Forgotten Beefs: N.W.A. vs Romeo & Master Rhyme
Wednesday August 26th 2015,
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DJ M-Walk, who you may remember as Tone Loc’s DJ, produced a song for Romeo & Master Rhyme in 1987 which sampled ‘To Be Real.’ It was picked up by Delicious Vinyl and remixed by the Dust Brothers, and contained some lines which were seemingly aimed at another local LA crew:

M-Walk don’t dig dirty dudes dealing dope/so stop saying sess ’til the suckers say soap
Rhymes raps and riddles of rhymes he’s real raw/said seven sorry suckers saw [O’] Shay on the Shaw
And that’s no lie, and if you want to try/you can come and try and I won’t even ask you


No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Why Does Nick Cannon Still Exist?


The article where I compare Nick Cannon‘s career to Homeboys From Outer Space.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Why Does Nick Cannon Still Exist?

Spotted: Brief Breakdown Of All The Black Lives Sean Combs Has Destroyed
Thursday March 20th 2014,
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The homie Cole James Cash just put me onto this thread over at The Coli, where dude by the name of gator_king reminds of us of Puffy’s numerous crimes against humanity:

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Internet Rapper Graveyard
Thursday February 06th 2014,
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Throwing shots at these guys is like shooting fish in a barrel, but why should that spoil the fun?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Internet Rapper Graveyard

Beast Coast vs. A$AP Mob In A Fashionista Rap Royal Rumble?
Thursday December 05th 2013,
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When Nas dedicated “Loco-Motive” to “all my 90’s dreaded N-word”, he had no idea of the floodgates that were about to open. Not that throwback rap is anything new, but things have apparently gotten to the stage where the Pro Era crew are now claiming that no one outside of the Beast Coast collective is allowed to shamelessly pander to nineties hip-hop nostalgia. After A$AP Mob dropped a track called “Trillmatic” the other day, over an a-typical vibed-out beat and featuring a blistering contribution from Method Man, Joey Bada$$’ manager felt a type of way and aired out the following on Twitter: “Love to see more rappers bite the pro era swank. Good shit Nast. Smh lol whats new with these “New York” negus?” To which Nast replied: “style jacking who my nigguh. 1990 born up you got us fucked up my g need to talk whatchu know” , followed by this more incenidary remark: “I GOTTA SHOW DEZ LIL NIGGUHS HOW TO REP THE 90’s FOR REAL” Roffle Harris.

Papoose – Jive Ass Turkey
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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As I predicted last week, Pap took the opportunity to make a song about Trinidad James, proving that he is officially BK’s answer to The Game in that he loves to make records about people that are never going to bother to respond to him. Guess there really is something to that “minor league” shade after all.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Dummy Takes Another L
Thursday November 14th 2013,
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Boycotting Rap Dummy will make you more attractive to women and give you six years good luck.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men – Rap Dummy Takes Another L

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Is J. Cole The Dullest Dude In Rap?
Friday November 01st 2013,
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The Bland MC continues his reign of crippling mediocrity outchea…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Is J. Cole The Dullest Dude In Rap?

Boogie Down Productions – Duck Down [Alternative Version]

bdp duck down still

More BDP action with this vinyl rip from Rob Pursey of Southern Hospitality. Apparently the UK pressing of the “Duck Down” 12″ features an alternative version of the Pal Joey produced track, despite being labeled as the “LP Version”. Sporting a looser deliver from KRS, an extra bassline and an extra verse going at X-Clan, which would later end-up as part of “Build and Destroy”, from the same LP. Was there some kind of fuck up and an early demo version of “Duck Down” was pressed up for the British audience, or did the Jive UK office just prefer this version? Regardless, it’s more greatness from the third best BDP album, and therefore essential listening.

Video: The White Mandingos – What You Waitin’ On?
Friday October 25th 2013,
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Rage Against The Machine back. From The Ghetto’s Tryina To Kill Me LP, which has proved to be one of 2013’s more interesting projects in a sea of mediocrity.

Kool Keith Fires Back At Unkut?


Just noticed this comment from Lair dating back to February, where he points out, “I think Keith recorded a diss track just for you off of this article”, linking to a song that dropped a mere 12 days after I expressed my bitter disappointment at Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown tour.

While the cover image bares a striking resemblance to the venue I attended, the rhymes don’t really confirm that it has anything to do with my review, unless you consider “You heard the track accurate, that’s what I’m about” to be a rationale for his lip-syncing during the show in question, and “Laugh online…LOL…they stuck!” to be a subliminal aimed at Unkut HQ.

Hold up! On closer inspection, “Caught up in the zone like people with long cords on they phone/they can’t think out the box, so they won’t stay in the box” pretty much sums up everything that the Conservative Rap Coalition is about. Did Poppa Large (pause) just ether me?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Jay-Z Let Me Down…Again


Finally a perfect excuse to throw massive amounts of shade towards the most jocked rapper of all time…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Jay-Z Let Me Down…Again

The Combat Jack Show – The Return of Toure Episode


Never before have so many shots been fired on a podcast in the space of two hours as Premium Pete and Toure face-off once again. Essential listening.

Is All New Rap Drug Music?
Monday April 29th 2013,
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(c) The Royal Hospital Chelsea; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

What with the current influx of Molly Rap, Acid Rap, Loud Rap, Lean Rap, Yayo Rap, Bath Salts Rap and whatever the fuck else these characters are getting bent off, it seems like we’ve returned to the Slow Rap era that Cypress Hill heralded in the early nineties. Does that mean that we need to get twisted on the appropriate substance to fully enjoy much of this new rap? I’m pretty sure you need ingest heroic quantities of codeine to fully enjoy this new DOOM song with Clams Casino, “Bookends”:

Video: Three Times Dope Dissing The Hilltop Hustlers
Wednesday March 20th 2013,
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The Greatest Man Alive, Da Wizzard of Odds and V-Born kicking rhymes over finger snaps for the Krush Rap show. Larry Larr gets a quick jab in at Cool C, while EST buries his old crew and his former manager in typically acknickulous fashion. Hopefuly footage of the time that one of the Hilltop threw a quarter at EST at the basketball court and the resulting brawl will turn up one day.

Video: Star and Buc Wild Show, 4 March 2013

I’m rolling with Troi Torain‘s show on a daily basis. This was a one of the more entertaining episodes of late.

Bobbito Ethering Ricky Powell On WKCR, 1993

The clear highlight of the reunion show was this timeless interaction between Bobbito Garcia and Rickey Powell during a 1993 episode of The Stretch Armstrong Show. I couldn’t resist but upload it to YouTube for prosperity posterity.

Byron Crawford – Infinite Crab Meats Book Review
Wednesday February 20th 2013,
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Remember when that Stuff White People Like blog got turned into a very popular book? Me neither, but apparently it did. My long-time internets associate Byron Crawford released his first tome, Mindset of a Champion, last year, and it turned out to be a great read. The sequel manages to improve on his print debut (technically it was only an ebook but will be available in paperback soon), on account of being longer, funnier and touching a broader range of targets. Where Champion was most likely written in a week, it seems as though Bol spent at least three weeks on this. No shots, for a professional blogger and America’s “leading black intellectual”, three weeks is a virtual lifetime.

The Unkut Guide To Rappers Dissing The Source Magazine


It’s tough being the Big Man On Campus in the wacky world of Rap Magazines. The Source had a great run where they were basically unchallenged for years – despite some good work from Hip Hop Connection in the UK, they couldn’t match the access that the Mind Squadd had to cutting-edge New York music for the first half of the 90’s. The influence that The Source had also made them a prime target for disgruntled rappers, all of whom seemed to believe that everything they released was worth “Five Mics” (you may recall Outkast complaining that their debut “only” received 4.5 mics in later tracks). Sometimes it was a little more personal, as was the case for Ice-T, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, who were all directly criticised in columns and decided to fire back on record. The following is a collection of some of the more noteworthy attacks on the house that Sheck built.

Meyhem Lauren – The Laurenovich Angle
Tuesday January 15th 2013,
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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

A fine addition to the “Eff A Critic, They Talk About It While I Live It” rap genre, as Meyhem responds to Pitchfork‘s review of his last tape. Produced by J-Love.

Hipster Rap Douchebags – Where Are They Now?
Thursday December 13th 2012,
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hipsters 2

It’s been over four years since I labeled a bunch of artist types as Hipster Douchebags. This resulted in lots of angry comments, newspaper articles citing homophobia and a video interview with a visibly hurt Kidz In The Hall. Sweet!

Let us examine what’s happened since then…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

Another Hipster Rap group bites the dust? Or a sad loss for Weirdo Rap?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Forget Jay-Z – MF Doom Is Rap’s Greatest Hustler
Thursday October 18th 2012,
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Has Zev Love X got rap fans hood-winked? Or is it simply a case of supply and demand?

No Country For Old [Rap] Men – Forget Jay-Z – MF Doom Is Rap’s Greatest Hustler

Shots Fired: Big Ill The Mack Goes At Big Daddy Kane
Monday September 10th 2012,
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Since it’s Big Daddy Kane’s born day, thought it might be worth digging out this freestyle session from the end of his birthday party celebration in 1991. A varied selection of rapper dudes get involved, before former Wiseguyz member Big Ill The Mack started taking pot shot’s at Kane and LL Cool J in a display of exceedingly bad manners. He would later win The Source‘s Unsigned Hype in July 1993 and formed Ill Al Skratch.

Masta Ace remembers how it all went down:

Robbie: At the end of ‘Rolling Wit Umdada’ you’ve got your freestyle from Kane’s birthday party, when Big Ill The Mack ripped him.

Masta Ace: It was a dope party. That was actually Grand Daddy IU that you heard at the end, sayin’, ‘Pick that mic up!’ That was a wild night. I have photos from that night, with all of us on stage rapping. Kane, Jay-Z, Nice & Smooth, Just-Ice, Positive K was in there, Ill from Ill & Al Skratch. What a night! At the time it was just a party – we was just doin’ what we do – but looking back on it, it’s like crazy! Just the amount of people and different artists that was up there rapping. Scoob Lover – there were mad people in there rhyming. It was a cool night though.

After Ill shit on Kane there must have been a bit of tension in the air though.

Oh you mean when Ill did that shit he did? Oh yeah, that was kinda crazy. Kane had already left – he wasn’t even by the stage when that happened. Really, most of the rappers that was up there, everybody had kinda dispersed. It was such a long cipher that it kinda got boring after a while, so everybody was kinda leaving, and Ill got up there and just started whylin’ – kinda goin’ at Kane – but only a few people was paying attention. I was one of the people that was paying attention, and I was like, ‘Well this guy’s kinda sayin’ some stuff about Kane at his own party’. It was tension after that night, where Kane’s DJ Mr. Cee was A&R at Mercury Records, and Ill & Al Skratch were signed to Mercury Records. They were actually scarred to come to the record label because they thought somebody was gonna do something to them. They were like worried, but everything got smoothed over.

Does Rakim’s Break The Wrath In Half Exist?

As Rakim tells it in the above video with RA The Rugged Man (who looks ‘like a teenage girl on her first date’ according to the YouTube comments ), he agreed to remove his four lines aimed at Big Daddy Kane from the first version of ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em’ after Ant Live played like Sir IBU on some ‘I’m The Peacemaker’ shit.

Dr. Butcher, who used to DJ for Kool G Rap, offered this version of events:

Rakim, from what I understand – I didn’t hear it – but I know he had made a record called ‘Cut The Kane In Half’, and it was gonna be a diss record for Big Daddy Kane but he didn’t put it out. But if you listen to his rhymes, he says little slick stuff on the Follow The Leader album that was directed at Kane. Because there was a lot of stuff goin’ on about how was better and who was the best. Rakim was pretty quiet, he never talked about. Kane was a little more verbal about it. They never really made it publicly known, but he definitely was gonna do something.