Video: Mobb Deep – Murda Muzik: The Movie
Thursday April 04th 2013,
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Big Noyd deserved an Oscar for his stellar work as a thespian in this fine cinematic masterpiece.

Video: Tragedy – The Story of Queensbridge [Full Movie]

For anybody that didn’t cop this when it dropped, this is mandatory viewing for any QB Rap fiends. Featuring Killa Sha, MC Tee, Blaq Poet, Capone, Havoc, Marley Marl and more.

Video: Something From Nothing-The Art of Rap Documentary
Sunday September 16th 2012,
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I caught this at the cinema a couple of weeks ago. It’s a good film for what it is, which is basically an excuse for Ice-T to demonstrate how many rappers used to love ‘6 ‘N The Morning’ when they were kids, thereby demonstrating how ancient he actually is. That being said, the fact that dudes like Eminem and Dr. Dre were fans means that they offer more than the standard responses to herb-ass journalists. The DVD version features a tonne of interviews that were cut from the final version with dudes like Just-Ice, so that might be worth grabbing to get a little more of the insight from the lesser known players.

Video: SBX! Holding Down Tradition
Tuesday June 08th 2010,
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Sticking with the D.I.T.C. theme, here’s the entire SBX! film for anybody who missed it this on DVD, courtesy of SpineTV and BBPBX:


DWG Presents: TDS Mob 3-Piece Bundle
Friday April 02nd 2010,
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Anyone with a passing knowledge of hardcore 80’s rap should be familiar with Boston’s TDS Mob and their classic ‘Dope For The Folks’ and ‘Scratch Reaction’. Thanks to the Diggers With Grattitude crew, who previously brought us that incredible Juice Crew EP amongst other things, you can now pre-order any or all of these new TDS Mob releases. Details below:

‘Before I Self Destruct’ Movie Review
Wednesday November 25th 2009,
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^ This dame is the only thing you’ll remember from this film.

What do you do when you’re a bored millionaire who isn’t selling records like you used to and has to resort to cheap stunts to keep his name in the news? You make another shitty movie, that’s what. Unlike 8 Mile Part 2 Get Rich Or Die Trying, where 50 Cent was able to convince Oscar winning director Jim Sheridan to try and deliver something beyond the typical ‘hood’ movie, this time around he’s gone back to basics. That’s right, your boy Curtis Jackson wrote, directed and starred in this future classic of modern cinema…

iNTERETS CELEBRITIES – We Left Our Mother’s Basement DVD Review
Monday January 05th 2009,
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So you saw this a while back and thought, “Why should I give these humps money when I can watch it all on the interwebs?” Fair question. It just so happens that my copy arrived today so allow me to guide you through the HD experience, episode-by-episode, in all it’s glory via my all-new, 2009 edition WIN/LOSS review system.


Win: I can now clearly make-out the use by 11/20/05 stamp on the Lay Linda Original Iced Honey Bun on this HD edition. Eff you, YouTube!

Loss: I saw a close-up of Rafi’s teeth. Are those poppy seeds?

Dallas: *Holding st. Ides 40* “This will have you ready to smack your mama”
Rafi: “That’s the main objective!”

Internets Celebs Leave Basement Shocker!
Wednesday December 10th 2008,
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At long last, all your non-Internets using associates, well-wishers and acquaintances can enjoy the exploits of New York’s most celebrated basement dweller’s in HD (Husky Definition). Go here to cop and enjoy Rafi and Dallas’ exploits involving pee, swine-based snack foods, cereal, check-cashing spots and more on DVD (Batamax copies available on request).

While we’re on the topic of dope videos, for anyone who missed this originally:

‘Who The Eff Is Asher Roth?’ video:

King Of The Beats 2 – Review and Giveaway
Wednesday November 12th 2008,
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Photo: Irven Lewis

Even though Volume 1 was never officially issued, King Of The Beats was an interesting experiment involving a simple challenge – each crew was given 20 quid to buy records and make a beat, all in the space of a single day. Part 2 features producers from the UK, US and Australia taking-up the same beat challenge, as they film the whole process and provide running commentary on their progress. If you’ve ever made beats yourself then this whole process will be familiar – if not it should be a bit of an eye opener as to how much work is involved – but it’s all entertaining stuff regardless (eccentric record shop owners and all). I was initially thrown off by director Pritt Kalsi‘s split-screen style in the early sections, but it works effectively and makes it worth watching again to catch anything you might have missed in the first sitting. Definitely a nice change of pace to your standard hip-hop documentary – cop it.

Free CD Round-Up
Thursday May 15th 2008,
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Too cheap to buy music and can’t be bothered waiting for the ten seconds at RapidShare? Start a blog and watch those free CDs roll in. You used to be able to sell them for beer money, but that’s not as lucrative as it once was. Occasionally, they’ll actually be worth listening to and/or keeping.

Payroll Records – The Master Catalogue

Nice collection of everything ever released on this small but notable indy label that ran from ’88-’90. You’ll know ‘Droppin’ It’ and ‘Versatility’ off the bat, but there’s more to the collection than just Bizzie Boys and Supreme DJ Nyborn. You even get all the instrumentals, dubs and accapellas on the second CD.

Mixtape, Inc – DVD Review
Tuesday July 31st 2007,
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As is quickly becoming a habit around here, I’ve had this laying around for a couple of months already but I finally forced my self to watch it. Whoever designed the cover should slap them selves around for a minute or so, since having corny dudes like Lil “Big Man” Jon, Kanye Liberache and Lloyd “Brianna” Banks Photoshopped onto the cover was hardly encouraging me to throw this into the DVD player. Fact is, these humps hardly feature in this doco, and all the better for it.

If you can get past the “epic” narration, verbose explanations and pointless “3-D” computer graphics, this is actually pretty decent half-decent. There are some quality moments with Kay Slay, Brucie-B and them, as well as some embarassing appearances from some guy with a bootleg CD store in his mother’s basement who yells a lot (sounds like the formula for a star blogger), and everyone’s favorite lip-gloss spokesman Sticknmove (star blogger? not so much), back before he discovered white sunglasses and a dental plan. Come to think of it, this is actually a fairly painful experience to sit through. You might want to wait until someone uploads the good parts to YouTube, since I’m fairly certain you’ll learn nothing of any importance form this flick that you didn’t already know, except for Dez‘s tips on catching a vic.

Try and sit through this preview and you’ll have a glimpse into the pain I suffered so that you don’t have to:

Curis and Kanye Get Stylish (Remix)
Thursday July 19th 2007,
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Since these two are about to “face-off” on the charts, it seems only right to dig out this old mixtazpe they did two years back:

I just got my hands on this new mix CD/DVD team-up between Curtis “Metro” Jackson and Kanye “Liberache” West, called Vogue Men Presents: Talking Fashion. Here’s my exclusive, track-by-track review:


Deep Crates 2 Review
Thursday June 14th 2007,
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I’ve got to give it up to Beatdawg for tracking down some of the more obscure producers on this follow-up to his documentary from a few years back. Any flick that gives King of Chill, Easy LG and DJ Doc airtime alongside the traditional big names is doing something right. Having only seen a shitty bootleg VHS copy of the first installment (which had some hilarious quotes from Lord Finesse and weird footage of a sweat-drenched Diamond D), it’s clear that Deep Crates 2 is a far more polished piece.

Statistic – DVD Review
Wednesday May 10th 2006,
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“The world is mine, yo!”

Ever since Master P found sucess with his straight-to-video flicks, the Rapsloitation genre has spread like wildfire. The basic formula involves watching Scarface a few times, writing a corny, updated version of the story and calling up a few rappers to make cameo’s. Statistic meets all these criteria and then some, as the cover bills Mobb Deep, Redman and the Lost Boyz as starring. What this actually means is that Prodigy appears for about 10 seconds, Mr. Cheeks and ’em are in a scene, and Redman features as a semi-retarded gunman. (more…)

Super Gully – Blood Of A Champion DVD Review
Sunday March 19th 2006,
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Retreading the familiar ground of an ex-con trying to walk the straight and narrow, the story of Shadow (Bokeem Woodbine) and Sharon (Deborah Cox) is part romantic drama, part Van Damme flick. Before the plot reaches it’s predictable conclusion, the first three-quarters of the Blood of a Champion are pretty enjoyable, as the two leads keeps things moving with solid performances that exceed the low-budget feel of the sets and the supporting cast. Thanks to Shadow being one of the gulliest characters I’ve seen in a movie for a while, there are a number of highlights worth mentioning. (more…)

Too Stoned For TV – DVD Review
Thursday February 16th 2006,
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Remember after Cypress Hill first dropped, and suddenly every rap album had at least one song about weed? Many of them used the tired “Mary Jane” formula, while gimmicky groups such as Total Devestation went as far as basing their entire career on the sticky-icky. High Times magazine even did a “Weed & Hip Hop” issue with Redman, Diamond D, Gangstarr and Brand Nubian features, while KRS-One was responsible for the bizarre “I Can’t Wake Up”, where he dreams that he’s a blunt being passed around from rapper to rapper. Strangely, High Times Records released the THC compilation almost ten years after the fad first started (possibly for those who missed out on the ’90s), which returned to the overly-familiar groud of girls as a metaphor for weed (“My Favourite Ladies”) and a bunch of songs about how awesome trees can be. (more…)

SBX! Holding Down Tradition – DVD Review
Monday September 19th 2005,
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Ever wondered what AG kept in his fridge? “If you didn’t know before then ya know now….”

Any DVD which includes grainy camcorder footage of the legendary Lord Finesse vs Percee-P face-off achieves instant “must own” status in my book. The main feature, however, plays second fiddle to this timeless slice of Pelon rap history, and is not quite as satisfying. SBX! (BBP, 2005) is a strange brew that is equal parts documentary and musical (?!), as Andre The Giant and the Ghetto Dwellers perform tracks from the soundtrack while going about their daily operations. In other words, it’s a long-form music video. The acting recalls the amusingly amateurish performances in Wild Style, and basically follows the crew heading to a radio interview with rap brainiac/noted journalist Dave Thompkins. (more…)

Hip-Hop Peace and Unity Fest 04 – Review
Thursday August 25th 2005,
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Capturing this second annual free concert held in Toronto, Hip-Hop Peace and Unity Fest ’04 makes for enjoyable viewing, thanks in no small part to the antics of the large crowd. The actual show is pretty decent as well, but the audience provide more than their fair share of memorable moments. (more…)