Video: Star Blacks-Out On A Caller

Things take a turn for the worse when one of Buc Wild‘s old weed-head buddies tries to get Star to pass on a message.

Throwback Post: Big Men On Campus – Biggie Smalls Vs. John Belushi
Saturday March 09th 2013,
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Two fatties at the height of their respective powers were taken from this small planet in the month of March – one, a waffle-guzzling comedian with an appetite for destruction. The other – the brother of the guy from K-9. Sixteen and thirty-one years ago, respectively, these two hedonistic maniacs checked-out, leaving gigantic shoes that have yet to be filled. But who was the most brolic of these two foodaholics? Here’s a super-scientifical breakdown:


Video: Star and Buc Wild Show, 4 March 2013

I’m rolling with Troi Torain‘s show on a daily basis. This was a one of the more entertaining episodes of late.

Video: Prince Paul and DJ Pforreal – Paul Vs. Paul, Part 4
Sunday March 03rd 2013,
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More Dew Doo Man madness.

The duo debate important topics such as dance styles, workouts, slang, mustaches, Auto-Tune, and analog vs digital reverb.

Bobbito Ethering Ricky Powell On WKCR, 1993

The clear highlight of the reunion show was this timeless interaction between Bobbito Garcia and Rickey Powell during a 1993 episode of The Stretch Armstrong Show. I couldn’t resist but upload it to YouTube for prosperity posterity.

Stream: The Stretch Armstrong Show Reunion [22 February, 2013]


The greatest rap radio show of the 90’s had one more go-around at 89 tech 9 the other night as Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito shared some classic tapes of the show from 1993. While the live stream was straining under the weight of all the old heads trying to tune in across the globe, I was able to catch the authentic 90’s flashback of using Real Player for the first time in fifteen years. Be on the look-out for the priceless ethering that Ricky Powell caught when he called into the show way back when.

Video: The Star and Buc Wild Show, 15 February 2013
Saturday February 16th 2013,
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Here’s the latest episode of the Star and Buc Wild Show, which is live streamed on YouTube at 12pm every weekday and then rebroadcast on Shot 97. Basically it consists of Star shitting on people, dudes calling-up to make sure that Star got their donation to play their song and various other fuckery. Star might be showing his age by the fact that he still owns a Blackberry and has a Yahoo email address, but he’s lost none of that hate in his heart, which is something that Unkut Dot Com has to respect. You can also cop his book for free ninety nine if you still believe that reading is fundamental.

Ten Rap Ballads That Will Make You Want To Stab Yourself In The Face With A Broken Bottle
Thursday February 14th 2013,
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There was once an unwritten law that said that all rap albums must contain at least one “slow jam” to attract the “female demographic”. Despite some rare exceptions (MC Shan’s “Left Me Lonely”, Kool G Rap’s “She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” and Kid Capri’s “This Is What You Came Here For”), these love raps were shameful blights on the discographies of otherwise respectable MCs. Here are ten particularly painful examples:

Video: White People Performing Public Enemy Songs
Friday January 04th 2013,
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Like Public Enemy? Love white people? Then you are in for a treat! Here are white folks channeling their inner “prophets of rage” in the name of all things cover version.

Video: How To Be Hip-Hop Tutorial
Saturday October 27th 2012,
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Part 3 of DJ Sheep’s VHS Vault schools us on how to be ‘hip-hop’, according to these two helpful fellows. This is the kind of thing that I’m sure the Rap Genius dudes would appreciate.

Video: Fat Guy Attempts to Break on Japanese Talk Show
Friday October 26th 2012,
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The second installment of DJ Sheep’s VHS Vault brings us the wonder of almost falling off the stage while trying to do backspin’s in a puddle of water while cruel hosts taunt you without mercy.

Video: The Illest Beastie Boys Performance Of All Time

Introducing a new Unkut video series – DJ Sheep‘s VHS Vault, Episode 1:

MCA, King Ad-Rock, Mike D and DJ Hurricane make an unruly appearance on Japanese TV during their glory years at Def Jam. Thanks to the wonders of live broadcasting, we get to witness a cameo appearance from Ricky Powell (aka The Rickster) involving a bed, a chick in a tight dress and an ice cream. So many classic scenes and bonus lines including ‘Fondle my balls with your fingers’ and ‘With your oriental pussy you can suck my dick’

Easily the finest moment in their long career…

Unkut Meets Negroes On Ice [Prince Paul and DJ Pforreal]
Tuesday October 23rd 2012,
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After checking out the Negroes On Ice LP a couple of times, I thought it might be worth talking to Prince Paul and his son, DJ Pforreal in an attempt to try and figure out why on earth anyone would want to release a rap comedy album in this day and age…

Robbie: Did both of you put the story for Negroes On Ice together?

DJ Pforreal: Me and my dad have the same sense of humor so it was somewhat easy putting the project together. It was no thinking really behind it.

Prince Paul: You could tell the whole record was really no thinking behind it! [laughs] It goes from brain to mouth! There’s no filter in between. To answer your question, the basic gist of the story is just us sitting down together and coming up with, ‘OK, and then what happened? Alright, he’s running! And then what happens?’ It was fun, it was definitely both our senses of humor.

Who Would You Like To Throw Onto The Third Rail?
Tuesday September 06th 2011,
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As a rule, I prefer to change up the tried-and-tested hypothetical question of which celebrity you would like to shove into an active volcano with something a little more grimy. Not that Unkut Dot Com is any way, shape or form condoning the killing or causing grievous bodily harm to rappers, producers and deejays, but just for the sake of argument, let us suppose for a second that you were in a position to shove someone like Swizz Beatz in front of a bus without anybody suspecting foul play…who would you choose? Call it natural selection if you will…the culling of the less talented musical individuals for the betterment of our ears.

Don’t hold back now…the Unkut comment section is protected by doctor/patient confidentiality.

Even Free Rap Shows Are A Rip-Off Now

So there was a free show the other night featuring Jean Grae and Pharoahe Monch, which isn’t really a big deal since I never really pay to get in anyways and I don’t really know a song that either of ‘em have done for the last five years, but eff it. First thing I noticed that were a lot of broads around, which is pretty unusual for a scumbag spot like this one but always a positive. Did all this gals roll up to hear ‘Simon Says’? On closer inspection, I noticed that 85% of these chicks appeared to be on some of that old rug munch status, and then the penny dropped. ‘Oh shit, Jean got this girl-on-girl rap audience in a headlock!’. There also seemed to be your usual fudge pudge of type-Emo rap fans and J. Bieber wannabes, which seems to be par for the course in this fruit basket we call hip-hop now.

The Unkut Film Critic Reviews Kanye West’s Runaway
Tuesday November 09th 2010,
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Highly esteem film critic Rodger Tossenpot just submitted his thoughts on Kanye’s latest piece of ‘creative jeanious [sic].

No one man should have this much Power. The power to make me weep at the frailty of the human condition, laugh at our faults and marvel at the beauty of Great Art. Many dismissed the idea of Mr. West directing a short film as self-indulgent navel gazing, but only because haven’t experienced the majesty of his vision. Combining the story-telling prowess of the Brothers Grimm with the gritty edge of a young Scorsese, Mr. West has delivered our generation’s Citizen Kane via this 35 minute Rap Opera.

Salute To Weed Carriers Version 3.0
Monday September 06th 2010,
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The people demanded it. And I answered…

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Weed Carrying But Were Afraid To Ask

Related: Download The Combat Jack Show, 3 Sept, 2010 [Feat. The Weed Carrier Report]

Why Rap Doesn’t Age Well

“These kids don’t appreciate music from last week, let alone ten years ago!”

This is something that a lot of people – artists in particular – like to complain about. It’s a valid point though. Any mention of ‘older rappers’ in the media draws the inevitable comparisons with the Rolling Stones, who continue to tour despite that the fact that they’re all over 100 years old (not to mention the fact that Keith Richards has been dead for the last 25 years). Classic rock albums from Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd and The Beatles continue to be discovered and enjoyed by each new generation of music fans – or at least those who take the time to study their shit – while many staples of great hip-hop long-players are relegated to the occasional blog post on (note: may not be a real URL).

Video: Ras Kass featuring Mel Gibson – Pussy From Behind

Who said that celebrity phone call recordings, auto-tune and shitty beats don’t ever make for a good combination?

More Backstage Thievery Down-Under

Just because Australia was once filled with the crooks that England didn’t want doesn’t mean that it’s a nation of ‘tea-leafs’, right? Here’s the latest installment of people stealing shit from Americans On Rap Tours. While Talib Kweli was able to get his laptop back (but not his fitted), it seems that this story has a happier ending for a certain teetotalling Canadian beat-smith: