No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Can I Kick It? No, You Can’t
Thursday October 01st 2015,
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News that there will be some ‘special remixes featuring rapper’s who stan for Tribe’ on the 25th Anniversary Edition of People’s Instinctive Travels… has raised all kinds of alarm bells…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Can I Kick It? No, You Can’t

UN Or U Out Tape Re-Issue Announced
Thursday February 27th 2014,
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The debut album from The U.N. (Dino Brave, Mike Raw, Laku and Roc Marciano) is getting a re-release in April with two bonus tracks. Since most of you no doubt copped this when it first dropped, the good news is Fat Beats are pressing a tape version for ten bones. Frozen Files played “4 The Luv” last November, and “UN Da House” is from the World Domination mixtape (which deserves a vinyl release of it’s own since that was arguably better than official LP).

The U.N. – “UN Da House”

Roc Marciano – Bozak

This is a bonus track for the 2CD re-issue of Marcberg on Fat Beats, which also includes the complete instrumentals for the album.

Godfather Don Releases The Hydra Single Collection
Friday September 03rd 2010,
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For many Donny Brasco fans, the Hydra singles that didn’t make the Diabolique album stand as some of his finest work. Even if you have all of these on vinyl, having proper CD versions always beats ripping it from the wax. You can order it here.

Godfather Don – ‘Seeds of Hate’

Track listing:

Five Reasons Why Vinyl Stays Winning
Thursday June 24th 2010,
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DWG Presents: TDS Mob 3-Piece Bundle
Friday April 02nd 2010,
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Anyone with a passing knowledge of hardcore 80’s rap should be familiar with Boston’s TDS Mob and their classic ‘Dope For The Folks’ and ‘Scratch Reaction’. Thanks to the Diggers With Grattitude crew, who previously brought us that incredible Juice Crew EP amongst other things, you can now pre-order any or all of these new TDS Mob releases. Details below:

Free CD Round-Up
Thursday May 15th 2008,
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Too cheap to buy music and can’t be bothered waiting for the ten seconds at RapidShare? Start a blog and watch those free CDs roll in. You used to be able to sell them for beer money, but that’s not as lucrative as it once was. Occasionally, they’ll actually be worth listening to and/or keeping.

Payroll Records – The Master Catalogue

Nice collection of everything ever released on this small but notable indy label that ran from ’88-’90. You’ll know ‘Droppin’ It’ and ‘Versatility’ off the bat, but there’s more to the collection than just Bizzie Boys and Supreme DJ Nyborn. You even get all the instrumentals, dubs and accapellas on the second CD.

Three Times Repress
Wednesday August 22nd 2007,
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It’s times like this I can’t but wonder “What would EST do?”

Gone are the days of wondering “What ever happened to…?” or shelling out a week’s pay on some test-press vinyl action. Chances are, the folks over at Traffic are putting it out on CD right now. By the time you’ve read this, five more albums from the vaults will have been re-issued, and by days end, a further twenty. But for now, I’ll attempt to tackle three recent re-releases:

Now With Added Newness
Tuesday March 20th 2007,
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Mostly, I can’t be bothered reviewing new stuff because there’s so many other people doing that already and there’s a good chance that it’s trash anyways. Plus I’ve had better things to do, such as drinking a mess of booze and reviewing porn. But there have actually been a few thing worth checking out in the last week or two:

Keeping-up his track record for releasing something every other month, Ghostface just dropped his own version of Hidden Darts, only this time it’s minus J-Love so we can finally enjoy burners like “Murder Goons” from start to finish. Shit even sports the original Fish Scale artwork – cop that, Def Jam design dept! Even though you most likely have a lot of these songs, this shit is better than pretty much any “official” album for the last five years. It’s so comprehensive that it even including the breakbeat freestyles from the Bulletproof Wallets snippet tape that noz dropped a while back.

Ghostface Killah – Milk Crates


Skinny Boys – Weightless Album Review
Thursday August 17th 2006,
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Nineteen eighty six was a good year for rap, but also an awkward one. Fresh ideas seemed to be drying-up as everyone realised there was only so many times you could replay the theme to Gilligan’s Island over a drum machine beat before people would get sick of it. Shout Rap was starting to sound a little tired compared to the intricate rhymes of T La Rock and the stylish tough talk of Just-Ice, but it would be another twelve months until Criminal Minded would rewrite the rules of the game. Schoolly D had damn-near perfected the art of sparse, abrasive drum machine assaults, but this debut from Connecticut’s Skinny Boys demonstrated that there was still some life left in the bare-bones sound. (more…)

45 King & Latee – Brainstorm EP Review
Thursday January 05th 2006,
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A welcome addition to the growing ranks of rap reissues is the famed 45 King Brainstorm EP, unoffically named after the incredible Latee track of the same name that’s contained amongst it’s six selections. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the original pressing of this a few years back, and as far as I know there were two pressings of this originally. The first issue of a mere 50 copies was pressed-up by DJ Mark The 45 King himself, and featured his head on the label on both sides, JB style (one on a yellow background and one on orange ). I believe he later did a second pressing of a few hundred due to popular demand, only this time one side had the 45 King logo and the other had the “Mark head”. Either way, it’s a tough piece to find for under $100, so the fact that Tuff City have issued a retail version is good news. (more…)

Will The Real Pubah Please Stand Up? – Krown Rulers & Masters of Ceromony Review
Thursday November 24th 2005,
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Some bright spark over at Traffic Entertainment came up with the idea of releasing a bunch of ’80’s albums on CD, which is a pretty decent concept since most of these are tough to find for anyone under 30 who wasn’t around to buy them when they first came out. Plus only stuff like Run-DMC was getting pressed on fancy-pants Compact Discs in 1988…. (more…)