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Something to numb your whole face to. Produced by Ra.

Download: A Salute To Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler


Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler was the Bomb Squad‘s secret weapon. It was his programming expertise that kept their ‘wall of noise’ production style in the pocket, assigned to translate Hank Shocklee and Chuck D‘s musical chaos into sharply welder tools of war. You can pick the tracks which have Eric’s heavy fingerprints in the way that the drums swing and the finely-woven loop changes, perhaps best demonstrated by his work on Ice Cube‘s first solo album.

In this interview with Flatline from 2007, MC Serch talks about working with the Bomb Squad on the first 3rd Bass album:

‘Eric was, to me, the producer. Keith was the street guy who made sure the street was gonna love it and the beat was hot – the engineer. Hank was the guy who kinda put the stamp of approval, who did the final mixing, came in and listened and then was on to other things. I loved working with Eric Sadler. It was a great pleasure being in the studio with him, watching him make “Oval Office” and “Steppin’ To The A.M.”.’

This is re-enforced by Sadler’s recollection of picking up Ice Cube and Sir Jinx for the recording of AmeriKKKa’ Most Wanted in Check The Technique , Volume 2:

‘When I picked them up at the airport, Cube was like, ‘Who is this guy?’ He thought he’d only be working with Hank, Chuck and Terminator X on the album. He didn’t know that I did 99% of our music.’

Download: A Salute To Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler

Track listing:

Grand Daddy I.U. feat. AG Da Coroner and Don Black – Feelin Like Diddy
Friday October 09th 2015,
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By the way, the Paper Is My Priority album is now available on tape and CD if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Download: A Salute To The Least Awful Eric B & Rakim Remixes
Thursday October 08th 2015,
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Eric B & Rakim

For such an iconic group, Eric B & Rakim really had a rough trot as far as having shitty UK clun remixes tacked on to their singles. For reasons still I’m still trying to figure out, I thought it would be interesting to compile a collection of the least horrible remixes that were released over their four album career as a duo. While none of these actually surpass the originals, it’s still mildly enjoyable to hear Rakim delivering his timeless lyrics over some different versions of these classics. I know everyone loses their shit over the Coldcut remix of ‘Paid In Full,’ but I always thought it was a little overrated, despite it’s ‘historical significance.’

Download: A Salute To The Least Awful Eric B & Rakim Remixes

Track listing:

Q Ball and Curt Cazal feat. M.O.P. – At The Same Time
Tuesday August 04th 2015,
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QNC have a new single out on Ill Adrenaline, available on seven inch.

Video: Dr. Yen Lo feat. Roc Marciano – Day 81

Newest video from the year’s best rap album.

Video: Grand Daddy I.U – My Neck of the Woods
Tuesday June 16th 2015,
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P.I.M.P is available now.

Download: Hus Kingpin and SmooVth – Splash Brothers EP

spalsh bros

Some new Conservative Rap Coalition approved music from the Hempstead’s hardest working duo.

Stream: Prince Paul – It’s Not The Size of Your Mix, It’s How You Use It Mixtape
Friday April 03rd 2015,
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This three part mix from evil genius Prince Paul is the ideal accompaniment to eating fish this Good Friday or drinking copious amounts of Whiskey Sour’s (or a combination of both).


Deconstructing The Classics: Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader
Monday March 16th 2015,
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Despite being one of the greatest rappers to ever enter a recording studio, Rakim‘s four albums with Eric B. were pretty patchy, mainly due to the abundance of filler and sub par scratch showcases. This wasn’t such a big deal on Paid In Full, since every with vocals was amazing and 1987 rap LP’s usually consisted of a few strong singles and plenty of filler, but this formula really didn’t cut it by the time Follow The Leader dropped in ’88. I’m not sure if anyone noticed at the time though, because the first three tracks are so powerful that you’ve already been won over before you even get to the second side of the album, much like NWA’s Straight Outta Compton.

Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Don Black – Against The Grain
Monday February 09th 2015,
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The new album from Grand Daddy I.U., P.I.M.P. Paper Is My Priority, drops on 17 February, with the cover dedicated to his late street mentor, Easy Rick, who passed away in 2010. Not sure if this is a bonus track since it doesn’t appear on the track listing below, but enjoy regardless.

Track listing:

The Booze Hound Files: Grand Daddy I.U.
Wednesday February 04th 2015,
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Here’s a heart-warming tale of drinking too much from Grand Daddy I.U. from the interview I conducted with him in the carpark of a bar in Long Island, circa 2013. Living proof that doctor’s don’t know shit a lot of the time, and that drinking non-alcoholic beer really is a fate worse than death itself.

Robbie: Any good drinking stories?

Grand Daddy I.U.: Back in the days I used to drink Bacardi Dark. I must’ve been an alcoholic, cos I would go to sleep drinking that shit and wake up drinking that shit. One day my stomach was feeling so fuckin’ crazy I thought I had to shit or something. I’m sitting on the toilet and ain’t shit coming out – I start throwing up, throwing up – the shit started becoming yellow! I didn’t eat no shit that was yellow! Come to find out it was my stomach lining. This shit became so painful I called my moms, ‘I don’t know what this shit is, but you gotta come get me!’ She came and got me, the whole time I keep throwing up.

Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Biz Markie – I Ain’t Got No Money [1992]
Wednesday February 04th 2015,
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A few years back Grand Daddy I.U. released an EP of his early work (this time with the right production credits) on the appropriately titled Cold Stealin’ label. As a bonus, he included this shelved track he recorded in 1992 with Biz Markie on the hook, which contains gems such as “For that you get a smack, while I’m sticking my one-eyed jack in your ass crack.” The perfect compliment to I.U.’s classic ‘Girl In The Mall.’

Video: JVC Force Perform Strong Island On TV
Saturday January 31st 2015,
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AJ Rok and B-Luv perform their most requested record in front of their dancers and some kind of green screen backdrop on a mystery TV broadcast. Is it public access television? Did Kool DJ Red Alert have a TV show at some stage that time has forgotten? Regardless, AJ reps the CRC with his sensible cableknit

Video: Diamond D feat. Grand Daddy I.U. – The Game
Monday January 26th 2015,
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One of the best tracks from The Diam Piece gets a video, directed by Pritt Kalsi.

Video: Bars in the Booth, Session 6 – Bumpy Knuckles
Wednesday November 26th 2014,
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Freddie Foxxx over a quality DJ Premier track.

Sugar Bear & Stezo – Capital Rap Sessions [1989]

Sugar Bear The Powerful Powerlord was responsible for the highly enjoyable 1988 single, ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine’ / ‘Ready To Penetrate’, and was also no slouch when it came to freestyling, as he demonstrated with this amusing Tim Westwood guest spot.

Eric B & Rakim – My Melody [Unreleased Marley Marl Remix]


Once again proving my theory that 1986 was the best year for rap, the good folks at ego trip just uncovered this rap relic over at Mark McDonald’s Soundcloud page.

Will C. also posted this mix back in 2011, although I can’t tell if the ‘Art of Love’ sample that comes in at the 0:54 second mark is blended in or part of the track.

Ten EPMD Deep Cuts
Tuesday September 09th 2014,
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Erick and Parrish made some dollars, then “someone” robbed P’s crib and E Double “fell” out of a window. We’re all familiar with their many hit singles, but here are a selection of worthy album tracks from the seven group albums, plus a couple from when they went for “delf.”

Ricky Dubs feat. Knowledge The Pirate and Roc Marciano – Shot A Man
Wednesday August 27th 2014,
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New Marcy and Pirate feature, taken from The Señor Dubs Ep.

Video: Apollo Brown feat. Roc Marciano – Lonely & Cold
Monday July 28th 2014,
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Bonus points for the Le Coq Sportif reference, although Marciano apparently wasn’t able to make it to the video shoot on some ol’ LL-missing-the-“Rampage”-clip type shit. Taken from the Thirty Eight LP.

Your Old Droog – Free Turkey


Seen in the Soundcloud comments:

“Don’t you guys think this droog is somewhat using the same sample type of Nas’ One Love?”

Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem – Calm Down

Who’d thunk it? Scoop DeVille flips the intro horns from “Jump Around” for Bussa Bus and Slim Shady to get unleash speech over. File under: Surprisingly enjoyable.

Apollo Brown feat. Roc Marciano – Shotguns In Hell
Thursday June 26th 2014,
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This is the other Marcy feature from Apollo Brown‘s Thirty Eight LP.

The Combat Jack Show – The Freddie Foxxx Episode


Freddie Foxxx chops it up with Combat Jack, recalling the story about his battle against Kane that he shared with Unkut back in 2009 and some stories about his days rolling with Eric B.