GQ Magazine are out here sharking our whole movement
Friday May 29th 2015,
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It’s almost as if this Clay Skipper guy read the entire Weed Carriers website from front-to-back and tried to act like he birthed this shit. First Google obliterated all traces of my Guide To Glo Gang Weed Carriers post after Blood Money was murdered the day after I profiled him, and now this? This is actually the second time I’ve caught the Gentleman’s Quarterly trying to claim the Weed Carrier term as their own. It’s enough to make me want to get my Fury Road on and start spitting petrol into my car engines air intake so I can cut this fuckery off at the turn. Thanks to the eagle-eyed NuJerooz for the tip.

MC Funky J Vs. KRS-One – Worst Beef Ever?
Saturday January 04th 2014,
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Some herb called MC Funky J, which is basically the worst rap handle of all time, just leaked a recording of him getting sonned by KRS-One in an attempt to get some shine for his new KRS diss which is so bad it has to be heard to be believed. Unlike every other hack blog that has reported this “story”, I had my crack team of YouTube comment section investigators spend ten seconds researching this shit. Here’s a response from this Server Taveres guy mentioned in the phone call, which basically sums up what is a clear case of Stanning:

Yo, just for the record, I don’t need to defend Kris, however, I was a part of this situation and I don’t appreciate how this dude is tryin’ to portray Kris… this convo. is from 2005, OBVIOUSLY Kris was heated about this dude, a TOHH intern, NOT a “Protege”, leavin’ a THREATENING Note at his HOME where he and his FAMILY live, who wouldn’t be HEATED?!… The REAL question is WHY in 2014 has this surfaced?! This dude is a WWWACK rapper just tryin’ to get some PUBLICITY off a so-called “controversial” situation that ended up really NOTHIN’! Let’s NOT give him ANY energy, Word! IJS!!! ;)


YouTube Commenters Type The Darndest Things: Lupe Fiasco – Bitch Bad

Twenty reasons why YouTube Commenters are the pinnacle of human evolution:

1. ‘Hiphop saved Lupe’s life. Now Lupe is saving hiphop’s life.’

^ *blank stare*

2. ‘Lupe is like A Tribe Called Quest from 2012 ! He is real.’

^ Which also means that Lupe hasn’t listened to any of his own albums all the way through and prefers Hammer to himself.

3. ‘This needs like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,­000,000,etc views’

^ Good thing you added the Etc. That ‘0’ key was getting quite the work-out.

4. ‘Lupe Fiasco is not just a rap genius. Thousand miles more. He fight for his dreams and no one could stop him. And just wonder if any of the rappers are read more books then LupeFiasco and educate himself more. Not because it’s fancy or something. Just because he wants more about life then others and try to do something more with his power what he got FOR THE WORLD! Proud of him!’

^ Reading books is the new fancy.

5. ‘the true is that 50 to 100 years from now lupe will be reguarded as one of the best artist of this time’

^ The Bob Dylan of Rap?

Sorry Doug E. Fresh – Lord Finesse Is The World’s Greatest Entertainer

Turns out not all free rap show’s suck. The other night Lord Finesse blessed us with an encore performance that was nothing short of unfuckwittable. Figuring that the Funkyman would do a quick 15 minutes set and maybe spin some records and bounce, it turned out that he delivered an hour of lyrical gems – and then jumped on the decks for another two! Following DJ Boogie Blind’s valiant but largely failed attempt to spark a breaking session, Finesse ambled onto the stage and proceeded to school all those in attendance as to how to rap. Unleashing his formidable catalog of punchline anthems without the need for a hypeman or weed carrier, L.F. also proceeded to snap on the crowd (“Why you wanna film my shoes and shit? Are you Peter Parker or something, working for the Feds?”), son new-jacks (“I’m a grown man. How am I gonna start wearing tight pants and crying over some girl?”) and crack jokes with his DJ (“Oh now she’s blowing kisses at you? Make your mind up, girl!”).

Six Vintage D.I.T.C. Photos

Just got put on to some timeless gems over at Lord Finesse‘s Facebook gallery, featuring a teenage Fat Joe, Big L, DJ Premier, GURU and more. “Whole lotta memories…” (c) Iz The Wiz.

Reviewing The Reviewers

This was amusing…four members of the Internets Commenting Committee who were less than thrilled with my opinion on Kanye‘s song:

fiasco says:

The Kathy Bates of Rap?

Here’s the good news…there was no fruity shit going on between Guru and Solar. Everything else? Fucked the fuck up.

Phillip Mlynar investigates for the Village Voice

Or you can keep track of the latest thanks to the broad who hacked Solar’s email via this Twitter feed.

Why Did I Review Eminem’s New Song?
Friday April 30th 2010,
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The other night BFred – who threw me that guest week over at XXL way back when and currently holds it down over at Complex – assembled the opinions of a bunch of rap bloggers and assorted hacks regarding the new Eminem song. The surprising thing about the end result is that my score wasn’t the lowest, although that may explain why I only received one Twitter jab from a cracker groupie while Noz received a couple of love letters via email. Remind me to award 0.5/5 next time.

What’s The Consensus? The Internet’s Top Tastemakers React To Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’

Would You Pay $5,000 For The Purple Tape?
Friday April 23rd 2010,
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If so, go here.




Thanks to Marcus Respekt for spotting this.

How Not To Attend An M.O.P. Show

I remember seeing the posters a couple of months ago and bugging out. Mash Out Posse coming through my town? Nah, right? But it they were. As a huge supporter/fan/Stan of the Brownsville crew, I knew this was gonna be a night to remember. Turns out it was, only not exactly the way I’d imagined…

Can A Grown Man Still Be A Rap Fan?
Monday August 24th 2009,
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Is there anybody over the age of twelve who’s actually willing to admit to being a fan (or, in the more extreme cases, a Stan) of any rappers these days? Now that everyone is a producer, MC, DJ, blogger and CEO of their own ‘entertainment group’, is there still room for those of us who aren’t teenage girls to be fans of the music? Personally, I don’t mind admitting that I’m a fan of certain artists (and nearing Stan status with a couple), but at the same time no one wants to come off like a groupie…it can be a fine line.

But what exactly is it that defines a fan? To hear Ghostface tell it, you have to cop his latest album and produce it on demand when he performs in your town. If so, does that mean that Slaughterhouse only have 18,000 fans, based on their first week record sales? Or is everyone who gets mad in blog comment section and message boards when Joey‘s name is typed in vain? Could the problem be the term ‘fan’ itself? Or would you rather be called a ‘supporter’?

Who are you proud to say you’re a fan of? And have you ever had anything signed by you’re favorite artist?

Video: British Guy Breaks Down Tupac’s Faked Death (1997)
Wednesday June 03rd 2009,
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Amateur sleuth/’Pac Stan “Ill” Will explains the various theories about why Tupac was due to return to the USA to crush his enemies in 2003. Big Breakfast host Johnny Vaughan seems suitably bemused. Another victory from crate digga‘s VHS box.

Video: Roc Marciano Performs ‘Snow’ and ‘Pop’ Live @ Sputnik
Thursday May 28th 2009,
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Roc Marcy makes a rare appearance at Sputnik in Brooklyn for the Industry Shakedown Radio One Year Anniversary. Thanks to Solace for the footage. More to follow soon.

Why Kool G Rap Is The Undisputed

When 4,5,6 collaborator T-Ray declared that, “G Rap is the realest. Nas, Pun, Raekwon – all of them owe their styles to him. He’s like the Muddy Waters of hip-hop” – he summarized exactly why the Kool Genius of Rap continues to influence the style and technique of today’s finest rappers. By combining a wicked sense of humor (‘Operation CB’) with flawless brag rap credentials (‘Kool Is Back’) and a gift for engrossing narrative (‘Streets of New York’), G Rap proved to be far more versatile than his contemporaries during the eighties and light-years ahead of other gun-talk rappers through-out the early nineties.

Lord Finesse Live In Tokyo + Vintage Press Kit

Sure, I’m a Finesse fan. He’s the only rapper I ever asked to sign anything, so when I had a chance to get my hands on the original press kit for his seminal Return of the Funkyman, best believe I went in.


Build Your Own Hip-Hop Supergroup

Gotta get the Cream…

So there’s a bit of talk about Slaughterhouse, right? Joell and Royce are sick, Buddens has his moments and…err…Crooked I? As I was saying, who would you throw into a smoke-filled studio with a bag of Chinese take-out and a case of Becks? Four MC’s, one wildcard for guest shots. Go in.

Unkut Dot Com’s Roster:

The Headcrack Assassination Squad

Roc Marciano

Strong Island delivered us yet another unique wordsmith. A perfect combination of abstract wordplay and street science.

Killa Sha

Sha Lumi brings together twenty years worth of Bridge influence into an action-packed sixteen every time, with the best ad-libs around.

Sean Price

Sean P is that dude. I actually through both the recent Bootcamp albums just to hear his verses. Tends to burn everyone else on the same track.

Blaq Poet

Every time Poet hits the booth, he wins. Nothing fancy, just bare-bones gutter shit with a a ton of heart from one of the most reliable troopers in the game.

Wildcard: Doo-Wop

Wop is a great rapper because he isn’t actually a rapper, doesn’t try too hard, he has a great flow and he keeps it simple, dummy. Plus it’s mostly the voice.

Sid Romes Roams on the beat.

And The GOAT Rap Album Is…

After catching the spirited debate as to the GOAT Public Enemy album between Dallas Penn and Combat Jack, I was reminded that as amazing as those albums are, nothing holds a candle to the mighty Critical Beatdown.

For years, I’ve flip-flopped between Criminal Minded and Critical Beatdown for the title of Greatest Rap Album Evah. But what tape am I lurching for before I pass out after too much Jamieson? Ultra, pusscakes! While Ced blessed Scott and Kris with his programming expertise for their debut, it was Beatdown that allowed him to go all-out in the Ultra Lab (decked-out in tin-foil to give it that ‘futuristic feel’, as legend has it) and really take rap so far into the future that the world still hasn’t caught-up. Word to Paul C.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – I Declare War

Attention all G Rap stans – straight from Marley Marl‘s master reels – and via DWG‘s incredible Juice Crew EP – I present to you a never-before heard slice of KGR brilliance from the Road To Riches sessions. In case you needed a reminder of who the GOAT of rap is….

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – ‘I Declare War’

The vinyl’s already sold out, but you can still catch the Lungbutters CD, mixed by DJ Format, from DWG for £12 GBP (OR £17 GBP with the Main Source 7″) by emailing here.

Stones Throw Stalker Pack

For 125 bones, Doom stans can get a CD, a 45, an effin’ tape, a comic book and a t-shirt. If they’d thrown in a pair of Metal Face AF1’s, some bubblegum and some trading cards, it would’ve been the ultimate stalker pack. I like Doom, but wait a minute….

Madvillian – ‘Cold One’ (aka ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ remix) ‘Can’t Reform ‘Em’