Lord Shafiyq – My Mike is on Fire [Unreleased Remix]
Tuesday October 20th 2015,
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You Toober Umberto -Fab- Lampasona loves himself some test pressings, and this one is a doozy – a vaulted 1988 remix of Lord Shafiq’s debut single from the year before. We only get the first three and a half minutes, but it’s an interesting revision of the classic ‘Nautilus’ loop of the original regardless.

Download: A Salute To The Least Awful Eric B & Rakim Remixes
Thursday October 08th 2015,
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Eric B & Rakim

For such an iconic group, Eric B & Rakim really had a rough trot as far as having shitty UK clun remixes tacked on to their singles. For reasons still I’m still trying to figure out, I thought it would be interesting to compile a collection of the least horrible remixes that were released over their four album career as a duo. While none of these actually surpass the originals, it’s still mildly enjoyable to hear Rakim delivering his timeless lyrics over some different versions of these classics. I know everyone loses their shit over the Coldcut remix of ‘Paid In Full,’ but I always thought it was a little overrated, despite it’s ‘historical significance.’

Download: A Salute To The Least Awful Eric B & Rakim Remixes

Track listing:

Download: A Salute To Showbiz Remixes

Photo: richdirection

Remember that time that A.G. fired shots at Arrested Development in The Source for not mentioning Show when they won the Grammy for ‘Tennesee’? Here’s the remix in question, alongside fifteen other examples of Show’s production magic, ranging from his early big band horn-stab style through to his incredibly sparse, stripped down period and his more recent cinematic sound.

Download: A Salute To Showbiz Remixes

Track listing:

Big Pun – Beware [J-Force Revisit]
Friday February 06th 2015,
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Big Moon Dog left this tiny planet fifteen years ago today. J-Force has revisited ‘Beware’ to remind us how nice dude was on mic devices.

Download: AZ x Phil Gektor – A.W.O.L 2.0
Tuesday February 03rd 2015,
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Crate Cartel member and CRC sympathizer Phil Gektor (aka GX) released this enjoyable remix of AZ’s A.W.O.L. LP last month. There’s no such thing as too much AZ, plus this version of ‘City of Gods’ is particularly enjoyable.

Ten Rap Remixes That Are Barely Remixes But Still Win


The following are a collection of remixes that where perhaps only an extra horn, new drums or a rearrangement of the samples differentiates them from the original version, but they’re still significantly better. You could add most of the 80’s Cold Chillin’ 12: mixes to this list, natch.

Brand Nubian – Slow Down [Pete Rock Remix]

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Straighten It Out’ [remix]

EPMD – ‘Crossover’ [Test Pressing Remix]

Stezo – ‘Freak The Funk’ [12″ Version]

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode Four


This episode’s theme? Deep cut remixes. Hence no ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ or ‘I Gotcha Opin.’

Stream: Conservative Rap Coalition Radio, Episode Four

Download: Cole James Cash – Rap Republicans mixtape

Rap Republicans Mixtape

Cole James Cash just posted a new mix over at the new CRC HQ titled Rap Republicans, featuring remixes and blends speaking on the state of the rap nation.

Download: Cole James Cash – Rap Republicans mixtape

Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (DJ Scratch Remix)
Wednesday June 18th 2014,
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Outstanding remix of “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” from DJ Scratch‘s Scratchmatic project, dropping 4 July at his Scratch Vision site. Loud drums stay winning.

Blondie – Heart of Glass [Chaze Remix]
Wednesday June 04th 2014,
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Ever wondered what this Blondie classic would sound like with an 80’s synth feel? Salutes to the first white dame to ever have a rap record.

Download: DITC – Remix Project LP
Tuesday May 13th 2014,
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For the three of you who missed this last week…courtesy of the DITC site.

Download: DITC – Remix Project LP

Track listing:

Showbiz & AG feat. Diamond D and Lord Finesse – Diggin’ In the Crates [DJ Premier Remix]
Wednesday April 23rd 2014,
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Here’s the CDQ of the latest leak from the DITC Remix Project, due 7 May via Slice of Spice. Shouts to the official DITC site for the audio.

Track listing:

Download: Unkut.com Presents – Forgotten Remixes
Thursday January 16th 2014,
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Here are sixteen remixes, bootlegs and demo versions that you need in your life. I would write a blurb for each one but putting this shit together took longer than expected so I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Download: Unkut.com Presents – Forgotten Remixes

Tracks listing:

Lost MC Shan Remix Alert

I found this the other night on an old radio tape, and thankfully it’s already been liberated onto YouTube to save me five minutes of my valuable time. It’s basically an alternative version/remix of MC Shan‘s “Another One To Get Jealous Of” that was played on WBLS. Good times, indeed.

By the way, Shan also made a cartoon recently:

The Rub – Feel You feat. Lil Fame & Misun [Marco Polo Remix]
Wednesday July 17th 2013,
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Some smoove sangin’ meets crispy snares and Fizzy Womack for this Marco Polo remix of Misun‘s “Feel You” for The Rub Remixed, celebrating the popular spot hosted by DJ Eleven and DJ Ayres.

Action Bronson feat. LL Cool J and Lloyd Banks – Strictly 4 My Jeeps [Remix]


LL clearly read my article about him and decided to get his shit together for this guest spot on Action Bronson‘s remix. Pity that the rapping mummy Lloyd Banks is on this instead of Curtis though. SAAB Stories drops next week.

Marco Polo feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame, Adrian Younge and The Delfonics – Stand Up [Remix]


Marco Polo combines minds with Tragedy for this remix of Adrian Younge and The Delfonics “Stand Up”, with Fizzy Wo on the hook. Newport Authority 2 drops soon.

Ghostface Killah feat. Masta Killa, U-God, Killa Sin and INS Deck – Murder Spree [Apollo Brown Remix]

From the limited-edition tape version of 12 Reasons To Die, which is available when you buy the LP or CD at a bricks and mortar spot.

Nutso – CIA [The Mighty V.I.C. Remix]


Great to hear The Mighty V.I.C. behind the boards again, as he provides this remix for Nutso’s Behind These Bars: RemiXXXed project.

M.W.P. – Marc Marciano Remix EP
Thursday February 28th 2013,
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M.W.P. is a producer from Espergærde, Denmark, who just dropped this collection of Roc Marciano remixes over at Bandcamp. Not that “Snow” actually needed a remix, but it’s always interesting to hear different interpretations of great vocals.

Lord Finesse – Slave To My Soundwave [DJ Muro Remix]


Here’s a great remix of this vintage Funkyman track by DJ Muro, which was pressed in very limited numbers on 10-inch vinyl over at Slice-Of-Spice. No idea if this will see a regular single release at some stage, these collector’s editions are getting rather difficult to keep track of these days.

Tragedy Khadafi – I Cried [Chemo Remix]
Monday September 05th 2011,
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Here’s a remix from Chemo out of the UK, taken from his forthcoming The Stomach of The Mountain LP.
Additional vocals by Ayah Marar, cuts by Mr Thing.

Video: Nutso feat. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush-This Is My Hood [Amazing Maze Remix]
Friday June 24th 2011,
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Dope remix from my boy Amazing Maze, available on red 7″ vinyl, taken from Nutso’s Remix Crate project.

Roc Marciano – Scarface [3:33 Remix]
Wednesday March 16th 2011,
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Here’s a different take on ‘Scarface’ from the 3:33 crew. Check out their forthcoming EP here. Double vinyl Marcberg re-issue with two bonus tracks available here.

Roc Marciano – ‘Scarface [33:3 Mix]’

Kool G Rap feat. Nas – Fast Life [Buckwild Remix]

To celebrate the release of the superb Nineteen Ninety Now LP with Celph Titled, Buckwild is releasing a limited-edition vinyl EP (only 200 copies) on No Sleep Recordings, with remixes/unreleased cuts with Celph on the A side and some unreleased remixes on the flip. Here’s his lost remix of ‘Fast Life’ – not to be confused with the Salaam Remi or Vinyl Reanimator versions…

Buckwild: “I worked on this somewhat later then I should have. Even though I did the album version and it was the single, Salaam’s remix was chosen before I even turned this in. I was going to use it on the white label, but went with the Nas and AZ songs instead”.

Track listing: