No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

Another Hipster Rap group bites the dust? Or a sad loss for Weirdo Rap?

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: First The Fat Boys Break-Up, Now This

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Forget Jay-Z – MF Doom Is Rap’s Greatest Hustler
Thursday October 18th 2012,
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Has Zev Love X got rap fans hood-winked? Or is it simply a case of supply and demand?

No Country For Old [Rap] Men – Forget Jay-Z – MF Doom Is Rap’s Greatest Hustler

Shots Fired: Big Ill The Mack Goes At Big Daddy Kane
Monday September 10th 2012,
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Since it’s Big Daddy Kane’s born day, thought it might be worth digging out this freestyle session from the end of his birthday party celebration in 1991. A varied selection of rapper dudes get involved, before former Wiseguyz member Big Ill The Mack started taking pot shot’s at Kane and LL Cool J in a display of exceedingly bad manners. He would later win The Source‘s Unsigned Hype in July 1993 and formed Ill Al Skratch.

Masta Ace remembers how it all went down:

Robbie: At the end of ‘Rolling Wit Umdada’ you’ve got your freestyle from Kane’s birthday party, when Big Ill The Mack ripped him.

Masta Ace: It was a dope party. That was actually Grand Daddy IU that you heard at the end, sayin’, ‘Pick that mic up!’ That was a wild night. I have photos from that night, with all of us on stage rapping. Kane, Jay-Z, Nice & Smooth, Just-Ice, Positive K was in there, Ill from Ill & Al Skratch. What a night! At the time it was just a party – we was just doin’ what we do – but looking back on it, it’s like crazy! Just the amount of people and different artists that was up there rapping. Scoob Lover – there were mad people in there rhyming. It was a cool night though.

After Ill shit on Kane there must have been a bit of tension in the air though.

Oh you mean when Ill did that shit he did? Oh yeah, that was kinda crazy. Kane had already left – he wasn’t even by the stage when that happened. Really, most of the rappers that was up there, everybody had kinda dispersed. It was such a long cipher that it kinda got boring after a while, so everybody was kinda leaving, and Ill got up there and just started whylin’ – kinda goin’ at Kane – but only a few people was paying attention. I was one of the people that was paying attention, and I was like, ‘Well this guy’s kinda sayin’ some stuff about Kane at his own party’. It was tension after that night, where Kane’s DJ Mr. Cee was A&R at Mercury Records, and Ill & Al Skratch were signed to Mercury Records. They were actually scarred to come to the record label because they thought somebody was gonna do something to them. They were like worried, but everything got smoothed over.

Does Rakim’s Break The Wrath In Half Exist?

As Rakim tells it in the above video with RA The Rugged Man (who looks ‘like a teenage girl on her first date’ according to the YouTube comments ), he agreed to remove his four lines aimed at Big Daddy Kane from the first version of ‘Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em’ after Ant Live played like Sir IBU on some ‘I’m The Peacemaker’ shit.

Dr. Butcher, who used to DJ for Kool G Rap, offered this version of events:

Rakim, from what I understand – I didn’t hear it – but I know he had made a record called ‘Cut The Kane In Half’, and it was gonna be a diss record for Big Daddy Kane but he didn’t put it out. But if you listen to his rhymes, he says little slick stuff on the Follow The Leader album that was directed at Kane. Because there was a lot of stuff goin’ on about how was better and who was the best. Rakim was pretty quiet, he never talked about. Kane was a little more verbal about it. They never really made it publicly known, but he definitely was gonna do something.


Video: Lord Finesse – LOTUG Diss Freestyle (Rocksteady Jam 1992)

Here’s some rare footage of my favorite live ethering ever, as the Underboss dismantles Lords of the Underground‘s Mr. Funkee in classic BX tradition. Courtesy of brollinHH in the comments section of my original post.

Build Your Own Rap Group With Extra Swag
Friday February 18th 2011,
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Somebody’s Brother – The Unkut Guide To Rap Nepotism
Tuesday January 18th 2011,
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There have been some talented gene pools in hip-hop, where two brothers from the same mother have both shown and proved on skill and talent alone. And then there’s these guys…who needed a weed carrier when you’re own flesh and blood could carry your stash?

Even Free Rap Shows Are A Rip-Off Now

So there was a free show the other night featuring Jean Grae and Pharoahe Monch, which isn’t really a big deal since I never really pay to get in anyways and I don’t really know a song that either of ‘em have done for the last five years, but eff it. First thing I noticed that were a lot of broads around, which is pretty unusual for a scumbag spot like this one but always a positive. Did all this gals roll up to hear ‘Simon Says’? On closer inspection, I noticed that 85% of these chicks appeared to be on some of that old rug munch status, and then the penny dropped. ‘Oh shit, Jean got this girl-on-girl rap audience in a headlock!’. There also seemed to be your usual fudge pudge of type-Emo rap fans and J. Bieber wannabes, which seems to be par for the course in this fruit basket we call hip-hop now.

The Unkut Film Critic Reviews Kanye West’s Runaway
Tuesday November 09th 2010,
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Highly esteem film critic Rodger Tossenpot just submitted his thoughts on Kanye’s latest piece of ‘creative jeanious [sic].

No one man should have this much Power. The power to make me weep at the frailty of the human condition, laugh at our faults and marvel at the beauty of Great Art. Many dismissed the idea of Mr. West directing a short film as self-indulgent navel gazing, but only because haven’t experienced the majesty of his vision. Combining the story-telling prowess of the Brothers Grimm with the gritty edge of a young Scorsese, Mr. West has delivered our generation’s Citizen Kane via this 35 minute Rap Opera.

How Eminem Won & Lost At The Same Time
Friday October 08th 2010,
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Why do people who don’t even work in the music industry talk about album sales? It makes no sense whatsoever when you think about it, but since the young rap fans of today are often more concerned with what sort of jacket Kanye was wearing in his new video than what he says in his lyrics, it shouldn’t really come as any great surprise. See, there’s this white guy who used to rap about being crazy, going on killing spree’s and unsavory thoughts toward the mother of his child (and his own mum, come to think of it). Nothing unusual there either – pale-faced rappers have often resorted to casting themselves in the role of the lunatic in an attempt to deflect any questions of ‘street cred’ or whatever you want to call it. He sold a hell of a lot of records performing Black music, won an Oscar, then took a break and got strung-out on goofballs and got fat – basically on some Elvis shit. Here’s the thing – he was actually a pretty great rapper. Sure, as his career progressed the quality of the beats steadily declined and the choruses became increasingly annoying, but the kid still had lyrics to go.

Kanye Lost
Wednesday September 08th 2010,
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Artwork: The Home Office

RE: ‘Monster’ ‘Power’ [Remix]

The Unkut Guide To Rap Battles That Never Happened
Friday August 27th 2010,
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If there is one tried-and-tested topic of talk to get rap addicts animated, it’s imaginary battles. You know, shit like, ‘What would have happened if the Fu-Schnickens had squared-off against Das-Efx, yo?’ OK, maybe not so much that example, but you get the idea. Here are a few to chew over:

LL Cool J vs Kool Moe Dee, circa 1985: Like it or not, but Teddy Riley‘s syrupy New Jack tracks lost the war for KMD when he took it to Jack The Ripper in the late 80’s. But if LL had tried to take-out Moe Dee in ’84, ’85, when he was still wet behind the ears? The Space Invader of Rap would have buried Todd.

KRS-One vs. Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap: Maybe it was all that Crazy Glue I was huffing this afternoon, but I have a feeling that KS-One in his prime could have taken out any of these three legends in a live face-off. Ra and G Rap were never really battle specialists to my knowledge, and even though Kane wrecked a few contenders in his early days, I’ve got a feeling that the Blastmaster‘s off-the-head ability and general blood-thirsty attitude when you caught him on an off day could have been enough to knock the mighty Dark Gable onto the canvas, in the right conditions.

Are Weak Hooks Ruining Rap?
Tuesday August 17th 2010,
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One of the many notable moments from the 2nd episode of The Combat Jack Radio Show was when the topic of ‘Verse of the Year’ came up. Dallas declared that Black Thought was the current holder of that title thanks to his rousing performance on ‘Walk Alone’ from How I Got Over. Despite being aware of the fact that DP has been known to carry weed for Philly’s Finest on occassion, I thought maybe I should check the album out again after having initially dismissed it as a ‘snooze-fest’. Turns out that Black Thought murders shit over some rich, moody compositions. But there’s something not quite right – the majority of the choruses are fuckin’ horrible. I’m not sure if it’s the choice of vocalists or the words, but the hooks on this record completely kill the vibe for me. To be honest, The Roots have a pretty poor track-record in this area. ‘Dat Skat’, anybody? But I’m not trying to make an example of the Hardest Working Band In Hip-Hop, because this problem is an epidemic right now.

NORE’s Notable Quotables

Your arms too short to box with the God….

“A full steezie is a bitch that will suck your dick in front of your peoples. She doesn’t really care, she’ll suck your dick in front of everybody. She’ll suck all your niggas dicks…that’s basically my everyday plan. I find a new full steezie…I’m being honest with you, ‘cause I know this ain’t getting to New York, so…You know, I piss on bitches. [laughter] It’s nothing. I love full steezies. And even I like the full steezies that won’t suck everyone else’s dick, but they’ll suck your dick in front of your man. I like those, too. I’m very uncivilized. Then you got the ones that’ll suck your dick behind closed doors, all day every day. Those are cool, too. It’s all full steezies, but there’s different ways of being full steezie. That’s my everyday life. I discover a new full steezie every other day. And I like to smoke a lot of marijuana. You got marijuana?”

Reviewing The Reviewers

This was amusing…four members of the Internets Commenting Committee who were less than thrilled with my opinion on Kanye‘s song:

fiasco says:

Hooray For Kanye?
Monday May 31st 2010,
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Everybody hearts Kanye….except for some jerk from Unkut.

The Unkut Guide To The Not-So-Awesome 80’s
Thursday May 27th 2010,
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Forget the misty-eyed talk of hip-hop’s ‘Golden Age’ – the 80’s were responsible for more than their fair share of horrible trends in rap music. Here are just some of them….

Has Hip-Hop Become More Bitch-Made?
Friday May 21st 2010,
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Gossip and rumor have always been a big part of the hip-hop game, but what was once confined to dumb rumors such as ‘Does Big Daddy Kane have AIDS’ has now become a cottage industry to itself. Every morning I have to trawl through a seemingly endless stream of emails announcing ‘Lil’ Wayne Is Pregnant To An Alien’ and ‘Diddy Sez He Didn’t Spill Egg Salad In Rick Ross‘ Beard’. I guess that kind of bullshit it to be expected from rap teenybopper gossip sites (the internets answer to Word Up! magazine?) but that mentality seems to have infected the majority of rap blogs as well. The 24-hour news cycle demands a high turn-over of content, but we really need to draw the line somewhere. Say word Drake copped a new pair of jeans?

Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. – We Got Gunz (Solar Diss)

I heard a snippet of this last night so I had to hit Doo Wop for the full version. As you might remember, Wop was GURU’s show DJ for a few tours, so had first-hand experience with the fuckery surrounding Solar, and on this song he let’s us know the science on this snake in no uncertain terms over the classic Gangstarr beat. He’s joined by T.O.N.Y. from Minnesota, “who actually sparked the idea”, according to the Bounce Master. I’ve got a feeling we’ll be hearing some more tracks with this theme in the near future…

Doo Wop & T.O.N.Y. - ‘We Got Gunz’ [Solar Diss]

Why Did I Review Eminem’s New Song?
Friday April 30th 2010,
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The other night BFred – who threw me that guest week over at XXL way back when and currently holds it down over at Complex – assembled the opinions of a bunch of rap bloggers and assorted hacks regarding the new Eminem song. The surprising thing about the end result is that my score wasn’t the lowest, although that may explain why I only received one Twitter jab from a cracker groupie while Noz received a couple of love letters via email. Remind me to award 0.5/5 next time.

What’s The Consensus? The Internet’s Top Tastemakers React To Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’