Big Twins feat. XP – Something Real
Wednesday April 09th 2014,
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Big Twins and Sid Roams re-united! Could this mean that The Project Kid, Vol. 2 is going to happen one day? Either way, more of this please.

Hard White feat. Chinxdrugz and Cau2g – H-Dub-Riot [2006]
Tuesday April 01st 2014,
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I had high hopes for the Hard White crew. With strong Sid Roams production and some quality anti-social content, I even went as far as asking “Are Hard White The New NWA?” – clearly ridiculous statement but an indication that I was fucking with their music pretty heavy. Sadly their capo Un Pachino was lost in the system shortly afterwards, so that was pretty much it, but recently one of their affiliates Chinx Drugz has been making some noise so I thought it would be a good time to revisit one of his early cameos. Notice that he wasn’t deemed worthy to be mentioned in the cover artwork back in 2006 so the dude has clearly been putting in some work since then.

Ten Great Big Twins Tracks


Big Twins The Project Kid was the last classic QB rap album, with the combined efforts of Sid Roams, Alchemist and Jake One providing the perfect soundtrack to the gravel-voiced stand-out of the Infamous Mobb. He’s also provided the perfect foil for Prodigy on a number of occasions, as Gambino and P make for a good combination like Pepsi and Pop Rocks. Here are ten great Twins tracks for you to thun out to:

Download: Sid Roams – Budapest Synth Orchestra Mix, Pt. 1 & 2
Monday January 03rd 2011,
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The first two parts of a “radioactive progmix” trilogy from Bravo and Joey Chavez. Paypal $6 here for a physical copy.

Budapest Synth Orchestra, Part 1

Budapest Synth Orchestra, Part 2

Prodigy – The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)

As I reported last October, Prodigy dropped a seven-minute verse over the phone for the homies Sid Roams to turn into a track. It took a minute, but Bravo just threw the finished version my way…

Prodigy – ‘The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison)’

Unkut Mixtape Leak: Capone & Lord Nez – Gangsta/Gangsta

To celebrate the 6th year of the Unkut Dot Com, I put together a mixtape called Counter Strike to give a little something back to everyone that has stuck with the site. Featuring exclusive tracks and a few slept-on cuts from some of the best street-level MC’s out there right now, the tape is dropping as a free download this Friday (26 February), thanks to the good people over at Ironlak. But this isn’t just some old compilation bullshit – this is an official tape, hosted and mixed by one of the best in the game. More details to follow…

Here’s a sample of the kind of material we’ve got in store for you:

Capone & Lord Nez – ‘Gangsta/Gangsta’ [Produced by Sid Roams]

Download: Sid Roams Remix Archive (1998-2003)

Here’s the world premier of the Sid Roams Remix EP to keep you going until the Zombie Musik album drops. Featuring remixes of classics from Big L, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Jay-Z and Cam’Ron.


Sid Roams – The Unkut Interview

Sid Roams – The Unkut Interview

After catching the ears of a lot of people from their work on Prodigy‘s H.N.I.C.2, the production team of Joey Chavez and Bravo went on to oversee and release several impressive projects on their own Dirt Class Records label, including Product of The 80’s and The Project Kid. I caught-up with them recently yo discuss the lost art of the A&R, studio sessions and the classic bongs vs. blunts debate.

Robbie: So you guys have produced as a duo since around 2004?

Bravo: That sounds about right. We’re been making beats together since ’92-’93, but we didn’t really form Sid Roams until 2004-5. We’d been doing stuff together and then for a long time we were doing beats on our own, with Joey on the west coast and me in New York.

Joey: Both Bravo and I started off working on the first [unreleased] Dilated record in ’95-’96…

Bravo: We all grew-up on the west coast – me, Joey and Ev – we were all in the same neighborhood in Venice. Joey and Ev went to junior high-school together and then we all went to high school together and we all started making beats and Ev was rhyming. We had been in QDIII’s studio, which was next-door to Ev’s house and he had a monster studio. It was like walking into a spaceship! Lights everywhere, it was like being on Star Trek or something. We met Al[chemist] through Ev. He was also a rapper at that time, back when we were kids, but as things progressed Al really took the helm with the beats. By the time we all got out to New York, Al had a good jump on that whole Queensbridge scene, so we passed him a beat CD around 2003-2004 and he played all that stuff for Infamous Mobb. That’s how ‘Who We Ride For’ actually happened. They thought it was a beat that he made and they just flipped on it and recorded it. He played us the little demo and it sounded crazy, so we all met up and started building.

Seven Superior Sid Roams Productions
Tuesday October 20th 2009,
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Joey Chavez and Bravo, along with their boy Alchemist, have been giving that classic Queensbridge sound a fresh coat of paint in recent times. Even the most ardent Prodigy and Infamous Mobb haters would have to admit that the sound of H.N.I.C. 2, Product of the 80’s and The Project Kid was top notch. This week I’ll be showcasing some of their finest work, dropping an interview with the crew and premiering some exclusive music.