Download: DJ Doo Wop & DJ Sure Shot – Women Of Strength Mixtape

Doo Wop just blessed with a dope new mixtape full of quality Chick Rap:

The Women of Strength Foundation founded by Tashera Simmons (wife of DMX) was established to assist and support women and children who have suffered from abandonment, homelessness, drug addiction, domestic violence and other social conflicts. Women of Strength intends to lend not only financial support but also much need emotional support as well.

Download: DJ Doo Wop & DJ Sure Shot – Women Of Strength Mixtape


Two New Tracks From The Doo Wop & Pete Rock Project

Doo Wop & Ron G.

As promised, Doo Wop and Pete Rock have been working on a project together. Here’s a leak with Joell Ortiz and a snippet of a second track that Wop previewed on his Twitter.

Doo Wop & Pete Rock feat. Joell Ortiz – ‘Do Thangs’

Doo Wop & Pete Rock – ‘Rhythmatic Explosion’

Video: J-Love feat. Meyhem Lauren – Contraband
Thursday September 09th 2010,
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Home-made videos stay winning, as Dallas Penn gives this new track from Egotistical Maniac the visual treatment.

Killa Sha – Never Gone Stop

The late, great Sha Lumi over an Xtra-P production, taken the forthcoming Killa Sha & Large Professor project. Also be on the look-out for Killa Sha’s The Shepard to drop in January 2011 to mark the first anniversary of his passing.

Killa Sha- ‘Never Gone Stop’

Download: Smiley The Ghetto Child – Rap CPR Mixtape

No leaks, no bullshit. Just 51 minutes of Bronx-bred hardcore rap from Smiley The Ghetto Child over beats from Chaze, DJ Premier, Ski Beatz, E-Blaze and more. Hosted by DJ Doo Wop, where else but Unkut Dot Com are you going to catch this first?

Download: Smiley The Ghetto Child – Rap CPR Mixtape

Streaming: Smiley The Ghetto Child – Rap CPR Mixtape

Track listing:

Pre-Order: Tragedy – Black Rage Demos EP

DWG009 – INTELLIGENT HOODLUM / TRAGEDY – ‘BLACK RAGE DEMOS’ (sticker sleeve / limited to 250 hand numbered copies)

Containing 3 previously unreleased Intelligent Hoodlum / Tragedy tracks (together with the 3 final album versions on the flipside) re-mastered for optimum audio quality. This release is endorsed by 25 To Life and will directly benefit Trag who is now working on new projects to revitalise his career.

The Stetson Brothers aka Stetsasonic Demo Tape
Tuesday April 27th 2010,
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Ever wonder what MC Delite, Daddy-O and The Human Mix Machine Wise sounded like before ‘Go Stetsa’? Here’s a tape of the Stetson Brothers (with DJ Prince Paul on the wheels) going for broke around 1984.

The Stetson Brothers Demo Tape

Courtesy of Old School Hip-Hop Tapes, via g

TJ Swan’s Lost Single

First there was The Search For TJ Swan, followed by the Tribute and eventually this:

tj swan is my father…i mean sperm doner..he fell off and is gonna stay off..he doesnt take care of his daughter’s (he has 3) i am his 1st daughter n i want evryone to know he’s a liar and a loser and I don’t respect him.
Comment by nicole grant (tj swan’s oldest daughter) 09.01.05


Prodigy – The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)

As I reported last October, Prodigy dropped a seven-minute verse over the phone for the homies Sid Roams to turn into a track. It took a minute, but Bravo just threw the finished version my way…

Prodigy – ‘The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)’

Ironlak Presents: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape

Design: The Home Office

If you’d told me that I’d be dropping a tape with DJ Doo Wop that featured exclusive tracks from some of New York’s finest back when I started Unkut Dot Com six years ago, I would have told you to stop smoking that shit. I’ve been through some ups and downs over that time, but Unkut has always held me down regardless. This is a small token of my appreciation to everyone who has supported and stuck by the site and kept things moving.

Shouts to everyone who came through and contributed to this project on the strength. Thanks to Ironlak for the support, eskay and Legend for helping to spread the word and of course the one and only Doo Wop who really knocked it out the park.

Still cold gettin’ dumb on you crumbs after six years…let’s go!

Re-up 2013: Counter Strike – The Unkut Dot Com Mixtape [256kps]


DJ Phantom Discusses Killa Sha’s Career

Late last week I was contacted by DJ Phantom – who it turns out was Sha Lumi’s right-hand man in the music game – and I was fortunate enough to have him share some stories about Sha. For those of you not familiar with Phantom’s resume, he’s been involved in the mixtape game heavily for years, and was responsible for bringing the world the debut mixtapes from artists such as Consequence (Take ‘Em To The Cleansers), Saigon (Warning Shots), Trife Da God and Streetlife to name a few. Here’s here’s the Killa Sha story according to Phantom:

DJ Phantom: Killa Sha was more than my friend – that was like my brother. I met Sha in ’99 through Trag, ‘cos that’s when I started working with Trag. Trag told me to come to Power Play Studios and I said, ‘Yo, I wanna meet Killa Sha’. He’s said, ‘Why you wanna meet Sha for?’ I said, ‘Cos the nigga’s the nastiest outta your whole group!’ I’m imaging Killa Sha to be some 6’2”, tall-ass dude from Queensbridge…I get to the studio, he calls me and goes, ‘Yo, Sha’s here, yo, so let’s get up’. So I go to the control room, open the door and I say, ‘Yo, where’s Sha at?’ He says, ‘Sha’s in the lounge.’ So I’m in the lounge room, chilling out, and I see mad people in there. So I go back into the control room like, ‘Yo, I don’t know who Sha is, man’. So Trag brings me back in the lounge room and says, ‘Yo, Sha! Come over here!’ So I see this 5’5” dude come next to me, and I look at Trag and I say, ‘You aren’t Killa Sha, son!’ He’s like, ‘Son! I’m Killa Sha, son! I’m Killa Sha!’ I’m like, ‘Word? Son, you my nigga!’ He started laughing, then Trag is like, ‘I’ll be in the control room, see you guys later’. From there, me and him became friends.

Download: Sid Roams Remix Archive (1998-2003)

Here’s the world premier of the Sid Roams Remix EP to keep you going until the Zombie Musik album drops. Featuring remixes of classics from Big L, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z and Cam’Ron.


Sid Roams – The Unkut Interview

Raekwon feat. Ghostface – The Badlands (European Bonus Track)

Unkut‘s UK correspondent crate digga just laced me with this raw Euro bonus cut from the new Chef CD.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface – The Badlands

Rap Album Collector’s Editions That Need To Happen

Dwindling CD sales getting you down? Wondering why the rap game can’t buy you a pack of gum? Then take a leaf out of the video game industry’s book of rip-off’s tricks – the Collector’s Edition. Why settle for selling your new album for $15 when you can make a $150 version? Here are some suggested ‘Limited Edition’ sets for soon to be released rap albums:

Raekwon The Chef – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II – 38th Chamber Collector’s Set

Not only do you get the long-awaited sequel to one of rap’s greatest albums in a hand-engraved metal CD tin, this essential package also includes purple triple-vinyl, a purple cassette, a mini version of Ghostface‘s Gold Eagle bracelet, a razor and a DVD with exclusive footage of Joe Budden getting punched in his eye.

Old St. Ides Ads > New Rap

All those Sprite TV spots were cool but the St. Ides spots that DJ Pooh put together remain as the finest examples of rapsloitation ever. Were these MC’s selling their souls for some free booze or just hustling smarter? Who cares, the shit bangs!

Rakim – ‘Get Some’

The 18th Letter over ‘Nautilus’? He could convince me to drink a fuckin’ Corona with promo as good as this!

Sample Clear Fail, Pt. 2
Friday August 14th 2009,
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With so many vaulted classics out there, you didn’t think I was gonna stop at just one drop, did you? Here’s another six burners that were condemned to promo/bootleg hell for all eternity.

Blame Biz Markie – Six Songs That Couldn’t Get Samples Cleared

Once the domain of the white label bootleg 12″, thanks to the internets we can now track down high-quality versions of all the tracks that had to be re-recorded, re-played or just plain re-made from scratch because the label couldn’t afford to pay for the loop or were faced with a ball-breaking situation where the original artist hated rap or some shit.

Six Lost Black Rob Joints

As the man himself once said, “Your arms too short to box with Rob”. Fresh back from another “vacation”, B.R. just hit us with a new one, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to dip back into his extensive catalog of mixtape/unreleased burners.

Cookin’ Soul & Nah Right – 1:00 A.M. & Rising
Thursday July 16th 2009,
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Gotta mention this – an official Nah Right album produced by Cookin’ Soul. Any project featuring a song with Doo Wop and Mic Geronimo is an instant download as far as I’m concerned. Shouts to eskay, nation and dre for all the support in Nah Right Lite.

01 – Mickey Factz – Flyin Balloons
02 – St. Laz – Straight from Brooklyn
03 – Emilio Rojas & Tote King – Love vs Hate
04 – Joell Ortiz – Food for Thought
05 – Crooked I feat. One-2 & K-Young – Money Talks
06 – Skyzoo feat. Sha Stimuli & Donny Goines – On fire
07 – Remo Da Rapstar – Cruisin
08 – 40 Cal – Haters (E-n-v-y I-c-y)
09 – Grafh feat. King Charlton – My life (If I die tonight)
10 – AC – If I was you
11 – Ali Vegas – Cold Outside
12 – Streets Is Gettin’ Hot (Remix) featuring Tek, Stat Quo, Ali Vegas, Mic Geronimo, Rapper Pooh, Doo Wop, Icadon, Chirie Vegas & 40 Cal

Download it here.

K-Def – Pirate Radio Mix (1994)

K-Def gets loose on the wheels for this never aired mix intended for the Pirate Radio Show hosted by his mentor Marley Marl. “Oh snap, dude had ‘Who Shot Ya’ a year before it dropped?” Darn tootin’. As L.O.N.S. once harmonized, ‘That’s what connections are all about!’

K-Def – Pirate Radio Mix

Cop the new K-Def album at itunes.

Three Unreleased Show & AG Tracks

Some tracks from the Live Hard sessions that didn’t make the final EP. The only info I have on them is that ‘Trouble’ was “recorded weirdly”, while ‘About This Flow’ was produced by Lord Finesse. Another Unkut exclusive…

Show & AG feat. OC – ‘Trouble’

Show & AG – ‘About This Flow’

Show & AG – ‘Chain Of Events’

Alchemist feat. KRS-One – Grand Concourse Benches

Despite being voted the Greatest of All-Time here at Unkut, KRS doesn’t always hit the mark these days. This isn’t one of those days. Taken from ALC‘s Chemical Warfare.

Alchemist feat. KRS-One – ‘Grand Concourse Benches’

Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Ron G Blend)

Actually from Tape #7, but what can you do…

What better way to pay respect to the King of Pop than these two gems…one of the most inspired blends ever courtesy of mixtape royalty Ron G, and an album of dope Jackson 5 chops from The Are

Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Ron G Blend)

The Are – Dem Damb Jacksons

For a great list of written tributes, Rafi’s on the case.

Grand Puba feat. Large Pro – Same Old Drama

Short but nothin’ sweet about this old mouf convention. Sounds like Large Paul did the track too. Grand Puba’s Retroactive drops on the 23rd via Babygrande.

Grand Puba feat. Large Pro – Same Old Drama

Bonus: Puba on “Punks…”

DX: Do you remember your initial reaction when you first heard “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” and “Pass The Gat”?

Grand Puba: That’s the thing that kinda messed me up [after leaving the group to go solo], ‘cause I wish I was on “Punks,” I woulda murdered that shit. I was like, “Damn!” It’s like I know [Sadat] X wish he was on “360,” and Jamar wish he was on “Soul Controller.” I had that [moment after “Punks”] like, “Damn, man.” That shit, and the “Pass The Gat” shit. Those are my regrets, man. I wish I was on them joints right there

Read the rest here.

Video: Nas Vs. Biggie – The Battle That Never Happened

Uptown tape king DJ Doo Wop threw me this exclusive blend video he made, which answers the question – What if Nas and Biggie had gone at each other on the same stage, verse for verse? Here’s how it might have gone down…

Who Would Have Won A Face-To-Face Battle Between Biggie and Nas?

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