Video: Grand Daddy I.U. – Sasquatch Feet

A new sure shot from the I Dot U Dot. That hook is just too ill…

Grand Daddy I.U. – P.I.M.P. Freestyle
Saturday November 23rd 2013,
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Something new from the Grand Daddy I.U. while he finishes work on the Paper Is My Priority LP.

Forgotten Rap Skits: Mr. Hood
Tuesday November 19th 2013,
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KMD‘s Mr. Hood album was something else when it first hit the streets. Set out like some Sesame St. style concept LP that threw Ansaar teachings, light-hearted skirt chasing and De La Soul-infused coded lyrics into a blender over some of the most diverse sample sources of the day (everything from blues to Bert and Ernie) made for a compelling and rather unique experience. Special mention for the genius that was “Plumbskinz”, a b-side cut that expanded on the “Peachfuzz” concept and remains as one of the dopest dedications to broads ever set to a beat. The skits dealing with local knucklehead Mr. Hood were one of the many highlights, filled with quotable’s that still come off over two decades later, as both Subroc and Onyx The Birthstone Kid dealt with this character in their own ways. Some dude recently felt compelled to recreate the barbershop scene in classic lo-fi YouTube glory…

Grand Daddy I.U. – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 3

For the final part of this interview shot in Strong Island, The I Dot U Dot rags on bar patrons and his brother in between explaining about a bar room brawl against Treach and Tupac, the inspiration behind his first album cover and touring antics with Kool G Rap.

Video: Roc Marciano – The Sacrifice
Friday November 08th 2013,
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Marcberg madness continues with an official clip for this Madlib-produced The Pimpire Strikes Back cut. Speaking of, I need to go and film a bunch of hookers working the corner for the Unkut TV “Ice Cream Man” video this weekend.

Grand Daddy I.U. – The Unkut Video Interview, Part 2

I.U. is joined by his brother DJ Kay Cee as he discusses the making of Smooth Assassin, why he changed his style up for Lead Pipe, record label problems and why shit went bad with Treach from Naughty By Nature.

Six Dope Pre-Marcberg Roc Marciano Tracks
Tuesday November 05th 2013,
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While you’re enjoying the sounds of Pimpire Strike Back, I thought I’d run through six of his finest moments before the undisputed classic Marcberg album dropped in 2010.


Download: Roc Marciano – The Pimpire Strikes Back


Here’s a new tape from Marciano to prepare for the release of Marci Beaucoup on 12 November through Man Bites Dog records. Beats from Madlib, Evidence, Arch Druids, Lord Finesse and Alchemist. The CD version is available when you cop a shirt.

Track listing:

Grand Daddy IU – The Unkut Video Interview, Part One
Monday November 04th 2013,
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Grand Daddy IU breaks down how he started out rapping, meeting Biz Markie, getting kicked out of school and being compared to Rakim.

Roc Marciano – The Specialist


Unreleased new Roc Marciano track produced by Pete Rock, as heard on DJ Premier‘s Live From Headqcourterz radio show.

Roc Marciano – Shit Hard


New Marciano, produced by Frank The Butcher & Paul Mighty, from the former’s All Is Fair project.

R.A. The Rugged Man – It’s Gone
Wednesday August 07th 2013,
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Legends Never Die is now available on cassette, complete with this track as a bonus cut…

Grand Daddy IU – My Story
Wednesday July 24th 2013,
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shots fired

Somehow I missed the release of the last two I.U. albums. The most recent, Self Made Man, is available for free on his Bandcamp page, while Shots Fired, which provided this autobiographical track, is still available to buy. Be on the look-out for my video interview with him in the coming weeks…

The Combat Jack Show: The Roc Marciano Episode


Essential listening for you rap fanatics out there as Roc Marciano sits down with the Combat Jack crew…

Roc Marciano feat. Cormega – Ruff Town


Roc and Mega connect like Voltron.

Video: Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Sadat X – She Said

Here’s the video for the new Grand Daddy I.U. song with Sadat X. Rap veterans stand up.

Video: Rakim talks to Chairman Mao at the Red Bull Music Academy
Monday May 06th 2013,
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Chairman Mao recently spoke with Rakim for almost two hours at the Red Bull Music Academy in New York. Here’s video of the whole thing…

Grand Daddy I.U. feat. Sadat X – She Said


Grand Daddy I.U. is back with a new track featuring Sadat X, taken from his new album, P.I.M.P. (Paper is My Priority), due late June.

R.A. The Rugged Man – Definition of A Rap Flow

R.A. the Rugged Man - Legends Never Die

Holy fuck. R.A. just took Fast Rap to the next level.

R.A. The Rugged Man – The Unkut Interview
Tuesday April 30th 2013,
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Trying to interview R.A. The Rugged Man without treading over the well-worn ground of his expulsion from Jive Records and working with Biggie Smalls was challenge I was more than willing to meet. Having experienced the major label glory days, the independent vinyl boom and having managed to not only survive but actually thrive in the YouTube era, R.A. is a perfect example of how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that is the Rap Game. As usual, Rugged Man was able to combine hilarious stories with serious rap trivia obsessiveness and actual facts, which is a good combination, as Pos K once told us. His new album, Legends Never Die, is out now through Nature Sounds.

Robbie: What made you start rapping?

R.A. Rugged The Man: I met my boy Bub, who was a neighborhood beat boxer – Human Beatbox Bub. He was like fifteen, sixteen and I was like eleven. He was in a shopping center and I seen this kid blowing-up a shopping center window with an M-80. He was like, “C’mere kid, watch this!”. He blew off the window and we were friends ever since. He’d say, “Yo, check out this tape! It’s Whodini ‘Escape’, it’s the best album ever!” Then there’d be firehouse dances and he’d start beatboxing and those bitches would be on his dick, and I’d be like, “Yo, I can rap and you beatbox!” I was terrible, but by the time I was thirteen, I got really good and started battling a lotta kids in the neighborhood.

De La Soul feat. The Spirit of the Wu – Get Away


To be honest, I’ve found post-Prince Paul De La Soul to be hit and miss. They basically lost 90% of their sense of humor and became Mad Rappers with sometimes questionable beats. That being said, this new song has ESG‘s “UFO” on it, so it’s good money.

P-Money feat. Roc Marciano – The Professional


New Zealand’s P-Money, who’s been down since the UN album, just leaked this cut with Roc Marciano. It’s a keeper.

Marco Polo feat. Rakim – What’s Wrong
Friday March 08th 2013,
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Following the blueprint of the first Port Authority LP, Marco Polo is releasing an complimentary mixtape of material that couldn’t be included on his second solo project for whatever reason. Here’s a vaulted Rakim track from 2009 to provide a first look at Newport Authority 2, before Port Authority 2 drops in spring.

Video: Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon The Chef – Apollo Kids [J. Force Revisit]

Video revisit for J.Force‘s version of “Apollo Kids”, courtesy of Eroc Nyc.

Video: Prince Paul and DJ Pforreal – Paul Vs. Paul, Part 4
Sunday March 03rd 2013,
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More Dew Doo Man madness.

The duo debate important topics such as dance styles, workouts, slang, mustaches, Auto-Tune, and analog vs digital reverb.