain’t Hard To Tell” demo)

Nas & De La Soul on Tim Westwood’s Capitol Rap Show, 1996.

More Nas Inspirations

You didn’t think the NYOIL song is the first time that Nas has taken inspiration from an underground song, did you?

Organized Konfusion – “Stray Bullet”

Nas – “I Gave You Power”

Pharoahe Monch – “When The Gun Draws”

^ This was from last year. A subliminal “eff you” to S. Carter‘s lil’ buddy?

Nas Sharks NYOIL?

If you caught NYOIL‘s “What Up My Wigger Wigga” last year you might catch some major deja vu when you heard the hook of Nas‘ new song yesterday. A case of straight chomping or great minds thinking alike? Unkut Dot Com asked NYOIL to speak his piece on the topic:

Nas is that nigga!

Yeah y’all Nas is that nigga with his title screen printed on a black tee repping for Niggas world wide!

I’ve always said that from time to time in the creative stream of things there comes an artist that breaks the mold. That steps to the status quo and smashes it’s protective walls as if they were building blocks. That artist like this create the atmosphere for change in whatever industry they occupy. Artist like these establish a foundation that inspires other artist to free themselves of the yoke that was the stat quo. They in their own way speak Truth to power and shine a searing light on the lies and mediocrity that blind us.

But let me be clear Nas is not that nigga.

What’s Really Real?

“You love to hear the stories, again and again, about that dope song with the ill piano blend…”

Not to just randomly shit on Nas, but this whole scenario could be seen as an example of why a lot of dudes have fallen out with the little guy over the years. First, he records a track with Kamakazee and Cormega at Marley’s, but when it’s time to release it he decides he wants some big bucks so they take him off that shit, get Havoc to replace him and get a new verse from Mega so that it can be used on the Screwball album. That’s pretty ficked-up to begin with, but it could just be the handiwork of Steve Stoute for all anyone knows. The thing that’s really messed-up is that Mr. Kelis then decided to remake the song for the Illmatic 10th Anniversary release, using his original verse and adding two new ones, effectively bogarting the entire song. What a douchebag. It’s pretty much saying to Solo, KL and Cormega “You guys sucked and didn’t deserve to share a beat with me, but the beat was so awesome I’m gonna claim this for myself!”