Download: E.Blaze – For The Luv Of It, Vol. 2
Thursday December 26th 2013,
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This is the second collection of E.Blaze instrumentals, who has worked with D.I.T.C., D-Flow, Smiley The Ghetto Child and Screwball in the past.

Download Mixtape

Download: Retch – Polo Sporting Goods


Some grimey New Jersey material from a kid named Retch, who is also a member of the H’z duo with Da$h. Produced by Thelonious Martin.

Download Mixtape

Download: Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back


Here’s a new tape from Marciano to prepare for the release of Marci Beaucoup on 12 November through Man Bites Dog records. Beats from Madlib, Evidence, Arch Druids, Lord Finesse and Alchemist. The CD version is available when you cop a shirt.

Track listing:

Download: Scram Jones – Dead Giveaway EP


Scram Jones continues the tradition of dope producers who don’t really need to be rapping, but the beats on this go hard enough to disregard any complaints.

Download Mixtape

Download: Action Bronson and Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2


New Action Bronson tape with Party Supplies is available here for free ninety nine. Unclear at this stage why Action is listed as a guest on his on project on track 16. Also, sad face that the Cam’ron feature didn’t happen.

Track listing:

Doo Wop – Halloween Candy 2013 Mixtape
Thursday October 31st 2013,
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Doo Wop brings a new party tape to get dressed-up as Macklemore or your favorite Pokemon to. Might I suggest attending any festivities as Travis Bickell and Betsy on that ill-fated first date steez?

Video: Sadat X – Stock In The Game
Thursday October 10th 2013,
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Sadat X goes in on this sessions from DJ J-Ronin Freestyle Files vol.2 – Everybody Who’s Anybody.

Download: Cam’ron – Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1


Rapping over 80’s sit-com themes? Check. Hilarious skits? Check. Effed-up Roy Ayres remake? Check. No sign of former weed carriers such as Vado? Check. It’s like it’s 2001 all over again.

Download Mixtape

Back cover:

Can’t afford a CRC polo? Cop an Executive Class zine and tape instead.
Wednesday September 18th 2013,
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Just blown all your cash on GTA V or a hooker? Never fear. For those of you who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and join the elite group that are Conservative Rap Coalition polo owners, we are now going back on the claim of “will not separate” and offering the joys of Executive Class Volume 1 and the Mom’s Basement Pause Tape for the more affordable price of $5 each, plus postage.

Executive Class / Mom’s Basement Pause Tape Packs without the polo:

No Polo Packages


Download: Willie The Kid – Aquamarine Mixtape
Thursday September 05th 2013,
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I somehow forgot to post this week. It’s worth the price of admission (zilch) for “Glasses Of Water” alone, which incorporates an amusing Fresh Prince of Bel Air snippet. For extra good times, listen to this while wearing your captains uniform, or at least boat shoes.

Download Mixtape

Coming Soon: The Mom’s Basement Activity Pack


The future is now. In a last ditch attempt to escape Mom’s Basement again, I’ve been working on an “activity pack” that will be available for pre-order in the next couple of weeks. Put together with the limited resources at my disposal (safety scissors, glue stick, a photocopier, a double tape deck and a pile of 70’s Penthouse magazines) I’ve managed to piece together the following:

1. The world’s first official Conservative Rap Coalition t-shirt, sporting our all-new corporate logo.

2. A 60-minute tape featuring promos and exclusives from my collection of 80’s Red Alert and Chuck Chillout radio shows on one side, and my favorite mid-90’s Tim Westwood Capitol One Rap Show moments on the flip.

3. A 32-page zine called Executive Class, featuring classic comment section wars, removed content and exclusives from the Unkut archives.

This will be a super-limited edition package, only available via pre-order and limited to a maximum of 100 editions. Consider yourselves warned!

The Incomparable Shakespeare – Invincible Dream Mixtape
Saturday August 31st 2013,
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Points for originality with this tape from The Incomparable Shakespeare, which features the original versions of some classic tracks before he delivers his own take.

Download: Fat Joe – The Darkside 3 Mixtape


Fat Joe Da Gangsta is “back in town” with a mixtape featuring Diamond D, Premier, Action Bronson, 9th Wonder, Cool and Dre and more.

Download Mixtape

Download: Prospect – First Blood Mixtape
Wednesday July 31st 2013,
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Bronx representative and one-time Terror Squad member Prospect just dropped a new mixtape, featuring beats from Chaze, E.Blaze, Lord Finesse and more.

Download: Prospect – First Blood Mixtape

Back cover:

Stream: DJ Woody – Fly Fishing [Best of Chopped Herring Records Mix]


If you haven’t been keeping up with the limited-edition rap vinyl market, here’s your chance to catch what you’ve been missing out on from the Chopped Herring label, mixed by 2001 ITF Champion DJ Woody.


Download: Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L – Real Deal (97) Mix
Tuesday February 12th 2013,
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Feel like catching a flashback to 1997? Thanks to Slam Magazine and BAU, you can with this new mix.

Inspired by the release of Adidas‘ “Real Deal” retro basketball shoe, featuring exclusive freestyles from Freeway, Maffew Ragazino, The Kid Daytona, Krondon (of Strong Arm Steady) Meyhem Lauren & Paul Mighty

Download: Frank The Butcher & DJ 7L – Real Deal (97) Mix

Track list:

Vado feat. JR Writer – Full Clip


Best track off Vado‘s Slime Flu 3 tape. It’s be nice if he would throw a few more of these type of songs on his shit for variety.

You can stream or download the whole mixtape below:

Download: Sparkle Motion – Miracle Blends Mix


If my mother would let me have ladies in her basement, this is the kinda stuff I would play to ’em to set the mood something lovely.

Time to lace up those Timbs, throw on a Champion hoodie and get ya Eastcoast Stomp on… Sparkle Motion are back with “MIRACLE BLENDS”. TOBES and DJ Yoda cut, mix and scratch their way through an hour of “Yo! MTV Raps” staples, blending Hip-Hop and R&B acapellas with instrumentals, originals and remixes – with a few surprises thrown in along the way. “Miracle Blends” was inspired by the legendary New York City tape-masters of the early 90s like Ron G, Kid Capri and Doo Wop.

Sparkle Motion – Miracle Blends


Listen: K-Def – The Breaks, Session 1
Thursday January 10th 2013,
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Planned to put this up a couple of weeks ago, but still worth kicking back to over the weekend if you haven’t caught it elsewhere. K-Def playing some dope breaks? You can’t go wrong.

Download: Hannibal Stax – The Honorable Mixtape
Wednesday January 09th 2013,
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Here’s that tape from Hannibal Stax, mixed by PF Cuttin and hosted by DJ Premier. Look out for a new Stax project with Marco Polo this year.

Download: MWill – As Above, So Below

What do you get when you combine The Alan Parsons Project, Carl Sagan and the son of Engineer All-Star Marley Marl? The As Above, So Below tape, that’s what.

Download or stream.

Weekend Throwback – Unkut Ignorance Mixtape

Re-up of the mixtape I posted in 2008:

This is a vinyl mix of great ignorant rap songs which I put together with DJ J-Red in 2002. Sure to upset anybody within earshot. Includes classics such as Willie D‘s ‘Baldhead Hoes’, Convict‘s ‘Wash Ya Ass’ and Bustdown‘s ‘Pissing Razor Blades’.

Download: DJ Franchise – Futurized Funk [Easy Mo Bee Tribute Mix]
Friday September 28th 2012,
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DJ Franchise just dropped this dope blend mix of Easy Mo Bee productions:

‘Easy Mo Bee was instrumental in some of the most ground-breaking productions of hip-hop artists in the 90s era. Widely known for his influential musical presence with B.I.G.’s “Ready to Die”, Easy Mo Bee brought a futurized funk to a genre that was unheard of. His work with so many greats still demands to be recognized. This mix helps serve that purpose.

Dedicated to and inspired by my good friend, Matthew Africa (RIP)’


Download: Lunchroom Battles Mixtape
Tuesday September 11th 2012,
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Corona, Queens resident gudtyme has just dropped his Lunchroom Battles collection with vintage material such as Nas and Akinyele dropping ‘BBQ’ verses, ‘Kid Wizard’ aka Rakim with Biz Markie, STET on the radio, Big Daddy Kane kicking dirty Xmas raps and more. This is certified dope material. gudtyme explains it all at his blog.

Lunchtime Battles mixtape

Track listing:

Download: J.Force – Cadillac Respect

This came out a while back but it’s worth grabbing regardless, especially since I just interviewed J.Force this week. Until I transcribe that, for those unfamiliar, he dropped a couple of singles in the 90’s and worked with Marley Marl in the studio and was part of the Future Flavas radio show crew. This is a collection of ‘revisits’ he did for the show and stuff that’s never been released, pieced together with some choice movie samples and interludes. Strictly SP-1200 status.

J.Force – Cadillac Respect

You can order the physical copy from here for free if you pay for postage or cop a t-shirt.

Track listing/back cover: