Stream: Shabaam Sahdeeq – Modern Artillery EP
Tuesday October 13th 2015,
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Here’s the world premier stream of the latest EP from veteran rapper dude Shabaam Sahdeeq, released through Dutch/Swedish label Elite Fleet Records. Available through digital retailers today, with a limited-edition tape version out on the 17th for Cassette Store Day and vinyl still to come.

Download: The Dopplgangaz – Parts Unknown EP
Wednesday June 17th 2015,
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Matter Ov Fact and EP are back with a free EP of new material. Some of the beats are leaning towards a more ‘modern’ sound but the raps are still that classic Shark Nation deviates flow.

Download: Hus Kingpin and SmooVth – Splash Brothers EP

spalsh bros

Some new Conservative Rap Coalition approved music from the Hempstead’s hardest working duo.

Juggaknots – Ol Faithful [1993 Demo]
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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Some vintage Breeze Brewin’, taken from the Baby Pictures EP, available from Chopped Herring.

Stream: New Omniscence and K-Hill EP’s
Tuesday December 23rd 2014,
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GRR December covers

A couple of new releases from Debonair P‘s Gentleman’s Relief Records, featuring the talents of Omniscence and K-Hill, who were featured on the Counterstrike 2 album. Check the snippets below and order the vinyl, tape or digital versions here.

Stream: Timeless Truth – Dominican Diner EP


Newest latest Timeless Truth project, produced by Fafu. Great to hear Solace and Oprime going from strength to strength with each new release. Grab it from iTunes here.

Download: Your Old Droog – Your Old Droog EP
Tuesday June 03rd 2014,
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Free rap to make you wanna slap ya cousin.


Meyhem Lauren and J-Love – Egyptian Musk
Wednesday February 12th 2014,
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Taken from the new Digital Camo EP, available on vinyl through Chopped Herring.

Download: Scram Jones – Dead Giveaway EP


Scram Jones continues the tradition of dope producers who don’t really need to be rapping, but the beats on this go hard enough to disregard any complaints.

Download Mixtape

Download: Ag Da Coroner – Crushed Grapes EP


Wonder Years fan Da Coroner drops a free EP while he completes his debut LP. Produced entirely by ATG.

Fla Fla [Sparrow] and Debonair P – Timeless EP Snippets


Some new vinyl at a decent price for a change…

Snippets taken from the new EP from Fla Fla of Sparrow the Movement, responsible for indie classics such as “Rhyme Impotence”, “Physics” etc. The Timeless EP is available on limited vinyl (150x clear red, 150x clear green) via Six2Six records. All songs produced and mixed by Debonair P. Vinyl can be ordered below for $22 plus postage.


M.W.P. – Marc Marciano Remix EP
Thursday February 28th 2013,
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M.W.P. is a producer from Espergærde, Denmark, who just dropped this collection of Roc Marciano remixes over at Bandcamp. Not that “Snow” actually needed a remix, but it’s always interesting to hear different interpretations of great vocals.

Video: Timeless Truth – Leave It Alone

Visuals for this Roc Marciano produced gem from last year’s Brugal & Presidentes EP, available here on CD and limited edition tape!

Kev-E-Kev & Ak-B – Welcome To Dopeland EP Snippets
Thursday January 31st 2013,
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If you caught the J. Force interview, you’d have read about the release of this lost project from Kev-E-Kev and Ak-B, who were on DNA Records with Super Lover Cee and Cassanova Rudd, with beats from Paul C. and Marley Marl. You can order this limited-edition release over at GoodFelons.

Update: Looks like this might not be coming out anytime soon based on comments below…

Back cover:

Download: Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP


Managed to fight back the Wu-Fatigue from the other week and give this new Raekwon a spin. Despite sounding a little distorted due to being mastered FAR TOO LOUD, this is pretty good. The Scram Jones tracks were the stand-outs for me, especially the “Trans-Europe Express” flip on “Came Up.” Hopefully a remastered version appears soon, but in the meantime here’s the EP with the title that English teachers hate.

Download: Raekwon – Lost Jewlry EP

Back cover:

Download: Alchemist – Yacht Rock EP

^ According to Google Images, this is Yacht Rap.

Alan The Chemist has made a 12 minute EP of drum-free rap for a clothing label called 9Five, with appearances from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Oh No, Big Twins, Chuck Inglish and Blu.

Side A

Download: Kool G Rap – Offer You Can’t Refuse EP
Tuesday February 08th 2011,
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Some new G Rap in anticipation of his next album. That ALC/Havoc snippet is worth the effort at least…

Kool G Rap – Offer You Can’t Refuse EP

Kool G Rap feat. Nas – Fast Life [Buckwild Remix]

To celebrate the release of the superb Nineteen Ninety Now LP with Celph Titled, Buckwild is releasing a limited-edition vinyl EP (only 200 copies) on No Sleep Recordings, with remixes/unreleased cuts with Celph on the A side and some unreleased remixes on the flip. Here’s his lost remix of ‘Fast Life’ – not to be confused with the Salaam Remi or Vinyl Reanimator versions…

Buckwild: “I worked on this somewhat later then I should have. Even though I did the album version and it was the single, Salaam’s remix was chosen before I even turned this in. I was going to use it on the white label, but went with the Nas and AZ songs instead”.

Track listing:

Download: Maffew Ragazino – Where I’m From: The Experience EP
Wednesday September 29th 2010,
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Catch the debut promo EP from Brownsville resident Maffew, who you’ve previously heard here via his cuts with Masta Ace and DJ Clark Kent.

Maffew Ragazino – ‘Get It Together’

Maffew Ragazino – Where I’m From: The Experience EP


Pre-Order: Tragedy – Black Rage Demos EP

DWG009 – INTELLIGENT HOODLUM / TRAGEDY – ‘BLACK RAGE DEMOS’ (sticker sleeve / limited to 250 hand numbered copies)

Containing 3 previously unreleased Intelligent Hoodlum / Tragedy tracks (together with the 3 final album versions on the flipside) re-mastered for optimum audio quality. This release is endorsed by 25 To Life and will directly benefit Trag who is now working on new projects to revitalise his career.

Unreleased Big L / Showbiz Vinyl Snippets
Tuesday June 29th 2010,
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Some good news for vinyl fiends with three new limited-edition releases from Freestyle Records, who also brought us Showbiz & AG‘s Broken Chains:

Showbiz Presents: The Big L / Silky Black Double Pack

Freestyle Records proudly announces our second collectors-only collaboration with the one and only Showbiz. This time around we wanted to do something a little different and not only bring out lost tracks from Big L (R.I.P.), a true lyrical legend (the 11th anniversary of whose death just passed), but also give exposure to an MC who didn’t get his proper shine back in the day: Silky Black.

Big L / Silky Black Snippets

Marcberg Ships Early
Friday April 30th 2010,
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I just noticed that are shipping Roc Marciano‘s solo debut a week early. Go here to cop the CD or here for the vinyl EP version. Me? I’ll be ordering both, since the record is certified dope. You can catch my new interview with Marcy on Monday.

Pro tip: Use the code UGHH50 in your order for a $5 discount when you spend more than $50.

DWG Presents: TDS Mob 3-Piece Bundle
Friday April 02nd 2010,
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Anyone with a passing knowledge of hardcore 80’s rap should be familiar with Boston’s TDS Mob and their classic ‘Dope For The Folks’ and ‘Scratch Reaction’. Thanks to the Diggers With Grattitude crew, who previously brought us that incredible Juice Crew EP amongst other things, you can now pre-order any or all of these new TDS Mob releases. Details below:

Download: Sid Roams Remix Archive (1998-2003)

Here’s the world premier of the Sid Roams Remix EP to keep you going until the Zombie Musik album drops. Featuring remixes of classics from Big L, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z and Cam’Ron.


Sid Roams – The Unkut Interview

Download: The Doppelgangaz – The Ghastly Duo EP
Sunday July 19th 2009,
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Everyone who has any kind of a blog, website or even Twitter account will be familiar with the number of groups who hit you up to post their music. Most of the time I just ignore it, but this one got through the gate on the strength of their being managed by Adam Heron, the son of Mike Heron (who you’ll no doubt recall from this classic Unkut interview). The Doppelgangaz ‘2012 or Forever’ sounds like some 90’s shit (which is good, dummy).

Download ‘The Ghastly Duo’ EP