DOOMSTARKS – Lively Hood
Tuesday September 15th 2015,
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I expected this to be rubbish, but it’s not. DOOM was sounding the best he has in years on this. Colour me surprised!

Raekwon – F.I.L.A. Track-By-Track Review
Wednesday April 22nd 2015,
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Raekwon’s long-awaited new album is here, after what seems like years of hype. Is it that official tissue or some old punk smoove shit?

01. ‘Intro’

Faux British accent customs agent informs The Chef he needs a new passport. Gripping stuff.

02. ‘4 In The Morning’ (feat. Ghostface Killah)

A perfectly serviceable RAGU track.

03. ‘I Got Money’ (feat. ASAP Rocky)

Beat sounds like a poor man’s Scott Scorch re-heat, but without all that sweet, sweet yayo.

GZA – The Mexican

Babe Ruth Pic2

The GZA has remade Babe Ruth‘s breakbeat classic ‘The Mexican’ with Tom Morello. While it’s no ‘Prisoners of War‘ or ‘Go To Work’, it’ll do. As a bonus, if you live in Canada you can book Babe Ruth to come and play this and ‘Keep Your Distance’ at your 40th birthday party.

Big Pun – Beware [J-Force Revisit]
Friday February 06th 2015,
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Big Moon Dog left this tiny planet fifteen years ago today. J-Force has revisited ‘Beware’ to remind us how nice dude was on mic devices.

Ghostface Killah feat. Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams – The Battlefield
Monday November 17th 2014,
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The second single from 36 Seasons, featuring two CRC-approved veterans of rap.

Your Old Droog feat. Rast RFC – No Message


This is the best thing I’ve heard from both Droog and Rast yet. Better yet, it’s produced by the mighty P Brothers, who we haven’t heard any new music from in some time. There’s a show featuring Timeless Truth, Rast RFC and Your Old Droog at Webster Hall on 3 September if you’re in need of some CRC-approved rap.

The UMC’s – Tried To Tell Ya


Kool Kim aka NYOIL has reunited with Haas G aka Fantom to deliver the first UMC’s track in over twenty years.

Raekwon – The Living Room


Chef cooking up marvelous treats as per usual.

Wu-Tang Clan – Keep Watch


Full version of the new Wu-Tang single featuring Method Man, Inspektah Deck, Cappadonna and GZA/Genius over a Mathematics track. You can buy it here or wait for the A Better Tomorrow album.

Shouts to Rugged Ones.

Video: Cappadonna – Winter Warz
Tuesday January 14th 2014,
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Nothing says, “OK guys, I give up!” like recording the video to your most acclaimed verse 18 years later. That being said, someone throws an old TV on the ground!

Method Man – Trillmatic [ASAP-Free Edit]
Sunday December 08th 2013,
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Method Man

Shouts to Indoe from Rugged Ones for providing me with an ASAP-free version of this outstanding Method Man verse.

Update: Here’s an edited version of the video as well…

Raekwon – A Rainy Day


It’s not “Rainy Dayz 2” but it works regardless. Actually, let’s just avoid any rap part two’s not involving Mobb Deep.

Cormega feat. Raekwon – Honorable
Thursday November 28th 2013,
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Large Pro named this song for Mega via Twitter. Like a 27″ zenith, I seen it.

Raekwon – It’s My Thing


The Chef takes it back to the “Seven Minutes of Funk” / EPMD chamber. Spotted at Nah Right.

Unkut TV: Episode 9 – J. Force Explains Making Jaz-O’s “Kingz Kounty”
Monday June 24th 2013,
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J. Force wasn’t credited for Jaz-O‘s b-side banger, “Kingz Kounty” when it dropped, so he runs us through how he put it together on his trusty SP-1200.

Unkut TV: Episode 5 – J. Force’s Guide To Hidden Rock Song Messages
Tuesday June 18th 2013,
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J. Force runs through four examples of hidden messages that can only be revealed when you play these records backwards, featuring songs from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Queen.

Tony Touch ft. Raekwon, JD Era, Ghostface Killah & RZA – Unorthodox


First single from Tony Touch’s Piecemaker 3: The Return Of The 50 MC’s, produced by Toca and Psycho Les. Kinda wish RZA didn’t rap on this though.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge feat. Inspectah Deck, U​-​God, Masta Killa and Killa Sin – Murder Spree

Here’s a preview of the 12 Reasons To Die comic and another track from the album. There are a bunch of different limited-edition sets for the album, featuring all kind of RAERness over at Get On Down. Hopefully the Apollo Brown remix tape will be available separately in the future.

Cappadonna – Slang Editorial 2


As Cappadonna joins the growing ranks of Wu-Tang members releasing sequel albums, he gives us the first track from The Pillage 2.

Video: Raekwon feat. AZ – 86

“Dutch Master train sets” are the must-have Christmas gift for the seeds this year, ya heard?

Cappadonna – The Unkut Mini Interview


Cappadonna released a new double album last month titled Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre, which focused on more message-orientated tracks. I caught up with him for a quick discussion that provided as many jewels as it did dead-ends. He also explained he makes his music “the best way I know how, by milking this cow”, which makes me wish that more MC’s would answer questions in rhyme form.

Robbie: Ghost and Rae told me you were the Slick Rick of Staten Island. Do you agree?

Cappadonna: It just came from where we was at and where we were brought-up, just coming from Brooklyn and Staten Island. A lot of my friends were from different places, like from Queens and The Bronx, so it was a collaboration of all of those styles that was put together. We had brothers before us that was into fly things and rapping and fashion, so I mainly looked-up to cats from around my way. Mainly my brother Sham God, Ice, Ugar, Jerry G and all of ‘em. Irwin, The Villas. Phase 3, the Freedom Machine, Party Doctors, The Force MD’s. All of that was right at our fingertips, all the time. At an early age I was already mimicking some of the great styles and great flavors that caused my peers to be attracted to it. We bounced flavors around on each other, but I’m glad that my brothers feel like I put some flavor in they ear.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge – The Sure Shot [Part 1 and 2]


The second leak from the Twelve Reasons To Die LP, out 16 April. A 49 city tour has also been announced, beginning 28 March -2 June.

Tour dates:

Czarface feat. Ghostface Killah – Savagely Attack

czarface figure

I can’t be bothered reviewing albums anymore since everyone that’s interested has already streamed/stolen/ordered it anyway, but I will say that the Czarface album is surprisingly enjoyable. It’s fair to say that DJ 7L is in fine form here, handling the majority of the beats and cuts, while Inspectah Deck and Esoteric display a good chemistry as they share lead microphone duties. “World War 4” features Deck over “Assembly Line”, which is genius in itself, while the production on “Dead Zone” and “Czar Rafeli” are serious stand-outs, earning this LP my coverted “New Rap That Doesn’t Suck” stamp of approval. Available now through Brick Records.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge – The Rise of the Ghostface Killah


This is the first track from 12 Reasons To Die, a new concept album from Ghostface and producer Adrian Younge. The plot revolves around Tony Starks falling for the daughter the Deluca crime family, who have him killed and “pressed Tony’s remains into 12 vinyl records, one for each member of the family”, which allows him to take his revenge from beyond the grave.

“A brutal tale of gangsters, betrayal and one vengeful soul hunting the 12 most powerful crime lords in the World”.

Pre-order the album here.

Video: NYOIL – Culture Freedom
Monday February 11th 2013,
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Here’s something new from the MC formerly know as Kool Kim from the UMC’s. Produced by Boombaptist.