Video: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Ice Cups b/w Anthony Mason
Friday October 02nd 2015,
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Produced by Constrobuz.

Da Buze Bruvaz feat. Tug McRaw – Revolver


New DBB music produced by DJ Rock Steady.

Video: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire – Sweet Chick
Thursday September 24th 2015,
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eXquire gives this Alchemist track a thorough rinsing.

Hus Kingpin feat. Big Twins – C.R.E.A.M. Regime
Thursday September 17th 2015,
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Not to be ‘that guy,’ but shouldn’t this song be called ‘C.R.E.I.M Regime’?
Produced by Grubby Pawz, taken from House Of Kingpin, due the start of October.

Video: Sean Price feat. Illa Ghee – Figure More
Thursday September 03rd 2015,
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Respect due.

Bonus: Footage of the Sean Price Memorial Show at S.O.B.s:

Doo Wop – Shadows of 1995
Wednesday August 26th 2015,
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Wop takes a trip down memory lane over a Statik Selektah track.

Styles P – Life Time
Wednesday August 26th 2015,
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Best track from The Ghost‘s A Wise Guy and A Wise Guy.

Video: Da Buze Bruvaz – The Horsemen Cometh
Wednesday August 12th 2015,
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CRC theme music for you damn ignoramus types. Produced by Lord Beatjitzu.

R.A.W. – Herbal Intercourse
Monday August 03rd 2015,
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Right Amount of Wrong, which is a group consisting of Problemz and DJ Skizz, have just dropped this track from their new EP, available now.

Maffew Ragazino feat. Roc Marciano – Better Recognize


Produced by Frank The Butcher and Paul Mighty. Taken from Eight Million Stores, available here.

Maffew Ragazino – Summer Nine Five


Some warm weather action from Mr. Ragazino, produced by Jimmy Dukes.

Taken from Maff’s Eight Million Stories project, dropping 1 July. Looking forward to those WTK and Marci features on this.

Track listing:

Capone-N-Noreaga feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Even If


The War Report crew bring back Grandmaster Vic for some of that Queens blend tape magic.

Video: The Doppelgangaz – Rox Wid Her
Thursday June 25th 2015,
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Taken from the free Parts Unknown EP.

The Audible Doctor feat. Hus Kingpin and Tragedy Khadafi – Danger


The Doc serves up an Ironman style groove for these two upstarts to vent over. Taken from The Spring Tape, which you can cop for a dollar a song.

Video: Dr. Yen Lo feat. Roc Marciano – Day 81

Newest video from the year’s best rap album.

Cormega feat. Roc Marciano – No Filter


Marco Polo on the beat and DJ Skizz on the cut. This is CRC theme music at it’s finest.

Large Pro – Re: Living Album Review


The fifth solo album from The Live Guy With Glasses finds L.P. in a reflective mood, as he revisits cherished musical memories from his childhood (‘Dreams Don’t Die’), salutes the achievements of Nas (‘In The Scrolls’) and demands respect for his generation of rapper dudes (‘New Train Ole Route’). It’s a short album that doesn’t outstay its welcome, managing to feel like his most focused and cohesive project since The LP. Where as Main Source and Professor @ Large both offered some stand-out tracks, they felt more like collections of songs rather than the fully-realized long-player that Breaking Atoms was in terms of pacing and covering a wide range of topics.

Czarface 2, Dr. Yen Lo and Box Cutter Brothers album reviews
Wednesday May 20th 2015,
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Thank fuck. It’s taken five months, but 2015 has finally delivered not one, not two, but three great rap albums in the space of a week. I’m in such a state of shock that I had to cop a bottle of Jameson and break my own anti-review policy to give these releases some light.


Satchel Page feat. Neek The Exotic, Mikey D, Sadat X and Large Pro – Sweet 16s


All-star posse cut from Satchel Page’s Disco Sucks tape, which feature him rapping over classic tunes and is available for free here.

Milano – Cocaina

milano skizz

Uptown representative Milano stopped by DJ Skizz’ BK lab the other night and this was the result.

Video: Dr. Yen Lo – Day 912
Saturday April 18th 2015,
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Newest episode from the Days With Dr. Yen Lo album, which appears to combine the minds of Ka and Preservation. Check out the previously released ‘Day 0’ and ‘Day 3’ below.

Czarface feat. Meyhem Lauren – Deadly Class


First single from the second Czarface album, Every Hero Needs A Villain, due this summer.

DJ 7L sez:

First leak from the new Czarface record is “Deadly Class” featuring Meyhem Lauren. Been a fan of his for a minute, we linked up a few years back at the BAU release party which was around when we were working on the new Czar album. I think Eso and Deck have never sounded better I really can’t wait for the fans to hear it. This song was recorded at the mid point of the album and remembering hearing it and was like “man this keeps getting better”. Eso added that chop at the end with iphone battery line that to me is just genius with the sample. This is just the leak, more info music, art on the way!

Video: Willie The Kid and Alchemist – Gettysburg
Thursday April 02nd 2015,
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A late video from the Masterpiece Theatre EP.

Rap Albums To Get Stuck On A Desert Island With [2000-2015 Edition]


If, by some tragic turn of fate, all rap released prior to the year 2000 was somehow obliterated from the face of the earth and you were given the opportunity to take twenty CD’s to pass the time while I wasted away in exile on some deserted island (stay with me here), then what would you take? I considered the options this afternoon and devised the following list of hip-hop platters to bring along.

Willie The Kid feat. Royce Da 5’9″ – The Watch
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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This cut from The Fly 3 still holds up as one of 2015’s finest.