No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Lies That Old Rap Fans Tell You
Thursday October 08th 2015,
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A lot of the best rap music was made in the eighties and nineties, but some folks just get away with those rose-tinted Cazals.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Lies That Old Rap Fans Tell You

Mikey D – Back To The Future
Monday August 03rd 2015,
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New Mikey D’Struction music. Laurelton Ave Posse stand up!

The Guardian Comment Section Types The Darnedest Things: 50 Cent Edition
Thursday July 16th 2015,
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Andrew Emery (aka Drew Huge of Fatlace) penned a piece on 50 Cent’s recent fiscal hiccups/tactics for The Guardian this week, and as one might imagine the comment section was chock-full of outraged rap haters. The real keepers, of course, are the contributions from annoyed backpackers and Defenders Of The True School. These type of incidents can be broken into the following basic categories:

1. The ‘ignorant journalist’ clause.

Andrew, if you think 50 Cent is hip hop you don’t really understand hip hop.

2. The ‘Rap Vs. Hip-Hop’ debate, which may be the most tiresome concept ever put forth in the history of music debate.

paul salt:
Jurassic 5. De la soul. Hip hop
50 pence, jay zed, Kanye west. Rap
That’s the difference in my book.


Vote: Which of the Wu-Tang Clan has still got it in 2015?
Wednesday June 17th 2015,
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The Wu-Tang Clan have been through more than share of ups and downs over the years, but there’s no denying that they brought back a much needed grit to rap music when they hit the scene in in 1992 with their self-released ‘Protect Ya Neck’/’After The Laughter Comes Tears’ single. RZA’s master plan to get everyone separate solo deals on different record labels was inspired, although it clearly worked out a lot for better for some. Fast forward to 2015, and all of the original squad (with the exception of the late, great Ol’ Dirty Bastard) are still releasing music in some shape or form. What I’m interested to gauge is who you consider to have done the best job at keeping themselves lyrically sharp? Who are you still hyped to hear a guest verse or a new track from? Are you tired of hearing Ghostface rapping with bands? Has Raekwon become over-exposed? Has GZA become a an angry old wino who’s best days are behind him? Will Method Man ever make an album worthy of his talents?

Which of the Wu-Tang Clan has kept their verbal sword the sharpest?

View Results

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Video: TheBeeShine Cypher #6 – T La Rock, Silver Fox and Kool DJ Red Alert
Thursday May 28th 2015,
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Great to see Terry and Fox in action again with Uncle Red on the decks.

Video: Positive K Performing Stand-Up Comedy
Friday November 28th 2014,
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I was directed to this in the comment section of my Pos K interview last year by hotbox but forgot to post it. Take my wife…please!

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Since The Face Got Revealed, Game Got Real…
Thursday January 09th 2014,
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Is reality TV the only answer for aging rapper dudes?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Since The Face Got Revealed, Game Got Real…

A Look At Seven Veteran Rap Bloggahs First Posts


A decade ago, the magic of the Blogger platform allowed many an aspiring rap message board warrior step into the big leagues and pull themselves up by their bootstraps to become the media big dogs that they are today. The characters covered here have risen to the ranks of published authors, college professors, internets celebrities, Tumblr cult leaders and even presidents of important international movements. Let’s take a look back at some early rap blog gawds…


Marco Polo feat. Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C, Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Revolution – Astonishing


One of the highlights of the forthcoming Marco Polo album PA2: The Director’s Cut, as Large, Rebel INS, O.C. and Trag all go in. DJ Revolution steals the show, however, with what can only be described as scratching so great it should be illegal.

Eminem – Berzerk
Monday August 26th 2013,
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Many an afternoon, I sit alone in a a four-cornered room staring at candles, wondering, “Why hasn’t anyone made a decent rap version of Billy Squier‘s ‘The Stroke’ yet?”. Turns out that Rick Rubin was saving it so he could follow up his Billy Squier Break Beats For A-List Rap Stars series which began with Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems”. The bad news is that Eminem refuses to make a song that doesn’t have a really shitty hook that involves either himself or some emo broad singing (by tim). The good news is that this doesn’t sound like Linken Park. Nevertheless, I’m happy to support any rap that uses abrasive guitar stabs and encourages Rubin to put some shoes on and stop sleeping on leather couches. Also….cowbell.

Video: Magnum Opus – The Making of Come Clean

The story behind Jeru The Damaja‘s “Come Clean”, aka why we should forgive him for discouraging women to wear tight jeans.

Video: 3rd Bass Reunion Show

I’ve never been a huge fan of these guys, but they did help KMD get on so I’m willing to cut them some slack. This recent reunion show certainly doesn’t seem to do them any favors, basically resembling what would happen if a guy who owned the local pizza store and his accountant decided to put on a rap show.

Unkut TV: Episode 3 – Big Daddy Kane Live At Herbert Von Park, Brooklyn

Highlight’s of the Big Daddy Kane park jam, including performances of “Set It Off”, “The Symphony”, “Wrath of Kane”, “Raw”, “Ain’t No Half Steppin'” and a cameo from Dres. Kane lived up to his reputation as live performer and kept the old heads hyped. Shouts to Dallas Penn for rolling through with me despite near exhaustion status.

Unkut TV: Episode 2 – Let Spike Down

While waiting for Big Daddy Kane to hit the stage, I spent some “quality” time with Brooklyn’s very own Spike Lee, with fairly predictable results.

Video: Magnum Opus – The Story Behind Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s T.R.O.Y.

New Complex TV feature about the making of Pete Rock and CL Smooth‘s signature hit.

De La Soul feat. The Spirit of the Wu – Get Away


To be honest, I’ve found post-Prince Paul De La Soul to be hit and miss. They basically lost 90% of their sense of humor and became Mad Rappers with sometimes questionable beats. That being said, this new song has ESG‘s “UFO” on it, so it’s good money.

Video: Magnum Opus – The Making of Special Ed’s I Got It Made
Tuesday April 16th 2013,
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First in a new series over at Complex that talks about classic songs with the artist and those who it inspired. Good to see this kind of stuff getting coverage with quality production values.

Video: Unsung – Kool Moe Dee
Saturday March 30th 2013,
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Attack of the old moufs as the the great man Kool Moe Dee has his story told in full in this Unsung episode.

Video: Star Blacks-Out On A Caller

Things take a turn for the worse when one of Buc Wild‘s old weed-head buddies tries to get Star to pass on a message.

Video: Prince Paul and DJ Pforreal – Paul Vs. Paul, Part 4
Sunday March 03rd 2013,
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More Dew Doo Man madness.

The duo debate important topics such as dance styles, workouts, slang, mustaches, Auto-Tune, and analog vs digital reverb.

Video: Sacha Jenkins Speaks With Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia at the New Museum

Check the complete video of the Stretch and Bobbito‘s appearance with ego trip’s Sacha Jenkins at the New Museum last Friday, which followed their special 1993 broadcast on WCKR. Shout-out to Mr. Armstrong for being the only other rap dude other than myself to rep sports coats and boat shoes on the regular.

New Museum: In conjunction with the New Museum exhibition “NYC 1993,” Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia discussed New York City circa 1993 through the lens of rap music. Events like the election of Rudolph Giuliani and the World Trade Center bombing changed the city’s landscape, as debut releases by the Wu-Tang Clan and Black Moon established a new tone for New York rap.

Courtesy of ego trip

Video: Fresh Fest 2 [1985]

Uncle Ralph McDaniels did pioneering work by being the first music program to cover a major hip-hop concert for his Video Music Box show in 1985. Here’s an edited version of what went down, including a press conference freestyle session from Whodini and Run-DMC, a typically modest Mister Magic talking about ho he broke every act there, some anti-graff commercials, the Furious Five‘s pre-show warm-up routine and a whole bunch of rapping from Whodini, Run-DMC, and the Fat Boys.

Video: Prince Paul and DJ P. Forreal – Paul Vs. Paul Pt. 3
Thursday December 06th 2012,
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The third installment of Old Moufs vs. Young ‘Uns. These videos have turned out to be more entertaining than the Negroes On Ice album in retrospect…

Video: Prince Paul and DJ P. Forreal – Paul vs. Paul Pt. 2
Thursday November 15th 2012,
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Another Paul vs. Paul video? I guess that Paul Jnr. didn’t go to jail for those traffic tickets then?

In this second episode the duo debate important topics such as fresh breath, Serato, hip hop emcees, space echo, and video games.

Video: The Truth With Elliott Wilson – Are Vet MC’s Trying Too Hard?
Monday October 15th 2012,
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OG ego trip crew member Elliott Wilson weighs-in on recent shitty records by LL, Joey Crack and Eve. Good thing veteran MC’s like Sadat X, Grand Daddy IU and Sean Price are still delivering the goods by ignore dumb internets trends, huh?