Video: Lord Finesse – LOTUG Diss Freestyle (Rocksteady Jam 1992)

Here’s some rare footage of my favorite live ethering ever, as the Underboss dismantles Lords of the Underground‘s Mr. Funkee in classic BX tradition. Courtesy of brollinHH in the comments section of my original post.

New Blog: No Country For (Old) Rap Men

The crew over at Acclaim magazine (who I have been writing for since 2007) have just given me a weekly spot at their new site. To start things off, I offered my take on the Lord Finesse lawsuit against Teen Wolf:

Eff A Mac Miller

Lord Finesse – Hands In The Air, Mouth Shut
Thursday June 21st 2012,
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The greatest Finesse song that not enough people who didn’t cop the tape of his second album have heard, now re-mastered for the Funky Man: The Prequel japanese release. Produced by Showbiz.

Photo: Lord Finesse At The WFMU Record Fair
Monday October 31st 2011,
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‘Ness reppin with Big Bird. That ‘Art of Diggin’ CD is a must-have, by the way.

Courtesy of The Grim Times.