Why is Australian Film and TV Fascinated with Prison?
Wednesday October 21st 2015,
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Prisoner Box Set

Australia’s loves making films about jail, so I took a look at country’s storied history of life in the bing/boob for Complex AU.

Why is Australian Film and TV Fascinated with Prison?

See also: 14 Times International Rappers Referenced Australia

Video: The Wiresons
Tuesday July 28th 2015,
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Casimir sez:

Theme from Season 3 of The Wire. Clips from ONLY Season 3 of The Simpsons.

Kartoon Korner: Operation Doomsday and MM Food Sample Footage
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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You Toober Eddie Frank has pieced together the original footage which MF Doom used to create the memorable Operation: Doomsday and MM Food skits. Comic nerds and fans of poorly drawn animation, unite!

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap TV Shows That Need To Happen
Friday March 06th 2015,
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Will Smith TV Guide

Some ideas for VH-1’s next ratings period…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Rap TV Shows That Need To Happen

Video: JVC Force Perform Strong Island On TV
Saturday January 31st 2015,
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AJ Rok and B-Luv perform their most requested record in front of their dancers and some kind of green screen backdrop on a mystery TV broadcast. Is it public access television? Did Kool DJ Red Alert have a TV show at some stage that time has forgotten? Regardless, AJ reps the CRC with his sensible cableknit

Photo Essay: The Many Faces of Ghostface In Couples Therapy
Wednesday January 15th 2014,
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GFK’s current squeeze judges lesbians while he catches forty winks.

It turns out that Ghostface being on a reality TV show is the greatest thing since 3-6 Mafia tried to open a restaurant with Big Pussy and Elliot Spitzer‘s hoo-er. In the second episode, Pretty Toney discovers some troubling news about his broad…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Since The Face Got Revealed, Game Got Real…
Thursday January 09th 2014,
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Is reality TV the only answer for aging rapper dudes?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Since The Face Got Revealed, Game Got Real…

Video: Life With Jeannie, Episode 1- My First Baby Jesus
Sunday December 29th 2013,
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Here’s the first episode of Jean Grae‘s new sit-com, which combines a Curb type of vibe with a lotta booze, and is therefore CRC-approved.

Video: Mantronix On Kids TV Show In 1986 UK
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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All praise due to grandgood for unearthing this piece of YouTube gold. As you see, I learned everything I know about interviewing rapper dudes from the host of Lift Off.

Video: Ice Cube Now Likes Arsenio More Than The Bicenntenial
Wednesday September 11th 2013,
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Cube Arsenio Int by YardieGoals

Check this appearance of Ice Cube on the new Arsenio Hall Show, as he explains why they weren’t seeing eye to eye back in the day and how Cube got into the movie game. Spotted via Miss Info.

Video: Degrassi Unscripted – The Drake Episode

Aubrey hangs out with his mom’s, sneaks his grand mother chocolate in between giving her daps, shows us his CD and shoe collection, drives his 2004 Acura, reads out some pretty creepy fan mail from a guy called Jason, shares some footage of his starring role in a local production of Les Miserables and pulls out his collection of tear-stained rhyme books. Bless his cotton socks!

Shouts to Grand Daddy IU for digging this up.

Video: Magnum Opus – The Story Behind Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s T.R.O.Y.

New Complex TV feature about the making of Pete Rock and CL Smooth‘s signature hit.

Video: Philly Rap City documentary [1988]

More Philly action, this time with a three part feature on the local scene that ran on local TV, featuring Schoolly D in his prime, sporting a fresh Fila jumpsuit and block haircut, DJ Code Money, radio legend Lady B, Yvette Money, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Price and more. Continues below…

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – The Large Professor Episodes
Friday May 31st 2013,
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Now we come to the pay-off…the ultimate edition of the Combat Jack TV Show with the Live Guy With Glasses on deck! Parts 2 and 3 below..

Tim Dog Found Alive And Well?
Thursday May 16th 2013,
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In news that shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anybody who watched the extensive Dateline report on Tim Dog‘s numerous “bad business deals” with a series of lonely ladies he met through internets dating, one of his “rubes” is so thirsty to get her $100 a month repayment plan continued by Timothy that she’s hired a private investigator to prove if the Dog actually died earlier this year. The story has even been picked-up by a local news show, despite the fact there is no actual proof that he’s still alive.

After being informed by a longtime Bronx resident that, “most Webster Ave niggas are con artist”, I think I may have a lead. Over at Discogs, a lone seller is offering a copy of Tim Dog’s final album, BX Warrior, on CD for $91. Since I’m pretty sure nobody actually bought that album, or even knew it existed, there’s a good chance that this is Tim’s latest hustle. I put to you that he left Atlanta with a briefcase full of BX Warrior CD’s, hopped the red-eye to Germany and is currently living with his latest online dating conquest in Berlin, who is helping him prepare the next Tim Dog Greatest Hits box set/all-black strip revue/movie project with Denzel Washington.

However, if it turns out that Esther Pilgrim is completely wrong about this crackpot theory, I hope she gets hit by a bus for continuing to drag the great man’s name through the mud. I mean she did get to experience a romantic night in Atlanta with the guy who made “Fuck Compton”, after all. You can’t put a price-tag on that kind of experience!

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – The Scarface Episodes

Here are all three episodes of the Combat Jack interview with the Greatest Southern Rapper of All Time, Brad “Mr. Scarface” Jordan. Part 2 and 3 below.

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show – Killer Mike and El-P, Episode 1
Monday May 06th 2013,
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Combat Jack and Dallas Penn talk to Killer Mike about the making of his R.A.P. Music album with El-P

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show, Episode 3 feat. Black Thought
Thursday April 25th 2013,
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Black Thought continues his conversation with Combat Jack (aka Ben Grimm Esq.) and and Dallas Penn (aka Advanced Scarf Technologies) and talks about battling, hearing Illmatic and meeting Supernatural.

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show, Episode 2 feat. Black Thought
Wednesday April 24th 2013,
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More of the raw from Combat Jack, Dallas Penn and the crew talking with Black Thought, who drops some show-stealing rhymes at the end. Concludes with a third episode at the end of the week.

Video: The Combat Jack TV Show, Episode 1 feat. Black Thought
Monday April 22nd 2013,
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Debut of The Combat Jack Show on Complex TV, where Dallas Penn, Combat Jack, Premium Pete and Just Blaze deliver that same type of in-depth interview technique with rap legends as they do on the podcast, only with less booze and better lighting. To set things off, Black Thought from The Roots talks about the time they had that issue with Nas following their involvement with Spike Lee‘s Bamboozled. Chea!

Video: Magnum Opus – The Making of Special Ed’s I Got It Made
Tuesday April 16th 2013,
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First in a new series over at Complex that talks about classic songs with the artist and those who it inspired. Good to see this kind of stuff getting coverage with quality production values.

Dallas Penn and Combat Jack Are: The Black Odd Couple
Tuesday March 26th 2013,
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During an “ideas storm” at the Fuckboi Media Group, International HQ today, one of my crack team of creatives decided to rip-off an idea based on a Mike Heron Tweet and put together an outline for a new VH-1 sit-com starring Internets Celebrities Dallas Penn and Combat Jack

Read the Season One Episode Recap Here

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Love, Hip-Hop and Ratchets


This week, I took a journey to the Ratchet Side. Never before have so many unattractive broads who somehow believe that they are “divas” been collected in one place.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Love, Hip-Hop and Ratchets

Video: Unsung – The EPMD Episode
Thursday February 07th 2013,
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The latest episode of TVOne‘s Unsung.This is TV done correctly.

via HHW.

Video: Henry Chalfant’s ‘All City’ Documentary

Henry Chalfant‘s often forgotten second hip-hop documentary called All City features some great moments, including a super high-tech video for T La Rock‘s ‘It’s Yours’.

Warning: May contain excessive pop-locking.

Part 2 & 3 below…