Juggaknots – No Ideas Original Freestyle
Monday September 17th 2012,
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Been a minute since I’ve heard Breeze Brewin’ and Herawin get flexi wit the technique…courtesy of No Ideas Original radio, 91.3 WVKR.

Download: Lunchroom Battles Mixtape
Tuesday September 11th 2012,
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Corona, Queens resident gudtyme has just dropped his Lunchroom Battles collection with vintage material such as Nas and Akinyele dropping ‘BBQ’ verses, ‘Kid Wizard’ aka Rakim with Biz Markie, STET on the radio, Big Daddy Kane kicking dirty Xmas raps and more. This is certified dope material. gudtyme explains it all at his blog.

Lunchtime Battles mixtape

Track listing:

Milano Constantine, D-Flow & Gage – Barburyn Freestyle
Saturday September 08th 2012,
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Three’s company over the ’4,5,6′ beat. Courtesy of No Idea’s Original radio.

Video: Lord Finesse – LOTUG Diss Freestyle (Rocksteady Jam 1992)

Here’s some rare footage of my favorite live ethering ever, as the Underboss dismantles Lords of the Underground‘s Mr. Funkee in classic BX tradition. Courtesy of brollinHH in the comments section of my original post.

Nas and Akinyele – Lunchroom Battles (1991)
Wednesday July 18th 2012,
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Uploaded by gudtyme:

In the summer of 1991, i was chilling at my boys crib @djwishbone. He was making a mixtape. This was a gem from that day. Akinyele and Nas doing their”Live at the BBQ” routine. Luckily i still have this copy.

Fuck yeah.

Neek The Exotic & Satchel Page – Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle

Been off the air for a minute since my modem blew-up last week so I’m playing catch-up… just caught DJ Eclipse‘s Dec. 5 edition of the Rap Is Outta Control radio show, which featured the one and only Neek The Exotic playing rough mixes of three cuts from his new album due next year, as well as this dope freestyle session over Grand Daddy I.U./Marco Polo‘s ‘Hard To Kill’ beat.

Neek The Exotic & Satchel Page – Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle

Here’s something I wrote about Neek for Canada’s Pound magazine a couple of years ago:

Neek reminds me of a thinking man’s NORE, bringing the same kind of belligerent attitude but exchanging Swizz Beats/Neptunes ‘Tunnel bangers’ for crunchy Large Pro beats. Ever since his super- amped Yo!MTV Raps performance of ‘Fakin’ The Funk’ with Xtra P, Neek has been snapping ‘backs ‘ necks’ with a series of highly entertaining indy 12″s sporting bugged-out titles such as ‘Rip ‘Em Flip ‘Em’ and ‘Money, Thugs’. Whether it was the fact that he uttered the line ‘I keep it moving like Soul II Soul’ on two different songs on his album with little concern, or his boast of being willing to ‘straight piss on bitches”, Neek never fails to endear himself to the listener. His quotables are seemingly endless, whether he’s reminding us that ‘Me and rap stick together like hookers and patent leather’ or hipping us to the fact that ‘I skate on niggas like the Icecapades’. It’s hard to pin down what exactly sets this Wastelandz resident apart from the pack, but N.E.E.K.’s combination of excitable ‘Shout Rap’ delivery, unique timing and occasionally ignorant content over banging tracks is a good combination in any situation.

“Rap Is Outta Control” 12/5/10 Playlist and Download links:

Video: Sean Price & Maffew Ragazino @ The Combat Jack Show

Combat Jack is on a roll right now, having recently penned this superb True Stories Behind 25 Rap Classics for Complex as well as hosting his always entertaining show on PNC Radio (which also features my semi-regular Weed Carrier Report) with Dallas Penn and NY Delight. This week’s episode featured Super DJ Clark Kent, Maffew Ragazino and Sean P in the studio, which added an extra Brooknam flavor to proceedings.

The Combat Jack Show, 1 October, 2010

Bonus: Audio of just the rapping.

Diaz Bros – Shade 45 Freestyle
Tuesday January 05th 2010,
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Doo Wop murders this shit…

Diaz Bros - ‘Shade 45 Freestyle’

Big shout out to Legend. Stay frosty!

Black Rob & Shyne on Stretch Armstrong’s XL Radio (Sept. 24, 2000)

Black Rob Week continues with B.R. and Shyne going in on Stretch’s old Hot 97 show, before they both got sent off for separate up north trips.

Black Rob & Shyne on Stretch Armstrong’s XL Radio (Sept. 24, 2000)

Common Sense & Brand New Heavies – 35 Minute Freestyle Session (1997)
Tuesday June 16th 2009,
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Before Com was making shitty club music and movies, he was a ‘rhyme animal’. Here we catch him blacking-out on Max and Dave‘s The Kiss-FM Rap Show in the UK, joined by British MC legend Tony Rotten of Blak Twang over a live jam session courtesy of the mighty Brand New Heavies.

“Last time I was in London, people seen me drunk…”

Common, Blak Twang & Brand New Heavies KISS-FM Session Part 1

Common, Blak Twang & Brand New Heavies KISS-FM Session Part 2

Another crate digga sure-shot.

Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch & Absolute – Live At The Stretch Armstrong Show (1997)
Wednesday June 10th 2009,
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Were you unfortunate enough to cop the supremely underwhelming Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 LP when it came out? You might recall that the highlight was a recording of a Stretch Armstrong Show freestyle session which assembled Pharoahe Monch, Black Thought, Common and Absolute (House of Reps) for a brain-melting display of verbal destruction. At the end it’s announced that this is actually a new group called The Incredible Force – and nothing was ever spoken of the matter again. A few months afterwards, rumors started to circulate of another super-group called the Psychic Friends, consisting of a similar line-up but replacing the lesser-known Absolute with Jeru The Damaja. I never heard anything result from that combo either, but it’s safe to say that based on what was displayed here, the Psychic Friends could have been fuckin’ incredible if they’d recorded an album. Looks like we’ll have to settle on these guys for now.

Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch & Absolute - ‘Live At The Stretch Armstrong Show’

The Unkut Guide To: Top Choice Clique

As the seeds of New York hip-hop began to spread in the mid-80’s, nearby cities such as Philadelphia and Boston were quick to adapt their own unique take on the original recipe. While most people didn’t have the Bean on their rap radar until they heard Ed OG’s ‘I’ve Got To Have It’ (or former Mass. resident GURU from Gangstarr), groups like The Almighty RSO and TDS Mob were already crafting their own brand of hardcore rap, while the Boston Goes Def compilation was an early milestone for local talent. Top Choice Clique (consisting of lead MC Jawn P, MC/DJ Force and DJ Gemini) were an important part of this early movement. They were drawn together through a shared interest in the Lecco’s Lemma radio show, as Force recalls, “I was in a group called Jambox Three, and I had met DJ Gemini. At that time there was another person who was in the original line-up of Top Choice – a beatbox by the name of Andy F. They knew Jawn P, and I guess they were feeling the way I dropped lyrics, and they told me about him and we got together and started vibing. Originally Top Choice Clique was meant to be like the Juice Crew from New York, kinda like a bunch of groups and MC’s under one umbrella. I was a soloist, Jawn and Gemini were called Double Def, there was Andy F the beatbox and we had MC Ace, another MC. Somehow it just ended up coming down to just three of us.”

KRS-One – 15 Minute Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (1996)

Just to remind myself just how well Kris can put it down on a good day, I dug-out this old tape of his appearance on Hot 97 to promote the I Got Next LP. With Flex cutting up every classic break you can think of and KRS dropping verses and off-the-head action for fifteen minutes, you’d be hard pressed to deny his status as the Greatest Rapper of All Time.

KRS-One – ’15 Minute Funkmaster Flex Freestyle’ (1996)

Re-Jack City: Jay-Z On Westwood, 1996

By special request, a re-up of The Jaz’ old pal hawking his wares over in ol’ London town.

Jay-Z Interview and Freestyle on Tim Westwood’s Radio One Rap Show, 1996

Sha Lumi On Freestyle 101
Tuesday January 27th 2009,
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“Fat girls – we got the donuts!”