Stream: Action Bronson – Back To The Future Mixtape
Monday March 16th 2015,
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bronson tape

United Crates has assembled some of the Outdoorsman’s older work to mark four years since Dr. Lecter dropped. Who knew that this Flushing, Queens rapper dude would turn out to be the Hipster Music Mafia’s pin-up boy? Regardless, dude can rap and ‘Shiraz’ is still my shit.

Track listing:

Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild feat. Action Bronson – 100 MPH
Saturday March 14th 2015,
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Straight Queens flourishments.

Video: Action Bronson – Easy Rider
Thursday August 21st 2014,
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“I heard your bitch still wears Ecko.” Good to see Action putting that VICE paper to good use.

Video: Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild – Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold
Wednesday August 06th 2014,
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Laurenovich unleashes a video for his project with Buckwild, which you can now cop on double vinyl. Directed by Oz Perla.

Video: J-Love – The Fakeness
Tuesday July 08th 2014,
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The lesson from this video? Never to get J-Love to sign your CD’s…

Meyhem Lauren – Silk Pyramids Album Review
Tuesday May 27th 2014,
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Meyhem has just delivered the first of several collaborative projects with a single producer (next up is his DJ Muggs project), which thankfully proves to be a trimmed-down affair in light of his “everything and the kitchen sink” debut album, Self Induced Illness. His following two projects benefited from more focus, and having Buckwild at the helm for the whole of Silk Pyramids certainly pays off.

Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild – Q.U. Cartilage


More Silk Pyramids action. Seems like a missed opportunity that this project wasn’t called Buck Lauren though.

Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild – Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold
Wednesday April 23rd 2014,
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Laurenovich and Buckwild preview a cut from the Silk Pyramids LP, dropping 24 May on Thrice Great Records.

Meyhem Lauren and J-Love – Egyptian Musk
Wednesday February 12th 2014,
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Taken from the new Digital Camo EP, available on vinyl through Chopped Herring.

The Alchemist feat. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano – Pool Hall Hustler


This dropped a week ago but is still worth mentioning regardless, courtesy of The Cutting Room Floor, Volume 3, which compiles some quality ALC loosies that you’ve heard elsewhere into an easily digestible package. Pause.

Download: Action Bronson and Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2


New Action Bronson tape with Party Supplies is available here for free ninety nine. Unclear at this stage why Action is listed as a guest on his on project on track 16. Also, sad face that the Cam’ron feature didn’t happen.

Track listing:

Unkut TV: Episode 20 – The Laurenovich Opinion
Monday September 30th 2013,
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Meyhem Lauren and Ice Rocks offer their thoughts on a wide variety of topics, ranging from 24-hour wheat grass shots, fixin’ bars, ignorant behavior, classic TV shows, ratchet strippers, weapon collections, refusing to wait on line and the GOAT rap haircut. Background beats courtesy of J-Love.

Download: Ag Da Coroner – Crushed Grapes EP


Wonder Years fan Da Coroner drops a free EP while he completes his debut LP. Produced entirely by ATG.

AG Da Coroner- Not Gonna Cry


Produced By ATG, co-produced by The Letter “C”, from the forth-coming Crushed Grapes EP.

Video: Meyhem Lauren feat. AG Da Coroner and Action Bronson – Drug Lords
Monday August 26th 2013,
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Outdoorsmen activate puppet mode for this clip from the Respect The Fly Shit tape. Harry Fraud on the beat.

Fat Joe feat. Action Bronson – Your Honor
Sunday August 25th 2013,
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I’m 99% sure I’ve this Bronson verse on something else, but it’s always good to hear Fat Joe doing his token couple of CRC songs in between sporting his own version of Pitbull‘s Magical White Suit. Beat courtesy of DJ Premier.

Willie The Kid feat. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano – Medusa


This is what the fux I’m talking about. Willie The Kid, Bronson and Marciano over an Alchemist beat. Masterpiece Theatre EP drops July 23rd.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 3
Tuesday July 02nd 2013,
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Concluding my discussion with AG Da Coroner, we discuss classic TV shows, working with The Alchemist, the impact of Roc Marciano and plans for Coroner’s Sip The Nectar LP.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 2
Monday July 01st 2013,
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AG Da Coroner talks about how Kool G Rap influenced him, picks the line-up of his own “Symphony” and reflects on the dangerous streets of East New York where he grew-up.

AG Da Coroner – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 1
Thursday June 27th 2013,
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Following the rise of Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren, the third member of the Outdoorsmen crew up to bat is AG Da Coroner, who just signed a deal with Man Bites Dog records via VP Roc Marciano. In the first part of this interview, we talk about how he started out, how the crew formed, the late Killa Sha and J-Love‘s collection of rare weapons.

Meyhem Lauren – Critical Thinking


New Meyhem track from his vinyl-only Raw Cashmere EP on Chopped Herring. Beat by IceRocks.

Video: Shaz IllYork – The Shaman
Wednesday May 01st 2013,
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New clip from Shaz IllYork, with a track provided by Ligalize from Moscow, Russia.

Video: Action Bronson Enjoys A Slurpee In Australia

Footage of Action Bronson‘s recent visit to Australia, where he enjoyed local trees, frosted beverages and the simple pleasures of riding a jet ski in between almost getting bagged-up for bombing the suburbs.

Action Bronson – Strictly 4 The Jeeps
Thursday January 31st 2013,
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If only I had a jeep to play this in. -1 for admitting to listening to Coldplay in his spare time. Harry Fraud on the beat.

Meyhem Lauren – The Laurenovich Angle
Tuesday January 15th 2013,
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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

A fine addition to the “Eff A Critic, They Talk About It While I Live It” rap genre, as Meyhem responds to Pitchfork‘s review of his last tape. Produced by J-Love.