KRS-One – Late Night [Unreleased 1993 Practice Session]
Wednesday January 28th 2015,
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DJ Kenny Parker sez:

Off the Practice Tapes album. Krs-One free styling & practicing an early draft of a song meant for the Return Of The Boom Bap LP.

Video: Your Old Droog – Just Rhymin’ With Skizz, Episode One
Tuesday August 26th 2014,
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Good to see this fellow sporting a sensible polo shirt and a haircut you can set your watch to.

A Tribe Called Quest – Future Flavas Exclusive [1998]


M.Will just threw this my way:


Check out this exclusive HOT 97 Future Flavas edition with special Guests ATCQ promoting their last album “THE LOVE MOVEMENT” 1998!

Features QTip, Phife, Jarobi, Ali Shaheed, Marley Marl and Pete Rock blessing some cuts off the album as well as mixing some J DILLA! And an EXCLUSIVE freestyle by QTIP!”

Tape Box: Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 Live At T- Connection, 1979


Yet another sure shot from Troy Smith‘s old school tape collection, this excerpt captures Melle Mel, Cowboy and ’em ripping over the “7 Minutes of Funk” break.

MF Doom on The Stretch Armstrong Show, April 24, 1997


As is usually the way, it appears that MF Doom was inspired by Stretch Armstrong‘s beat selection for this 1997 rhyme session to go home and chop-up Kool G Rap‘s “Truly Yours” drums for the recorded version of “Go With The Flow.” Peace to Megalon, who may now actually be homeless after dedicating a song to said dude’s without a permanent address.

Thanks to Dirty Waters.

Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu and Kings of Swing – Radio Freestyle


This has been floating around for a few years but I only just caught it now. Sir IBU is currently on my Top 5 most-wanted interviews list.

dirty waters sez:

“This is pretty rare material here, a freestyle session featuring Big Daddy Kane, Sir Ibu (of the Divine Force), and the Kings of Swing (a group featuring Suga K, Mike Master and DJ Cocoa Chanelle). They all go verse for verse while DJ Kevvy Kev is cutting up the instrumental for Ultramagnetic MC’s ‘Give the Drummer Some’ and Marley Marl calls the shots. Not sure what radio show this was originally from, I pulled this off a Stretch Armstrong Show. Bobbito thanks Madame Superior, a long time WKCR listener, for sending the freestyle to play over the air.”

Latee and The 45 King – Tim Westwood Session [1990]


Latee dropping his verses from “Wake Up”, “Puttin’ On The Hits” and “This Cut’s Got Flavor” while 45 King flips a break beat on Tim Westwood‘s show? Count me in. Thanks to Palmer Stallings for finding digging this out of the tape stash.

The Juice Crew – 1990 Tim Westwood Freestyle


Here’s a Tim Westwood sure shot from 1990, courtesy of CRC member Palmer Stallings. Biz Markie, Tragedy, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane and MC Shan all drop verses, alhough sadly there’s no sign of TJ Swan despite him apparently being in the house. Shout-out to the other radio station that crosses the signal a few times.

Tragedy Khadafi – Drop A Gem On Em Freestyle
Wednesday October 30th 2013,
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Another drop from J-Ronin‘s Freestyle Files Vol. 2, as the Foul Mahdi lets off over some classic Havoc heat.

Lil Fame of M.O.P. – Get Busy Freestyle


New Fizzy Wo action from DJ J-Ronin’sFreestyle Files Vol. 2 CD.

Tragedy and Craig G – Live At The In Control Show [1989]


Here’s some Rap Radio gold courtesy of my man’s Will C:

“Tragedy the Intelligent Hoodlum back to back with Craig G live on arguably the greatest rap radio show of all time. This is the Marley Marl In Control Rap Show on 107.5 WBLS from what appears to be April or May 1989. Seeing as Trag Invasion is one of my favorite songs off of Tragedy’s debut LP, it’s cool to hear him kicking those rhymes over Craig’s Take The Bait beat. Another lost slice of the good stuff!”

Video: PAPI aka NORE – Funkmaster Flex Freestyle
Thursday March 07th 2013,
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Any mention of Akinyele in 2013 gets you an automatic post over here. Flop 97.

Stream: The Stretch Armstrong Show Reunion [22 February, 2013]


The greatest rap radio show of the 90’s had one more go-around at 89 tech 9 the other night as Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito shared some classic tapes of the show from 1993. While the live stream was straining under the weight of all the old heads trying to tune in across the globe, I was able to catch the authentic 90’s flashback of using Real Player for the first time in fifteen years. Be on the look-out for the priceless ethering that Ricky Powell caught when he called into the show way back when.

Download: The Halftime Show’s Best of 2012 Songs & Freestyles


DJ Eclipse and the Half Time crew mix together their picks for last year. This gets the Conservative Rap Coalition stamp of approval.

Download: The Halftime Show’s Best of 2012 Songs & Freestyles

Kool Moe Dee and DJ Dano Bee – Tape 225 [1978]

Spotted at grandgood, here’s a gem from Troy L. Smith‘s archives. Kool Moe Dee was no effin’ joke in his prime.

Snaggdadon, Black Rob and Chillz – Slaughter Freestyle
Tuesday December 18th 2012,
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Guess Snaggapuss has changed his handle to Snaggadon, huh? He also manages to pack in as many timely references from the past two weeks as humanly possible (“Niggas get kilt like the skirt Kanye wore”, Katt Williams and Pacquiao etc.) Also, “UFO” break stays winning.

Video: Willie D Shuts Down A Disrespectful Rapper Dude In Cleveland
Wednesday October 17th 2012,
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When the Clean-Up Man let some local MC’s on stage in Ohio, a local upstart starts taking shots at the host. Guess he should consider himself lucky he didn’t have to ‘Read These Nikes’…

Neek The Exotic and Satchel Page – No Idea’s Original Freestyle

Two of Flushing’s Finest go in over the ‘Come Clean’ beat for No Idea’s Original radio on WVKR 91.3 FM. Check my recent interview with Neek if you haven’t already.

Weekend Throwback: Jay-Z 1996 Radio Interview and Freestyle

In honor of Jigga catching the train today, here’s a little something I posted back in 2005 from my Tim Westwood tape collection:

An excited Jay-Z chops it up with Westwood, shortly before the release of Reasonable Doubt. A lotta memories on this one – remember when Hov was talking about ‘this is gonna be my only album’? During this interview it’s clear that he’s enjoying the initial success of ‘Ain’t No Nigga’ as it began tearing up the clubs, and he’s brimming with confidence when discussing his soon-to-be classic debut. He also speaks about his early days rolling with The Jaz, and introduces a little label by the name of Rocafella Records before he drops a couple of verses over Funkmaster Flex rocking doubles of Sadat X‘s ‘Stages and Lights’ beat.

Juggaknots – No Ideas Original Freestyle
Monday September 17th 2012,
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Been a minute since I’ve heard Breeze Brewin’ and Herawin get flexi wit the technique…courtesy of No Ideas Original radio, 91.3 WVKR.

Download: Lunchroom Battles Mixtape
Tuesday September 11th 2012,
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Corona, Queens resident gudtyme has just dropped his Lunchroom Battles collection with vintage material such as Nas and Akinyele dropping ‘BBQ’ verses, ‘Kid Wizard’ aka Rakim with Biz Markie, STET on the radio, Big Daddy Kane kicking dirty Xmas raps and more. This is certified dope material. gudtyme explains it all at his blog.

Lunchtime Battles mixtape

Track listing:

Milano Constantine, D-Flow & Gage – Barburyn Freestyle
Saturday September 08th 2012,
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Three’s company over the ‘4,5,6’ beat. Courtesy of No Idea’s Original radio.

Video: Lord Finesse – LOTUG Diss Freestyle (Rocksteady Jam 1992)

Here’s some rare footage of my favorite live ethering ever, as the Underboss dismantles Lords of the Underground‘s Mr. Funkee in classic BX tradition. Courtesy of brollinHH in the comments section of my original post.

Nas and Akinyele – Lunchroom Battles (1991)
Wednesday July 18th 2012,
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Uploaded by gudtyme:

In the summer of 1991, i was chilling at my boys crib @djwishbone. He was making a mixtape. This was a gem from that day. Akinyele and Nas doing their”Live at the BBQ” routine. Luckily i still have this copy.

Fuck yeah.

Neek The Exotic & Satchel Page – Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle

Been off the air for a minute since my modem blew-up last week so I’m playing catch-up… just caught DJ Eclipse‘s Dec. 5 edition of the Rap Is Outta Control radio show, which featured the one and only Neek The Exotic playing rough mixes of three cuts from his new album due next year, as well as this dope freestyle session over Grand Daddy I.U./Marco Polo‘s ‘Hard To Kill’ beat.

Neek The Exotic & Satchel Page – Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle

Here’s something I wrote about Neek for Canada’s Pound magazine a couple of years ago:

Neek reminds me of a thinking man’s NORE, bringing the same kind of belligerent attitude but exchanging Swizz Beats/Neptunes ‘Tunnel bangers’ for crunchy Large Pro beats. Ever since his super- amped Yo!MTV Raps performance of ‘Fakin’ The Funk’ with Xtra P, Neek has been snapping ‘backs ‘ necks’ with a series of highly entertaining indy 12″s sporting bugged-out titles such as ‘Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em’ and ‘Money, Thugs’. Whether it was the fact that he uttered the line ‘I keep it moving like Soul II Soul’ on two different songs on his album with little concern, or his boast of being willing to ‘straight piss on bitches”, Neek never fails to endear himself to the listener. His quotables are seemingly endless, whether he’s reminding us that ‘Me and rap stick together like hookers and patent leather’ or hipping us to the fact that ‘I skate on niggas like the Icecapades’. It’s hard to pin down what exactly sets this Wastelandz resident apart from the pack, but N.E.E.K.’s combination of excitable ‘Shout Rap’ delivery, unique timing and occasionally ignorant content over banging tracks is a good combination in any situation.

“Rap Is Outta Control” 12/5/10 Playlist and Download links: