No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Nastradamus of Rap
Thursday January 17th 2013,
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Here’s a wrap-up of recent events in the rap world that I miraculously predicted through the unadulterated genius that is No Country For Old (Rap) Men.

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: The Nastradamus of Rap

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?
Thursday August 16th 2012,
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My five cents on the latest Nas fuckery…

No Country For Old (Rap) Men: Did Nas Really Lose?

Champagne = Still For Dames
Thursday November 26th 2009,
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I fucking detest champagne. I don’t care if it’s that $10,000 a bottle type of bubbly, it’s still trash. Sure, it’s a good ice-breaker to impress a piece of skirt at a club, but when it’s time for some classic man-style drinking, it’s not time to be popping bottles. If history has taught us anything, it’s that the best way to get effed-up on booze is the classic neat whiskey with a beer chaser. No sweet shit, no bits of fruit floating around your glass – just the facts, ma’am. Personally, I’m rolling with your classic Jameson. Not that extra aged joint, either – just the regular version. Combine that with a case of Heineken tall cans or some Budejovicky Budvar and you’re ready to getitin. Considering that drinking has now replaced breaking as the third element of hip-hop, it seems like an ideal time to get a feel for what everyone is guzzling on when it’s time to dumb-out, get numb and try to get some. All teetotalers and Corona sippers please wait outside while us grown folks are talking.

What’s your choice of liquor when it’s time for a bender?

Cutty From The Wire’s 2008 Rap Round-Up
Wednesday January 07th 2009,
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Dennis “Cutty” Wise (aka “Coach”) doesn’t take shorts. Whether he’s doing a 14-year stretch or working the heavy bag at his gym, this dude don’t eff around. That’s why he was the only possible contender to host Unkut’s 2008 Rap Round-Up. If you remember Bobitto‘s Blindfold Test column where he plays records and asks for a response then you know the deal here.

Prodigy - H.N.I.C. 2

Cutty: Mmm hmm, this boy curses too much, man! Got a real unsociable attitude, too. Kinda like that boy who done put two in me when I was tryin’ to talk to Michael on that corner. That song with some Spanish in it was OK, though. You know I picked up a few of those Spanish curse words from doin’ them lawns, sonny.